The Bible is Me
It touches me, It changes Me, It comforts Me
It’s Power, Supplies & Guides Me into Eternity
Takes away All Doubt and Fear
My Trust is in the Lord of Truth

     I was created in his image and the words of the bible are the formation of the person within. The grace that is given is the grace of creation to the individual to become the word alive and walking upon the earth. The touch is the hand of God molding and shaping the person into the figure of the Holy Ghost in order to become the wisdom of God upon the earth. The change is the experience of the works that are within to give account of all the men that the word has created and is still creating as the days pass and the earth evolves. The comfort is the way I react to the truth that is within it’s pages that have the ability to change the circumstance and bring forth the real me in every situation. It’s power is that of Jesus my brother guiding and showing me the ways of the spirit and bringing me into the realm of the spirit and not the realm of the flesh. The touch is the supply that takes me into eternity and separates me from all doubt and fear. I know all truth is within the words that have been received and become part of my whole being transforming me from the fleshly creature that was born into this earth and becoming the overcoming force that is overtaking this earth. The goal of this person is to become so engrossed with what is in the word that the flesh becomes less and the word becomes more for the tearing down of stronghold and the freedom of the chosen ones of God. Thus I am the Bible alive and performing even greater things than have been written because I am writhing a new chapter within the pages of this the life of God in me. Upon completion I will have run my race and completed the task at hand giving way and honor to the pages that will have my name on them. Separate me Oh Lord that I may be free and set my heart ablaze with fire of Holy Ghost and power. As you are with me may I be with you in the realm of the glorious and heavenly language that is only given to those of the realm of the Father in heaven to know and say the words that work are the ones who first are spoken of the fathers mouth and sent through the mouth of those who receive. The Word works in me.

The results of Covenant                                                       Your walk of Salvation

                        Redeemed                                                         Restored                                                      Set Free

                        The choice                                                       The Walk                                                    The Journey

                         Father                                                                    Son                                                         Holy Spirit

                         Faith                                                                       Love                                                             Hope

                  The Promise of God                                           The Son Alive                                      The Spirit in Motion

Do you truly see this as YOU?

The Hunger Within

     To you who have been waiting in the eyes of the Lord for the coming of the Glory to arrive know that the only hindrance to what you have looked for is you. The only way to understand that the things of God are beyond you is to know that the Lord is working in the back ground to see that all is set in motion by His grace and human circumstance. The waters of the Spirit of God are erupting across this land and the Father of all creation is calling to the people of the world to come together in the great and mighty way that only the Spirit of God can accomplish. This is the Hunger that is waiting with in you to come forward and take possession of all that is yours for the time that is remaining. I have set forth in the days ahead a place to come within the realm of the Spirit to see me and know me in the way that all have wanted. The glory of the Lord is the creator of the hunger. You are not the one to know how real hunger works in the realm of the Spirit. I am the only way to the real hunger and thirst that is about to engulf this nation. The purpose is to take you and the ones I have called in this day to the brink of disaster and then bring in the Spirit of victory deep into your heart so you cannot doubt any more as to what I am doing and that you are now part and are willing to allow me to take over in these the times of Miracles and signs and wonders of the kind that dreams are made of. The reason for this is to take over where the world has displaced and create the right way for all who seek it to see the truth at the rate of light and not have to wait on anything or anyone to accomplish what was only a thought in the minds of those who have prophesied the coming of the Lord and the manner in which he has shown to the ones of his realm. About the time the world has taken all it can to submit you to the rule of thumb I am going to take the side of the believer and not the world of religion into the realm of reality in the Spirit of God the Father and atone for all the sickness and disease that the enemy has inflicted upon the nation of Israel and beyond the borders of this nation into the places that have held the captives free. The unknown is the place where the heart and the mind collide into a realm of no confusion and the Light that shines because of it will bring about a change in the atmosphere that is surrounding you. All the senses of man are of no avail in the time that is being brought out. The works of the Holy Spirit are rising as we speak and the glory is growing in the place of the heritage of the fathers into the place of accomplishment. I have seen the real end to the ravages of Satan and the outcome of the Lord of Hosts. Your eyes have not seen nor your ears heard the sound of the Love that the Father is bestowing upon His people during this time of hunger within the hearts of the true believer. I am the true glory as to the conditions of God and the direction in which he has chosen to take me. All who hear these words are capable of finding the Holly Spirit of God rushing into them and forsaking their body to the region of the soul and into the heart of the person of God. The move of the spirit is to take place of the flesh and move you into the place of the Spirit on a consistent and unusual circumstance. There is an echo that is going to take place in order to show you the sounds of Heaven in the midst of the turmoil of the nations. When you hear the echo know that the Spirit of release and accompanying glory will arrive at the time necessary to carry you into the realm of the miraculous. I am the Lord of Hosts and I am going to accomplish the things of the Father in heaven because He said so and I ma the benefactor of all he is going to permit upon the earth.

