Love in the time of harvest is the greatest time of all. If you are going to experience real love then you must set yourself in the position of love. To gain the upper hand in the eternal way of doing things there is a set pattern to bring you into the presence of love. Today you celebrate the world’s idea of love that which is to be given and spent to show what you believe to be the essence of your love but the truth is that you are satisfying the need to be loved. You see love is not a feeling it is the very existence of determination and giving without regard to the simplest of returns. There is a place in heaven for all that would truly desire truth and love in their life. This is called salvation. It comes from the father of all love and is given as a gift into your heart to bring you out of the bounds of nature and into the freedom of no religion. The fact that you need someone to guide you is the proof that there is no true guidance in you. That means you must be led until you are able to lead. To lead is to be in love with the truth that only I can give. This is the place where you and I become one with each other and bring others into the place of receiving the gifts that I give you. All true instruction comes from the Father and none are able to stand before him and give account to him the things that they were required to do. Love is the source that comes into each heart and takes out the stones and replaces them with a new heart that is capable of love. Do not be afraid of those who do not know love. It is a condition of life and you once were in their shoes. The existence and requirement of the Lord in these days is to bring real love to the surface of every man’s heart to destroy the works of the evil one and bring the beginning of transformation into the love of God the Father. I so love you and there is nothing on earth that can measure the depth of my love for each of you.
      In perfection is love. In perfect love there is direction and in the presence of love is creation. The love of God shed abroad in the hearts of men is the place where all people not only can live together but bring into the present the ability to destroy all things pertaining to evil and doubt. There are circumstances that will bring the love of God to the forefront and take away the peace that is in the earth and bring forth the real truth that the Father wants all of us to see.
Leadership has place in love because it is truly only the expression of the lack of discipline in those who want another to take care of them. Be prepared to take over when leadership falls prey to love and crumbles under the mighty hand of God. These are the times in which the father will show just how much love means to Him. And in the place of love is the greatest power imaginable. It is a joke to think that the creation has the power to overcome true love when it is only capable of showing that it has feelings for only a short time. Can you work in love? Can you breathe in love? Can you even see in Love? No because you are easily distracted in the way you exist. God is Love and every movement and gesture is in love with whatever and whenever it is present. All things are brought to the father in love and not hate or jealousy. The essence of love is first in forgiveness, and then the coming before Him in silence and receiving the grace to forgive you first and then all men, Not only they that offend but all who do not have a place in your life. The agreement of the father with you and the forgiveness of the things of this world will produce a place where refuge is not only possible but even perfect within the confines of love. Grace is love and he that receives grace receives the ability to love and set free those who are not. This is the time of the out pouring of love and the forgiveness of sin.


     Man has created his own level of sin and the Father is here to take away the in suffient mind set that holds man in that sin. Love has no place in sin for it is the factor that takes love out and brings fear in. This is the time to remove the sin and bring into play the love of God to break the strongholds that man has created with the help of the evil one in order bring down a new generation of loveless children.
     To see this up coming generation in the light of love is not only hard but very annoying when it comes from the mechanical means of taking the very presence of human flesh and not allowing it to come in contact with itself. When you remove human contact you remove love. The enemy knows this and has come up with a plan to take contact out of the equation and put a sense of mechanics into it. All of creation is meant to enhance man and bring him to the place of enjoying the best it has to offer but your technology has taken away mans ability to believe because he is constantly exposed to lies and deceit that cause him not to trust in anything especially another person. The saving grace is that all men were created to want and need love. So where does this lead you? Confusion! Let’s put this into perspective. You were created by love, to have love within you, to give love and to receive love from love. So why is it not working, Because of the last love? God the Father has been taken out of the equation and has been replaced with the false love mans love, limited in all things. The human heart is limited to nothing and does not do well when it is given limits it was not created to have. It will not love in a single way.
      You cannot buy love. You must express love. You must give love and not just to one person. That love is passion. The true expression of love is in your actions to others. Forgiveness is one of the truest forms of Love on the planet. The songs of love are the expression of ones feeling and passion for another. Can you take that passion and turn it inward toward a stranger? To see them the way I do. To believe in them the way I do without regard as to how they receive or do not receive you. So as you celebrate your tradition know that within that tradition is a love that is burning to get out and make a difference in someone other than yourself. There is plenty of passion but very little love. How many valentines will go to bed tonight unhappy because of a broken heart or lost love? If they had me, Love; in them they would know real joy even in the midst of the storms.
     Let me speak to you a moment in love. All I have is yours. All I can give is yours. Every single breath is yours and the place you stand is yours. No one else is capable of having the space you occupy. Once you are gone that space is gone. All the lives on this planet are yours. All the places on this earth are yours. The people are yours if you want them. This is the true love that is before you. All the tears are yours. All the wisdom is yours if you ask for it. I have said all your requests are yes and amen. Ask of me and I will give to you. Seek of me and I will give to you. Cast your burdens upon me and I will take them. Give me your pain and I will take it. Give me your doubt and fear and I will destroy it. Call on me and I will come. I have only the good for you and not sorrow. I have a place for you that only I can give and I gave you my only begotten son that you may live and not die.
All my love,

