Do you Fear the Word of God?

     Do you know the Word of God? Are you trained in its ways and truths? Is the word of God real to you? Do you come having a fear of the word of God? The word of God is fresh every day and the sound of the word makes the heavens move and the stars to shine. The word of God is not knowledge it is wisdom. And wisdom makes the world go around. The word is the force that changes you into what I have called you to be. Do you fear the word of the Lord as the fear of the Lord himself? You should reverence the word of God as the power of God to change your very being. If you cannot come to a meeting without the expectation that the word is going to touch me then you are not hungry enough to know me. The word works you do not. That is why I have instilled within it the ability to change you and bring in the cleansing that has for so long eluded you. The courses that have been taught are from the knowledge of God by the words but the fire and the glory come from the touch of the word in your heart. Let go of the knowledge and lead with your heart. All your knowledge of the word of the Father is not enough to take you to victory. Religion is built on the knowledge of God and has taken people to, too many different conclusions concerning the meaning of what I am doing or will do. The source of my word is the heart of man and if you cannot lead with your heart then you are going to see yourself as the gentiles see you, Smart but without the ability to come forward and take the bull by the horns and destroy the ways of the world. The innocence of the people is to bring them into the place of coming to Me by their heart and not their mind. The word of God is true but the mind of man is weak. This is the difference between the righteous ones and learned ones. The heart has the ability to allow the scales to be removed and taken into the realm of the Spirit of God the Father. This is what is known as true revival. That is a move of the Spirit upon the flesh of the man or woman and taking them based upon their hunger to become the children of God. This is the way you come out of the world and into the Spirit. It only takes one touch from heaven and you will never be the same but your hunger has to come from your heart not your mind or your knowledge. If you will be willing to let go of everything you have learned and take a hold of the things of the Spirit then and only then will you walk in the realm of God’s word manifesting within you to the level of bringing you to the place of understanding the heavenly realm. So many are like a drink of water. So refreshing at the moment it is drunk but nothing past the place of digestion.
     Eating and drinking from the well of God is the revival of the heart and the touch of God to erase the things of this world and being changed into the things of the Spirit. When you hunger and thirst for righteousness you bring into view the ability of God to remove the scales of religion and tradition and to be moved into the presence of the Holy Ghost to come forward and take you into the realm of truth as it is given by God to the person for what the Father has for them. This is the way to eternal bliss and the realm of the Spirit of God is coming forth to you and all who will let their eyes be closed to tradition and take away the hinges of old and bring you into the realm of now

     Upon receiving the truth of your heart before me is the way to see me work into the heart of the believer and see the way the Father will draw out of you the real hunger for truth and the ways of the ministers of the gospel. To you are given the ability to send the enemy to flight and the realm of the Spirit is to bring you out of bondage and into the place of receiving the best of what is available to you today. This is the great I AM and the way to my heart is through your heart. If you are not willing to give me your heart and let go of your knowledge then I am not willing to bring you into the realm of the last days. This is the difference between those who will know me by my name and those who will know me by my heart. Those that know me by my name will fight the fight of faith. Those that know me by Heart will manifest in the supernatural. The words that I speak are life and health to your bones. Words that will come forth are the words of warning and exhortation. There is only life in my words and the ones who will take what I have said into their heart will take a new charge of the Holy Spirit and the grace to drink from the well of life and the waters of the Holy Spirit of God. This is the culmination of the centuries of work and belief in what is not seen and the world is about to see the unseen brought before them in the days ahead. There is no way to say the right things to the wrong people. So take heed to what people say and they will reveal the heart that they live in. Offer that heart to me through yours and I will cleanse a way for them to see Me in the way of the Spirit.
     This shall be called the great revival of the end times. The move of the Spirit of God upon all flesh in such a way that no man will be able to deny the fact that God is present in the earth and the earth will take back that which has been stolen. The moves of God that have been upon the earth are nothing more than the key in the door. I have yet to turn the key and open the door of heaven upon the earth. What you can receive through a window is nothing in comparison to what will come from an open door and once I open that door it will be taken off the hinges and never to be closed again. The Move of the Spirit of God is so great that I am about to show my people the place of placement upon the earth in the days ahead. The glorious so great that the sun will shine through the clouds of destruction and the warmth of the Spirit will be a comfort to all who will see it.
      I am the risen Lord and I do not need to rise again. You are the rise of the Lord upon the earth and the force that is with you is not of the things of man but in complete parallel to what the Spirit is doing. The realm of the spirit is going on in the place of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Love of the Father is upon the earth and the power to take back the enemies plight is to see the manifestation of the Spirit in the realm of the flesh and that it will overtake the mind of man and the will of the evil one. Trust Me to take you into the realm of the Spirit by your willingness to step up and say I am here use me. The rest is in My hands and the move of the Spirit upon you. As we walk this thing called love out in the coming days you will see the move of the Spirit of God upon your heart and mind to overcome the thoughts of confusion and doubt that is forming in the earth to deceive my people. In understanding you are not alone in this is to know there is another way to say glory and mean what you say from the heart and not the mind.

     A promise is just that a grant to make the way where there is none. The words of the Father will come alive inside you and fill you to overflowing without taking away your ability to function in the times of need ahead. The fire of God is upon you and will overtake you when the word of God is reverenced in the manner that I will put upon your heart. You cannot control Me and I will not control you. The guidance that I will give is that of joy to do so. If you have no joy in the days ahead then you are in your head not your heart. Call out and I will hear you and take the thoughts and give you peace to receive the Joy that I have in order to complete what you need to do.
     Along the way we will converse and talk about the things to come. I have such a great plan for you and all that have served me with passion and want to see the move of God in the earth. As I walked with Adam I will walk with you. Not in the flesh but in the Spirit so you can know that I am who I say I am. The false gods are going to rise to take down the weak of spirit and the religious will fight among themselves in order to prove they have the answer to what is not theirs to give. Upon the deliverance of my people of the church is the place of victory for the truth to come forward and destroy the doctrines that have misled my people. Each word of truth that is spoken will create the means to overcome the lies that are to be the law of the land.