     All that has been said in His word is going to manifest in those who have taken to the task of hunger in the midst of drought. This is the beginning of the end of the rein of the hypocrisy of this world. If you take the L out of the world (lies) you have the word. How small a move but in the end it is the difference between heaven and hell. One letter, one touch and all things can become new or become old as in the past.
     Are you reaching right now? You should be reaching for the glory that is present upon the earth for the taking if you are ready to come aboard and receive the things of the Father. Rejoice as you sing my praised and know I am the one who is going to take you into the realm of eternity some in the physical and some in the Spirit. Of all the glory that upon the earth only a small fraction are taking the time to seek and hunger for what they cannot see but are willing to receive by the faith that has been given unto them. I am calling to all who will listen to receive the abundance of the Holy Ghost into the heart and bring about a new way of understanding the move of the Spirit for the generation at hand. Oh the Glory arise and feel the glory of God in the midst of you. The precious state that is afar off to most but is present now to you and the ones of my calling. It is time to drink from the well of life and drink in the new wine and oil from heaven. Disregard the things of the past and know I am bringing in a new wine skin and the fresh oil from heaven I am anointing you and the rest for the task at hand. The destruction of evil the lives of those I have chosen for you and the beginning of going beyond the limits of the physical realm. Perseverance is the trait of my people and the wicked are going to feel the wrath that I am calling out to be brought by those of the command of God.
     The move the move of God is upon us now and the life which is of the Spirit is the life of love and endurance when all else is forsaken. Power and might are the breeding ground for the formulation of the things to come. The earth is to obey my calling and the way the Lord works is beyond the flesh and the mind of man. Just to be in your presence makes all things work for good. The hope of your calling is manifesting before your eyes and the reward of the Father is great. The promise is true and the defining moment is in your heart. The motion that you about to take on is going to take you into realms and dimensions that no man has entered for the spirit of relax is in definition a place of receiving and not restoring. You become the restoring when you are the receiver. Follow the way of the Lord and se the miracles of the Lord. The breath of life that is not being given in the way of today’s world but the breath that is in you will create life into the ones that will come in seeking truth. Yes it is all about truth. Without it there is no life and the burdens of this world are being taken down by the strongholds that have the ability to destroy within the heart of the person and into the rest of the generation. As the body craves hunger the Spirit creates hunger and that creation is the force and power to overcome all obstacles that may attempt to stand in your way. All things are to become new and all things of the old shall pass away as anew day arrives in the heart of the man I am calling.
      The snow will come as a blanket and take the way of the nature of things and bring in the light of the new things I have in store. The world has no idea as to the greatness of my word and the power it supplies The vision that lives inside you has replaced the vision of what you see and the sight I have given unto you now is to create the way of the coming of the Lord. It is the cleansing of the soul and the renewing of the mind to the submission of the Holy Ghost in order to confirm with signs and wonder the miracle of God into the lives of my people. Do not be afraid of what you do not see because in the unseen is the vision of what will be seen when the spirit of the Lord arises and comes to the front of all hunger in this nation. The support of this nation is to crumble under the effects of the next generation which has been led to believe that the laws of the land and the constitution of the U.S. Is subject to be changed and believe they have the right to play with creation. Not so, a whole generation is going to be perpetuated into believing that I have the only law that will work a massive Damascus road appearance. Are you understanding the gravity of all this? You should by now understand that all that has been given in lies must now be given back in truth. This is the explosion or tsunami of change that is about to take place upon the earth. Truth is going to crack the surface and decay the mountains that have for so long held the air in the clean and pristine state that has given all the comfort of the freedom of God. The course is truly change and change like no one is expecting. The politics of this nation are going to become second to the way the earth is going to control the atmosphere. Continue to look to the east coast as the place of no refuge and strife. The boats in the harbors will be swallowed as in the great flood. Their money will not be enough and as the harbors dry up so shall the place of refuge. All is to be seen but not all is to be believed. The covers of those who would attempt to cover up the truth will be the ones to reveal the truth. I hunger for righteousness to return to the earth and the sites of the realm of God are going to over ride the ways of the people. The drive of many will be taken down and the force of the lies will abort the works of those who want to be in control.
     Isis is not a nation it is a notion that man can take over where the lord has once been but I am known for taking back all that has been stolen and I am faithful and true to accomplish this right before your eyes. I have not taken my hand of this nation and I will not take my hand off this nation. But I will take my hand off of the people of this nation if their heart is in the wrong place upon my arrival of the new birth of the Holy Ghost and power. You cannot conceive the level of hunger and truth that is going to be released upon this country. The time for the new birth of this nation is at hand and the hand of the Father is shedding his love across this land in the touch of never being the same a new level of revival and the move of the spirit into the hungry heart. The time is now and the people are going to see the breakthrough of God’s promise manifest.


