What are you to do for Me?

     Is what you are doing the thing I have called you to do? If so why are you in a state of confusion concerning the things of the time? The world is setting it self up for the time of my return and the ones I choose for what is to be done is the work that I have set you to. This is the great I Am and the place of your return to me is the great commission that the Lord has set forth. The whole world is in disarray and the leaders of this earth are in for a large change as to what I have given unto them. It is now the time to find out what favor is or the lack of. The scene is going to be a gross misrepresentation of the work of man in comparison to the works of the Father. The inside of the earth is going to come to the surface in areas that are not of the Father. And the whole of the earth will know that I Am; is going to say a few words about what they are doing to may creation. This is about to come to the surface because the abuse of man to man is above the quality that is allowed by the earth. The purpose of doing things in the nature of God is to be in balance with all that I created. Man is attempting to do a thing that will cause his demise and the demise of my chosen ones. This will not happen now or in the future and the word of the Lord is true to the tearing down of strongholds. The earth is going to obey me and not the nature of things as you know it. My presence is upon the earth and the people who know my name will have the opportunity to come and see for themselves the way the Father will react to the arrogance of the men who believe that what they do is from me. No allah or god will stand before me and survive the punishment that is going to be handed down. Inside of every man is a time to know me and that is for all that I have created. The decision to take what was given by Devine grace and throw it back is the reason for the destruction that will take place upon the earth. Those of you that live in the supernatural of God will have insight as to the where and when of these things. The world has no idea that what they have created has a much greater impact upon those who believe what they see and those who walk by faith. The faith of the Father is so great that the mind cannot receive the thoughts that are being brought forth by the Father into the atmosphere. These are the signals of the Father to his beloved and he will not take the word of man but only the word of the heart. Give me the attention that I deserve and I will come upon you and make you whole with in me. The only place of safety in the world today is to know that refuge is ordained and driven by circumstance. I have set into motion the realm of the spirit to bring about change in the lives of the ordinary people and bring about the change to make the place of refuge inside the hearts of those who are called. Go and see the works of the enemy destroyed as the word of the Lord comes forth and brings in judgment meant to cleanse the heart of evil and bring about the respect and grace that the Father deserves. Are you here to serve me or are you serving the god of this earth? Babylon is coming down and the signs and wonders that will proceed before this will be mighty in the hands of my people. The Babylon of the mind is the future of the men of this earth who think they have power when there is nothing that will stand before the surge of the Holy Spirit.

7 / 15 /15

What Are You Here For?

    Many questions are going to be answered in the coming days ahead. These are the reasons for why you are here. This purpose is to clarify the reason for all the changes that are going to take place. If you are ready to achieve the states of the one who has been called to complete a work then you will find a totally different scenario ahead of you. Are you in the mass of being interpreted by others as insane or are you not caring what they may think. This is not an easy direction to go but you are up to the challenge in the eyes of the Lord. The duty of those who are being called to stand out and up to the devil and his powers are going to be ridiculed by the masses and you need to know that all is well within the confines of your heart concerning me. There is a time of taking back the strongholds and the place of changing the minds of those who have doubt about what I am doing and what I am about to do. The purpose behind all this is to break the back of resistance in your life and succeed in the endeavor that I have for you. This is a calling to the masses of the world to stop in their tracks and send forth the heart of themselves into the remaining time they have. I Am; is going to send forth a barrage of conflict upon the earth and the times of prosperity to the world is coming to and end. The real atmosphere is to bring about change in the hearts of those who have been lied to and believe the lies. This is the time of signs and wonders to the world and the source of the hatred that is growing among the masses is going to tip the scales into the move of the spirit toward the rewards of the wicked. This is the time for you to know I am bringing into play the desire of my heart into yours for the purpose of showing the world that it cannot come before me and lie their way out of the discourse that is going to prevail upon them. The words that will be given to you will become the power of the generation to come. This is the site of being in control of the places that have been set up to house the end time army of believers that will come forth and take back what the enemy has stolen in the hearts and minds of my People. They will hate what you stand for and the people will stay away in order to make sense of the coming terror by night and the conflict by day. Do not take on the care of those that fail to see the truth when it is presented. It will set you free and condemn those who choose to lead the life of sin and damnation. The trust of the Father in these days is to bring all things to the place of accomplishment. And that means that not all men are going to be able to stand in the midst of the storm and counteract the things that have been said and done against them. Blessed is he who will stand for righteousness in these the terrible days of judgment upon the earth. All too many will leave their post and head for the hills when the true meaning of what will be required of them. The heart may be willing but the mind will overcome and prevail out of fear. The source of the way man will go is to be as brave as he can but not use or tap into the way the Father has ordained for them and the nature of their spirit to become the over comers and the targets of the evil one. He has no power to those who know their place in me and the show will go on just as it is planed. The outcome will be determined by the heart of each individual and the things that they truly believe will be revealed to all by the force of the rebuke and the size of the power. I cannot acclaim to be the source of this destruction but I will be the end of it all.


