Passionate about sharing the love of our gracious God, Breath of Life Ministries Int. Is a nondenominational ministry with deep roots in the community. Since our first gathering in March of 2004, we've aimed to set a spiritual tone and be examples of how the Holy Spirit Changes Lives to live a Christian life. Our Purpose is to bring life to the Broken hearted and deliverance to the lost soul, one heart at a time through the power of the Holy Ghost. Only he can deliver what we all seek from the father. Through his prophetic utterance and divine leading we are able to overcome the world. We are a word believing ministry filled with the Holy Spirit, commissioned by God to deliver his people to the place of assignment. By signs and wonders God has put a calling on every one of us for this end time. We are a prophetic voice to the people of God. We have come through many things as God's People and what lay ahead can be very exciting if we yearn to see Him in a deeper way. He is rising up people today from among the faithful who are willing to let Him make us obedient. Are you willing in your heart? God has a plan for you, one to prosper you and bring you to health. Are you ready to receive all the Holy Spirit has assigned to you? We are vessels of honor ready to pour out the new wine and oil from heaven on all who would hunger and thirst for righteousness. Allow me to share with you what the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart in the middle of  a teaching study on healing and deliverance. The Holy Spirit is moving mightily today in a unique way.

     "The people's hearts are the burning flames of hope, the beginning of faith and love. Given to every man for the purpose and will of God to bring forth the love that He will shed upon this earth and in the hearts of all that will seek Him. For He is a Love and love conquers all and all and all. The words of great men were only great because they sought after what was not of the normal world. Always understand that I your God have given even Caesar the power that they possess in order to balance the tide of time. Today all things are in balance because of the desire of mans heart. Enjoy your world for you have created it and all its glory with the words of your mouths. If you seem troubled it is because you have brought trouble upon yourselves by agreeing with the evil that is present in this world. My focus is on your freedom not your growth. Growth is in your hands. Believe me you have the power to grow anything from the purpose of your heart. My preeminence upon this earth is to bring forth My Word in My people and to the fulfillment of grace and mercy in which Jesus my son was delivered unto you for the soul purpose of fulfilling My Word upon the earth. 

     What is your purpose upon this earth? It is to fulfill My Word. It is in you and shall remain in you until I come to take you home. Fulfill My word according to the way it was written. Give My Word preeminence in every situation and all that you have asked shall be given, exceedingly and abundantly without regard as to who it is expressed upon. Lay hands as often as you will and I will do as required of Me. Give life to those who you see fit to those who have no life. Life is only the byproduct of My Word. Use my Word as the truth to defeat the sword that would rise against you. Trust Me I am your source. Health, Deliverance and prosperities are also byproducts of My Word. You are a byproduct of My Word. Deliver My Word and you will receive all the byproducts set down since the beginning of time, fulfilled to the measure you are willing to believe and listen to My instruction. the Grace of God abounds in you. The Mercies of God is shed abroad wherever you go. My Word is final and final means finished. Sound familiar? He did it all for you, now you do it all for him. I am well pleased whenever my children use the name of Jesus to give Me glory. He is the byproduct of My Word made manifest to all men for the purpose of victory in this land and all others. Rejoice! I am with you. Look and see before you the peace and tranquility only I can give. I am the Lord who heals thee! I am the Lord who heals thee! I am the Lord who will come to your rescue every time. Regardless of how many times you step in. Nothing can harm you or forsake you. As you walk the lands I gave your forefathers, be not afraid for I am with you. Be not afraid, do not look to the left or the right, I am right in front of you always.

   That you may prophecy is the first thing on my agenda. Receive prophecy as the law of my command, as brought forth by the truth of the scriptures. All you have to do is yield in My presence and let the words of your tongue genuinely bring forth the truth that is present in purpose and word at all times for all men for all eternity. I am giving to all that love Me the best of My heart for the purpose of yours. Give me the purpose of your heart and I will destroy all that was created in error. Forget law, forget principal, believe in Me and all law and all principal will be fulfilled. Are you blessed beyond your wildest dreams? I have not brought one ill feeling or given you one reason too not love Me. Make your choice them or Me. One brings life and life more abundant. The other brings death. The manifestations of the gifts of God are manifest in you right now and forever. No ifs and's or buts.Use them."