A Whole New Realm of Wisdom

     A whole new realm of wisdom is about to take place upon the earth in the form of righteousness. This is the wisdom of the ages and the sound of heaven. The wisdom of the ages is that of Solomon and the nations of the time I ruled the earth by faith in Me and not the greed of man. The strong in faith have a right to stand in the middle of turmoil and see the coming of the Lord as the grace to overtake all that would stand in the say of Jesus completing the assignment that has bee given unto Him at the resurrection of the Lord upon the earth. This is the taking back of the earth as to the creation that the Father originally intended for man. This is the way of the Father in heaven to ask of his people what side they are on. If you choose to stay in the world as I have created it and do nothing on my behalf then you will be as those who have created a golden calf just because they had no patience in the Lord and the move of the ones he had chosen. This is the same as the world today; Impatient to the move of the Lord and the coming of the Holy Ghost and power that has been promised by the resurrection. I AM THE GOD OF ALL CREATION and I will not stand for the way the church and the people of the church are abusing the way. That which was called in the time of Jesus is still the WAY today. Thus think about how it was treated in the day of my son and you will see the way of the church by the standards of what has been taught to this generation. The Holiness of My name is being taken and dragged through the mud and that which is clean is made out as dirty. This will not stop the light that is within the glory of My name and the people who get behind in the care of who I am are going to feel the wrath as never before.
     What is wisdom to the human mind but a way to be smarter than all the rest? It is true to a point but to the place of power. The power of wisdom is the creation of the things necessary to accomplish that which is not available at the time it is needed. If you perpetuate a situation and bring forth an untruth because of it, all wisdom is taken away from that issue and the results are of no consequence. Wisdom will not stand on a lie and a lie will stand on wisdom. They are two completely different ways of accomplishment. One leads to destruction and finality and the other to the world of heaven. How do I speak to you of the true wisdom when you refuse to take the truth that is given in my word and embellish it with human reasoning? All of My word is wisdom personified and has its own power based upon the truth that I have given to each person based upon the hunger they have not the knowledge they possess.
     The wisdom of the Lord is the fabric that is lasted into and through all of the cells of man. The activation is based on truth and faith that all I have created is in you and that the creator is doing as he wills through you. This activation is the heart of man in the midst of the flesh and the taking hold of what is not for them and giving it to the Father as the seed to the fermentation of the new wine and oil of heaven to penetrate into the very being of the soul and give up the authority that I gave at the time of your birth. The choice has always been yours to give and the answer within you is based upon if you want what you want or what I want. The choice you make is that of your heart and you cannot change what you have put in your heart unless you are willing to let go and let Me take over. Otherwise you are struck by the stronghold of the flesh and the need to go for more of what has control of you. The works of the enemy are few but decisive when it comes to your receiving of them. He immediately goes for the throat and will strangle all that has been given so the words of truth will be stopped from coming out of your mouth. Your silence in the form of the lie will take you into the realm of deception and the eyes will see all the things the world as a force has to offer. In this vision you will see the things that you cannot have but are led to believe that they are possible and even attainable if you do a certain thing. Understand all GOOD things come from the Father. You cannot expect to receive anything that is seen within the eyes of the lie. It brings in the curse and allows the enemy to think upon your mind and take your thoughts captive to him. I on the other hand give you the option of taking all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ, The only ability to change from the human way into the realm of truth. This is the giving of you for the sake of the gospel and the word of the Father in heaven. This is the great I AM taking you over the by proxy to the place of destroying the works that have kept you captive. Reach out in a trust that is unfamiliar to you and see the working of the Father in heaven on your behalf. You only need to call out and trust I have heard you for the system of heaven to go to work on your behalf. I see no need for you to do anything but be willing to let Me in when all else has failed you. I do not believe the negative things you feel nor do I care about what you have done. My concern for you is that all that has been against you is taken from you by me and the truth that you know will set you free even when all things around you are closing in. Your needs are met by the trust that you are willing to give to the unknown and not listen to all things your mind is telling you. I am here for you and I am here to obey My word not yours that is wisdom in action.
     Performing the works that I said I would is the reason you are on the earth in the first place. This is the way of the righteous of today and the way any and all can come to me from any place without regard to what you have done or what you think. I can and will change all of it with the OK from you. I am listening and I hear all who will call. This means you who are filled with lust and drink and drugs and perversion. Call in the middle of it and I will hear and obey My word concerning you and your circumstance. The realm of My wisdom is the protection and grace to shear the evil from your life and send you into eternity with Me. Ask for wisdom in the midst of your turmoil and you will find I your Lord and savior will show up.