     This is not my plan but it is the way the earth has taken in order to proclaim the coming of my son to the universe. That which is in need of repair will be repaired and that which is to be broken will be broken into pieces. The laundry is finally done and will be folded and set on stage to be cast into either hell or heaven. The choices have been made and the final curtain call is about to be announced. Your hand will bring about much demise in the state of justice before me. The assigned that will have to come before you will be exposed by the number that they represent in the eyes of the Father in heaven. The course will become so strong that the meals that will be taken will remain for long periods of time. I am speaking of the move of the Spirit of God as to the feeding of his lambs and the power to accomplish the needs of the people. Open your heart to me and watch the course in which I take you. It is a glorious one and the best part has yet to unfold. My beloved I am after the ones that are after my own heart. It is open to receive and the grain of mustard seed that has been sown is going to come forth and destroy the mountains and the valleys of the mind and the will of the people of sin. Rebuke the devourer and see the light of heaven shine upon the earth and chase the clouds of darkness away and bring in the time of freedom before me.
     All across the earth there will be a temperature that will cause all who see it to tremble before me. The righteous and the heathen will both bare the brunt of this change but the righteous will prevail into the seclusion of the cloud to be prepared and sent back as the victors over the heathen. Watch the sky and see the coming rain and know that the future is taking a different course, than what man has been used to in the past. The way the weather will react is going to be based on the willingness of the people to come to me. I hold the key to the rain, the heat and the destruction of whomever I decide to rain on. In some cases I will put the fire out in others I will become the fire. These are the things that will precede the coming and the way of the people is to be on guard before me. Watch and repent on the face of the earth so that it will not swallow them up in the course of the cleansing.
     What is prayer at a time like this? It is fear coming forth without any faith. You will see many wanting to know why instead of knowing I Am is changing the outcome. Pray the prayer of thanksgiving to me during this time and know as the blood was put upon the door post of the faithful that the blood of Jesus will appear upon yours. Although you have a covenant with me you do not have the authority to do anything with it. The covenant will provide all that is necessary to those who know they have it and are not afraid to show that faith. These sayings will become very prevalent in the near future as you see them come to fruition. The word of the Lord is mighty to the tearing down of the strongholds in the world today. I see you have finished for today and the persons involved will taken by the Spirit and brought out of bondage and into the light of the Holy Ghost before your eyes . Enjoy the work of the Lord before you.