R.G. 2/14/14


     Sow the seed of faith into everything in your life. You do not know how to live a life of seed. It is imperative that all things are sown. Are not you good ground? Then nothing can grow in you unless it sown in you. This means you are into the farming business. Take captive all thoughts. Sow into your future by taking captive all thoughts to what the head sower says. Give of yourself the children and your family into the farm of heaven and to the chief farmer. The Father. You are here for the purpose of giving to me a crop for a season and if that crop is not fertilized into a field of wheat it will not prosper into the things I have sent it. This is the time of receiving for that has been sown by man and beast for the Father to use in the coming days. If you have not learned by example that all things in your life are seed than you are going to be quite surprised when the crop appears before you. I am giving into the grace of the father in order to tell you that this is the time of great abundance in the earth while the world is running around looking for the gifts that have not been sowed for. I am the vine and you are the branches. If in the time that is allotted you will give as seed your life to me and stop the quarrelling about whom what and why I will take the straight and narrow and bring it into the highway to heaven. Just to bring into the world of love that has been so far out of the reach of man but not in the reach of the Holy Spirit. I am here to give to you and all that will listen to and adhere to the love that the word of God has fulfilled to all that love it; The Father of all creation. This is the saying of the Spirit of God the Father and in it is the truth that will be set down to all men who are of the mind to set the world on fire in order to become the servant of the almighty God. Look deep into the soul of your life and see that the seed for the future is in your hands and is being asked of you because it is time to come forth in the generation that is called to bring about the resurrection of the entire universe. This is the saying that I have given unto you in this the terrible time of revival in the soul of man. I am here to give to you the time to set forth the motion that will take on the seed that has to be sown into the hearts of the men in this world. I am at this time coming into my own giving time for the reaping of the centuries of men and prayers that will perfect the coming of my son upon the earth. Slowly I will awaken the hearts of those who have been asleep in the spirit to sense the coming of the Lord. These will be the ones I have called altogether into me for the end time harvest. Speaking in the tongues of the Father is the way to come to me and bring forth the grade that is necessary to overcome the flesh and start the word manifesting in the lives of those I have called. This is the time I will send to you the people that will set the whole thing into motion for you to give me the time that is present. Lock the tabernacle of your heart in the surface of the mind of Christ. This is to be done be giving your seed of the heart to me as I assign it to you. Looking into the heart of the Father is the way to see the whole picture without having to come before the throne. Loving me in this time will bring out the true you and shine in the lives of those I have given to you and will bring you too. The spirit of the Lord is alive in the earth to set the captives free and to send the enemy fleeing to all corners of the earth. Not in prominence but in disgrace. Allow me to show you the place of desire that is within you and send you to the place of desire. The consequence of this is to come down from the mountain and obtain the grace to glorify the Father in the midst of adversity.

