One Heart at a Time!

The Roadway to Happiness

     As a fellowship of believers, Breath of Life Ministries Int. Dedicates time to helping others build a lasting relationship with the Lord one heart at a time. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than learning who Jesus is and engaging in an incredible journey with the Lord.

     Through the study of the Word of God and the prophetic Writings of the Legacy Collection we seek all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the touch that says we will never be the same. How you receive will determine the measure in which the Lord will pour out his Blessings. Receive a righteous man; receive a righteous mans reward. Receive a prophet; Receive a prophet reward. Receive Gods Word as God's and receive God's Reward. Walk with us through the levels of Faith and receive all God created you to be. By the truth that you know you will be Delivered, Set Free, Healed and given peace beyond understanding. The promises of God are real and all things are possible to those who love him because love never fails. JESUS IS LORD!

Filled With The Prophetic Word of The Holy Ghost Fire and Faith

     As you walk through the pages of Gods Word to one man know that the Lord is a God of multiplication. Everything He does is multiplied. So as I have asked to receive the truth for me in this you also must ask Him for the truth for you. It is the truth that we know that sets us free and if we are not free we cannot free others. Deliverance is by God through the hands of those He has set free. Our ignorance and inadiquacies about the Holy Spirit of God is never ending and as I ask the Father everyday to forgive me of mine that I may live in a State of Repentance. I pray you will also repent not only of your own Ignorance and Inadiquacies but for all those that you come in contact with you that the Lord would have the opporunity to touch every one with a greater wisdom and understanding of Him and all He wants to do upon the earth through us.

As Jesus said: "If any man thirst, let him come unto me and drink. He who

believes in Me as the scriptures have said, from his inner most being shall

flow continuously springs and rivers of living waters." (Rom. 7:37-38)

As we hunger and thirst from these waters may our cup overflow in drinking

of the new wine and the oil of joy from heaven until our bellies flow like a river

never to be the same again deep into

the hearts of your people.


Each Legacy writing is presented by year and month. Simply click on the month of interest and all writings of that month will appear on one page.

Enjoy your journey!