Across the Way

     The signs of the times will show you the way to see the coming of the Lord by way of the saints and their activity concerning me. There is a time coming and is here that will cause my people to come to me in the darkness of repentance that will cause the earth to come alive with the glory that is inside it for the actions of the ones who are in need of the fathers help. The sequence is that of the fathers love bringing in the source of recognition that is necessary to combat the end time harvest. These are not the ones who have the right sense about what is going to take place in the days ahead. These are the ones who have been chosen by faith to combat the evil that is rising in the United States upon the works of the father. This is the place of saying I am going to take what has been stolen and throw it back in the face of the evil one and those who would join him during my time of restoration. The words that have come forth before me have been words of doubt and fear. These are not power words they are destructive words and will divide my people and take them into the place of disaster. Upon the coarse that I have laid forth to you and the people of the true church is the ability to summon the angels and the prophets to come forth and be the fighting force that is needed to abolish the interim leaders that will come to the surface in an attempt to take what does not belong to them. The power of prayer in the hands of the righteous is the ammunition that will take over the believing in the time of disbelief. Yes the is coming a big time of disbelief and the people of my calling are going to be in the forefront of it all . These are the ones who have said use me and be there with me during the battles of the mind and the suppression of the soul. The failure of the religions of the world is the open door to the hearts of those who think they believe and are taken by false doctrine into the hands of the evil forces that are taking them apart and driving the mind into total confusion because of the lack and ability to come to me and seek the truth. Above the way of man is the source of all confinement in the Lord. There is those that think they are in agreement with me but have chose the way of the earth and the seed people who have a good line and no power. With out the power of the Holy Ghost behind you in your belief there is no need to see the world as your foe but as you friend and that I will cover you because of the world. That is not a truth it is a place of destruction and is not to be about the people of God. The lines have become fine concerning what is of the world and what is of the Father. False pictures of what I am supposed to be and what I am actually. The reports that have been received on my behalf must be thrown out with the evil presence that brought them. These are not for you to understand they are to be sent by faith that you know they are attempting to over come you and take you down. Knowing that the father is giving warnings before they happen is love not rebuke and this is out of love. The reason so many will fall is that there is no presence of me in their life. All have knowledge of me but few know me as the power in them to create the answer to all that is within them. They do not know how to yield to the spirit and are in a state of knowledge not spirit. Wisdom will become the force on earth not power. The reason for the turmoil in the earth at this time is lack of wisdom and the need for power even under the disguise of faith. The power is in the wisdom I give to you.

     There is no time to complain or try to combat what is a defeated foe. That is what is keeping my people from achieving the right sequence to take over the language of the earth from the mouth of the Father in heaven. The need to say what you think instead of what I say is a factor in the demise of those who have trusted in their own ability to overcome the evil around them. Words are nothing until faith is in them. Saying what you will is only going to give you what you say when the words are given by the spirit and the outcome is visible to the eye of the beholder Faith has risen to an epidemic among the nations and the faith is of the world not the father. If I will; is not a question it is a statement that comes with the kind of faith that I bestow. It knows without doubt that the words are not yours and come from the throne. How many can say they have that kind of faith? Do you have any idea that what I am saying is going to affect anyone beyond you? No. but in the coarse of the move of the spirit you write it by faith knowing that I will cause it to be given at the time of need . This is the faith that will take you into the presence of the Holy Ghost and bring you into the fulfillment of the call on your life. The peace beyond understanding is the power that will activate the love that will take over and become the force that is necessary to bring my people into the place of victory over what the enemy would provide. Remember with out my people the world is lost to me. Their course is hell and the place of redemption is you on the earth. Love them by the spirit and they will have the chance to come to me. I am drawing all men to me through you the people of God. All are called to be available when I need you. This is a simple assignment and easy to bear when the spirit is in charge. The course or journey is the way to the father’s heart. This is the place of love within you and the place that all things become new and the wealth of the sinner is taken by the believer. What faith is there if the words of the father are not true? The journey is in you and is taking you by the hand to bring you to the place of accomplishment. Everyday of your life is an accomplishment. I have given you one more day upon the earth and the things I have accomplished in you and trough you are known by me. If you were not important what makes you think that I would not have you here. Even if your place was to bring balance to the earth it is an accomplishment that I have done and you are blessed because you had your part in it. Life and death are the parts of the earth that will bring you to me or take you from me. That choice is yours as a gift from me. This is the one thing that makes you different from all of creation. If I choose to give you a choice to be chosen and you decide to not take it what am I to do except give you what is chosen by you. You subdue, change, create and destroy because of what you choose. I made you just like me in order for you to seek me for the wisdom that I have that will cause you to make the right choice. By the way that is the only thing that separated us. Wisdom in the wrong hands could destroy all my work and that is why if your heart is right toward me then all you need to do is ask and I will pour out my spirit upon you and allow wisdom to reign.