     The pure essence of the Fathers presence inside you will bring about such change that you will not recognize yourself. In His presence is fullness of joy unspeakable. This is the joy of the century in which you live and the bounds of attainment when you open your heart and let the river flow. The nations will not be able to stop the flow of the Spirit When Love enters the room. The soil I am putting into the earth is the human spirit. Your seed must not be contaminated or it will cause a drought within the church. Lust and cravings are pollutants and will contaminate your seed. The world has nothing to offer you in these days and will be shown as nothing more than the place of compliance unto those who think they are wise. Wisdom is mine says the Lord and I will not give wisdom to the wicked nor will I allow the righteous to be corrupted by it. The soul of man is about to become the fertilizer that will either become the harvest or the drought. The choice is yours not mine I will use the heart of every person who will sow theirs into me. You have not the knowledge to judge me or to become better than me. I am the, I am and only I can take what is knowledge and turn it into Wisdom. The wisdom that overcomes and destroys any and all that knowledge would build up. So loose the knowledge by sowing for wisdom. If that is not done in these days there will be disgrace that will overtake the hearts of men. The purpose of life today is to bring about the glory of God and the world is turning its back on that fact and that fact will crush them into powder that I will use as road base to carry my beloved to the gates of heaven. Destruction is not bad if it is for the purpose of good. The purpose of good will always reproduce the glory of God in everything. Systems that work are flawless but flawless is the time of today for the repentance of sin. As you have seen there is nothing that comes forth today without doubt and fears created by man in the spirit of change. He is bringing about change and that change is not for his good but for his demise. The future is secure within me and that future is the very seed that I will sow into the lives of those who truly love Me. Along the path of righteousness is trust and trust has the ability to bring you into the presence of grace and grace will give you favor and favor will bring you into righteousness. Still favor comes from the Lord and his favor is about to overcome the people of his choosing. He chooses by means of sowing. The seed you have sown into the lives of people will determine the amount of favor that will be given in these the last days.
     Do not be afraid of wars and the rumors of wars. These are a sign of the times the scripture has revealed. I am the essence of the universe and unto me all things must be judged. My judgment is coming in many forms based on the seed that has been sown. Much lies will come forth because much lies have been sown. It is not the way of life for governments to lie. It is the heart of men and greed inside for power that makes the weak believe the lies that destroy their life. I am come to set the captives free if they will turn their back on the lies and trust that I can and will make what was meant for wrong and turn it into good to those who believe.
     Lets look at global warming, a lie. Why? The earth was around before man and will be around after man. It is my creation and what man calls science is his creation. The science of lying is that man created the chemicals that he calls pollutants that cause the earth to obey him because he has to come up with something that will take the heat off him and put it upon another. As long as there is spring and summer fall and winter there will be seed time and harvest.

     It is your harvest that changes not your earth. You make demands upon the earth that is not of the earth but of the lies that man have said were truth and then cover them up by saying the earth is falling apart. People are polluting it bombing it chemicalizing it and simply giving it away. You do more harm with your disease of greed than you will ever do blaming me for the wrong. As time moves faster and man moves slower the planet will act accordingly. The moon and the stars all affect the way the planet reacts. What makes man think that he can overcome what I have set into motion? I put him here to subdue the earth not rule or destroy it. I rule over it and only I can destroy it. The so called destroying of the earth is nothing more than man destroying himself. Every nation in history that got to big for its britches was taken out before it could do extreme harm to the earth. They always did extreme harm to man and after time there was no sign of the destruction he caused because the earth swallowed it up. Your fear of me is a much wiser move than you fearing you are causing the earth to warm. Man needs to adapt to the earth. It will not change the cycle that it was given at creation but it will replenish itself by seed time and harvest. Look at the desert and the heat. It was once lush and beautiful and only needs water to produce again. Its purpose is to regulate the flow of air to balance out the cold. If you look close you will see the jet stream reacts to the whole world and what is happening on the other side at night affects what happens on the other during the light. I have the whole earth in the palm of my hand and take great care to make sure it fits perfectly into what you know as the universe.
     If each and every man would look at himself in the mirror and tell himself the truth and ask for forgiveness I would heal his land. It is his sin that puts pressure upon the earth and it will react to protect itself in all circumstances. This is the way it was created. Only I can heal a land that has been done evil to it. I have told you so and I do not lie. The power of repentance will change your circumstance and how the earth treats you. Is it so hard to believe that continual lies will cause turmoil and pressure that has a consequence? The earth moves by my command and in those commands are the judgment of God based on the seed that has been sown. I am giving every generation its own ability to come to me and the decision of that generation will determine weather or not I will cause the earth to move on your behalf or against you. As in all things on the earth it is based upon your decisions not your knowledge. The choice is yours and if you continue to make decisions based upon lies you will inherit the harvest of lies. Seek me and sow your heart into me and I will give my harvest. My judgment cannot be changed once the harvest time has come. So see that you work your field in order to give the necessary harvest. Love never fails and covers a multitude of sin. Love makes all things new. Seek Love, Seek God and all things shall become new for you and old things shall pass away. It can only be done by you and no one else. The choice is yours.