The Ultimate Journal

     In a world full of false hope the eyes of the understanding are being enlightened to know the hope of My calling. The series I have set into motion id to unite the entire world to the hope that has been taken away and to show the world I am is still working in the midst of all darkness. The stars only shine in the midst of the darkness. The sky is always bright when the clouds are removed and the impact on the people I have chosen to bring hope is in the desire to serve without the burden of knowing there is a price to pay. Along this journey is the countenance to stand before all ages of discourse and see the workings of the Father in action throughout the lands of the world. The leadership of the Holy Spirit in the days ahead will open new doors and shut the mouths of the nay Sayers. I have revealed this vision to open the hearts of the people to hear my voice by the influence of My spirit within them. I say more with less because of the willing spirit of man. The song of the heart is the way to the throne room and the sayings of the people who voice them are the way to the heart of the Father in heaven. Regardless as to weather it is by design or by influence the heart is the access to the realm of the spirit and the beginning of true worship weather it is by deed, song or word. The sacrifice of praise is in the willingness to know Me more. I am calling all my people to come to Me in a deeper and more significant way. All that is set before you is an open door of the Spirit of God guiding you into the places of life that will create a trust and faith in God that will break the backs of the evil within the lives of my people.
     Vision is the place of taking what is mine and presenting it to those who have made up their minds before me in the way of discourse and I am coming in the spring to take the reigns of this action and bring it to the authority of the Spirit in order to overcome the inability of my people to stop and say “Here I am use me.” As you go forward you shall see a deepening of the truth that is about to be revealed through those that you will see. I have set you as an example to all who wonder how can I come before the Lord and be assigned to a task that is of meaning. So many are waiting to receive and the method of that is going to be shown by the experience you will provide. This is a unique and powerful call on your life and Spirit of God is upon you and is giving you the direction you need to combat all that has come against you. The path to the success of this call is to be willing to move when it is given without regard to who and what is involved. All of my calls come with the equipping. Your focus is on Me and the move of the Holy Spirit when he calls. A joy unspeakable and peace beyond your wildest dreams are ahead of you as you walk with Me into the Glory of God and release his glory from within the earth upon the earth with every step you take under My unction. Trust My will is upon you and will guide into the greater of who I am. I love you my children and the windows of heaven are open and pouring you out a blessing that more than you can handle. Prepare to grow supernaturally.


My Christmas Miracle!
I Receive:

     On this the day representing the new birth of Jesus Christ I receive My Christmas (Christ among us) miracle. The new birth of the rest of my Life filled with the exact content the Father in heaven is looking to bestow upon me. All things considered, old things have passed away and all things are becoming brand new. My future, my possessions, my purpose, my blessings, my favor, my authority, my giving, my freedom and my receiving have all come under the unction of the Holy Spirit. All fear and doubt are no longer in my hands and are being removed as I speak. The Love of God has overtaken me and replaced all that is not of him in my life. By faith in Him I am a new creature in Christ and the manifestation of the Holy Ghost in my life is now open to have his way with me. The Glory of God and the revelation of his presence are alive and well inside my spirit. The Glory of the Father in heaven is bubbling out of my belly and rivers of living water are now mine to drink. Of what the entire world has to offer I take none. I receive the earth as my footstool to the presence of the Father in my life. I reject all that has come against me knowing I have the victory over Satan and all his actions. The purpose of my life upon the earth is to glorify God in heaven. No weapon or principality formed against me has any power and I shall stand in the gap for my children and take back all the enemy has stolen and I have given up by ignorance and deceit. The word works in me and every tongue belongs under his care and guidance as He has put a guard before my mouth and He keeps watch at the door of my lips that my mouth will be filled with His praise and His glory the rest of my days. Salvation is mine says the Lord and I am forever under his wing and in His hands. By my own free will I give all my care to Jesus and He shall open the windows of heaven and pour from my storehouse all the blessings that I have not received thus taking back all that have been stolen from me. This is the greatest year of my life and it begins today. To God the Father in Heaven is all the Glory. He who Jesus sets free is free indeed. Amen
     Rom.8:26-28 The Holy Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; when we do not know what prayer to offer or how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit himself makes intersession for us with unspeakable yearnings and groaning which are too deep to be uttered. And he that searches the heart knows, what is the mind of the Spirit, for His intersession of the saints is by the will of the Father. And we know all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.
     1Cor.1:26 Take a good look at who you were when you got called into this life. I don’t see many of the “brightest and the best” among you, not many influential, not many from high society families. Isn’t it obvious that God deliberately chose men and women that the culture overlooks and exploits and abuses chose these “nobodies” to expose the hollow pretentions of the “somebodies”?

Thus says the Lord.
R.G. 12/25/15