07 /26 /15

Warning; The Youth

     The youth of this nation are my deepest concern. They will suffer the biggest indignation upon the earth. The course of this nation is to take a whole generation and bring them up as targets of the evil in this earth because they have no clue as to what evil is present upon the earth. They are wrapped up in the text of machines and think that the earth is moved by the computer age. This age was given to bring into existence the nature of knowledge to the whole earth of my existence. This is the land of milk and honey and the real essence of this land is to enlighten the world of what I am capable of when I choose to bless and bring about change in the earth. This is the place on the earth where all things are brought to the justice of my service and to find the single most honest person to carry the torch of righteousness. I am about to take over in this country to bring in the truth to show with both fury and grace the difference between the nation and the God who created it to the people of the world. You have not seen the tongue of the righteous come forth and when I release them into the world the nations will crumble under the mighty hand of God! The worst thing to happen to this nation is that they have chosen within their hearts to disregard the children as events to stall the growth of the nation and to spend their time on the destruction of the places that have gotten in the way of growth. This is the place that I will come and intervene on behalf of the children. The mind of them that have faith to believe in the lies that have been given them will be the demise of those who think that they have an ability to control as though they were god themselves. My children are my creation and when you decide to become the god of my children and take the Love of the father out of their lives you become my enemy. I will show the world what taking on this time is all about when I bring into existence the way of the father into the hearts of the little children to come and embarrass the nations of this world with wisdom that will not be taken as truth but will expose the lies of the governments in front of the whole world. You play with fire when you think I will not stand in the gap for the little children.
      Men of God be prepared to come forth with the words of truth that I will plant in your hearts to show the world that what I have said in scripture I am capable of performing. These are the times of the righteous coming forward to take what the earth has demanded of them to be able to cleanse what has been stained by lies. Truth is not just a sentence to be taken apart or dissected by some brain group. These are the faces of those who think they have a right under the cover of my grace and are going to find out that grace is the direction of truth and the exposure of all that would deceive. The pasteurization of the U.S is the taking away of the source of the evil and if I have to destroy the whole government to get that across then there will be a great time of discourse. This nation has no future unless those who are in charge see the truth that is within them. And bring about the change that will change the course of this nation. If you have the nature inside of you to repent on behalf of your leadership before the nation I will lift the curse that you have brought upon this nation. Are you willing to let go of their arrogance and pride to come forth looking for truth or are you going to continue to create your own truth. You cannot fix what is taken by lies and bring it forth as truth.

     Senators and Congressmen this is the time in history that you either look to the creator for your help or you will take this nation to the brink of disaster. The curse you have created is in the hearts of all those who believe they can change what was written by the fore fathers. The Constitution is not just a piece of paper it is the Law. The wisdom of the Constitution is that it has the unique ability to change as the times change in order to bring equality to all who deserve it not want it. The greatness of the discourse is that there is not equality for those who think they have the right of evil to come forth and take what belongs to those of truth. Equality does not include the evil ones of this world and if you choose to stay in the arms of evil only evil will prevail upon you.
      Leadership is a gift and is not given to abuse. If you continue to abuse the way this nation was created then you have no one to blame except your own heart. I tell you look deep into your heart and know laws do not create men; men create laws and those that create the laws of oppression will live in that oppression. This is not about you. It is about my people and the nation that was created UNDER GOD. If you are going to be politically correct then you better be correct with me the one who created it all. No matter what you take out does not change the fact that what is under God stays under God. I am speaking to those who believe in this their country and their God. You know who you are and you know that this is what you were born for. One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all; you shall not divide this country.

Take this for what it is worth to you.