2 / 18/14                                                                              end Feb 14

Is There Another

     Is there another to take my place in your life or is there more for you to desire. Is there a place in this earth that you will leave me or is there just enough to get by? Is this the time I have chosen to be with you and am giving you the call of my heart? Is this the time I am coming to you to give you the desires of your heart? Is this the time of revelation that you have so longed for in your heart? Is this the time of revival for you and the ones I have chosen for you? Is this the time I have given to you to bring about the change that I have promised you?
Is this truly me talking to you or are you sitting on the brink of loneliness?
Is this the time I have offered you to see and have not produced in you?
Is this the time I have given you to prepare for my coming?
Is this the time for me to show just how much I love you?
Is this the time I am going to create the place I have promised you?
Is this the time you have waited for?
Is this the time I will take away all sorrow and bring joy?
Is this the time I have chosen to show you the inside of what I have?
Is this the time to rejoice in me or receive me in the state of forgiveness?
Is this the time to reap?
Is this the time I will flow like a river into you and drown you in the presence of all good things?
Is this the time I will overtake you and give you the presence of the Holy Spirit?
Is this the time you have lived for?
Is this the time of my arrival?
Is this the Love I have for you?
Is this the time to bring out the inner man in you?
Is this the time to save you from yourself?
Is this the time to take back all the enemy has stolen and you have given up?
Is this the time or is there another to take my place?
I have all those answers and more and I am waiting for you to come and ask me for the answers. This is wisdom of the ages and I am releasing it to those who will prepare to receive it. Please be one of those people for me. I am the I am. And I need to have all I have called for these times. There is no other. I am He who will divide and conquer. I am He who will take the thrown of man and bring down the principalities that have overtaken this earth. I am He who is going to crush greed like a bug and bring out the real reason why man has left my side. Do not leave my side in these days I have a plan that will not divide my people but bring them to the place of not only overcoming but taking them to the very edge of glory in my presence. There is no other!!! I am and I am is going to fulfill the whole word and all that is in it. The truth unleashed in the instant of a blink. All will change and the things you see are nothing in comparison to what is about to happen. Rejoice the end is near and forget the crimes of old and the desert from which you came. The wilderness is gone and the Promised Land is coming down and I am giving you a place in it for the rest of eternity. So my beloved bring to me your heart and lay it before me.

     I will with the gentleness of a dove hold it and clean it so you will know my love for you and know I am who I said I am to you. I have only love for you and the place I have chosen for you. Do not feel alone in the world for the world does not know you I do. I come to you with my heart in my hand to give it to you for yours. This is how much I love you. My arms are stretched and you cannot see the distance between them and as wings of eagles I will come to you and lift you up on high so you to can see with the clear vision of what I am about to do. I am so in love with you that I am pleasing you by giving you the favor of knowing my inner thoughts. I will pour them out to you for the world to see how I reward those who do not give in to the ways of the world and will continue even when there is no reason to. Each person is unique and I have given you the uniqueness of having me in your heart to speak in the manner that most would abuse. I speak my mind with you and you hear. I send the love and you receive. I ask of you and you do. The holiness is in the response not the question. I ask many but they do not listen and when they do they do not respond. I know your imperfections and love them when they bring you closer to me. I grieve when you trade them for me but I know you cannot carry them very far before you weary and come back to your first love. This is not sin. It is humanness that beautiful gift that makes you unique from everyone else. It is what defines you and makes you my whole creation. Oh there is so much to learn and so much to give. I created learning and am giving learning to all who will receive it. Learning is wisdom not knowledge. Learning is infinite and knowledge is limited. Learning is forever and brings forth the truth that will set you free. You learn to receive and then you obtain knowledge of receiving. So close yet so far away from each other. What are words but explanations of the creation? Defining the very reason you exist.
     Giving me what I need is the open door of receiving all that has been given for you. The grace and unmerited favor that I am going to pour out is going to confound even the wisest of minds. The unconceivable glory that has been locked up for centuries is going to come out into existence like the oceans roar and the mountains rumbles. The slice in the earth is about to erupt in a way that will cause the earth to respond only to my call. Stop with the knowledge and start seeking the supernatural the spirit realm that will transform the coming days into the glory of God the father in heaven. Peace on earth goodwill toward men my son is coming again. Let me excite your soul and bring about the end of creation with the glory in high esteem. The grieving is over and the presence of God is all about you and is overcoming you. Receive him in his glory, receive him in his majesty.