Your thoughts are to be taken captive and your feelings are to be expressed. To many times you come to me and ask me about your thoughts. This is the reason so many of you do not receive the correct answers to your questions. You are to take captive all thoughts to the obedience of Jesus Christ. Your feelings will be the subject that we can talk about when the direction from Jesus is given to you by the faith that you have taken your thoughts captive. This is the time of inventing the space between your ears for the place of confirmation. This is the time I will hear you because the real you is present and not the circumstance. If you are to become the person of righteousness that I require than you will have to be honest with me and only with your feelings are you able to come forward in truth to allow for real communication. Are you ready to say I am here for you or are you ready to come forward and see the real you from outside the place of agreement with your thoughts? There is a place for all things to come together but that time is only when you can be honest with yourself and me. I am the source of all truth and your feelings are the gate to the entry of truth. They are the after math of the request and the place of no return when you are willing to let them flow in innocence and faith. This is the real you and the real essence of the word that we speak together. I am here to hear you speak from your heart and your truth is to come from the heart not the mind. Your thoughts are the creation that your mind has accepted something even if it is not a truth your mind will make it a truth thus bringing you into judgment over that subject. Usually when you have acted on that thought then your feelings come forth to let you know you were right or wrong. Some call this conscience but it is the truth of the subject that will wear you down and bring in the results that would have been there if you had taken the thoughts captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ. This is not rocket science it is truth set down in the word of God to keep you from failing in the everyday affairs that come to you. Lording over you is the privilege that I have in your life to give all that is necessary to bring you into the set of directions that I have set for you. I Love when my people are set in the right direction.
     The world is not only out to confuse you it is also out to destroy you. This is why you have the choice to come with me or stay where you are and bring about the change the world wants in you. I do not want to see you fail in any way. So this is the direction I have chosen for man to come to me. When your feelings are on your sleeve then you will speak the truth when in my presence. Your feelings expressed to anyone else are the way to be hurt. There is only feeling for the truth that will set you free. Situations of letting your feelings out are not for others but for you and me. That is why I told you to find a secret place for the letting of truth. These are the times of revealing who I am to you and you revealing who you are to me. Your choice is weather I can talk freely or have to be quite. You’re the very presence in the earth is for me to act and the actions that you will work on my behalf will be decided by what we together have communicated. Remember it is not all me and none of you. We are all equal in the universe and I need your output and input to accomplish what has been set to happen. If you are afraid of me then there is a gap that will cause a limited amount of communication.

     Thus there is a getting to know you with feeling. These are the ones that will break down the fear and bring in the sense of love that will overcome the doubt. I am the one to position you in order to bring out the best of you and define the very essence of who you are. Looking at me as the power is good but taking me as your father is the key to our relationship. As your father I will guide and offer the necessary needs to accomplish what you desire of me. The power is the source that the father gives when he knows you trust and rely on him. I can and will empower you to the fullest every time we meet in the secret place of feeling each other. I can and will replace all that is missing in your life if you will allow me to. I love you enough to let you go if necessary and will never leave you when you are ready to come back. You see there is only time with me. And the time I have is eternal. What shall I say at this time? Look at what I have accomplished in your life and see that the best is yet to be told. Along with the grace of the father in your life I have given you the spirit of the living and not the dead. The wise are nothing in the realm of life more abundant. If you are to come forward then I am to come forward on your behalf. All is there for you and if you do not understand come with your feelings and lay them out before me. I gave you those feelings in order to bring out what is needed to have victory. Feelings are good things thoughts are the trouble makers. When I am with you your feelings are of joy and when I guide you your feelings are of confidence. When grace is upon you your feelings are of strength. If you doubt your feeling it is because you have taken on thoughts of untruth. This is a sequence that will be able to trouble you and bring in the doubt. I come first then your feelings follow. They are your guide to the perfect realm of peace that is beyond understanding. Understanding is the supernatural way to be confident in this troubling world.
     Welcome aboard this part of the flight. Seek and you will find the source that has been set out for you to find. You are not going to be here long enough to accomplish the things that have been set for you. I am going to increase the time necessary to get the job done for the sake of the flight and the destination that is closing in on the world. Do not hesitate to hear the calling of the Father He is there to bring out the best in you and is going about the task of giving you the necessary wisdom to create the golden goose of love. That is the egg of righteousness. Do not be afraid. What will I say to you at this time to bring you out of your shell and stand in front of the enemy for the sake of the Father. Choose if you will the recourse that is available to you in the scripture I have given you Matt 28:5 see if there is something to be had by saying I will and if you are willing to come the distance in these days. I have given unto you the real essence of love and grief for the equality of faith in this world. All is come together for the purpose of saying I am the I Am. Loose the darkness with your words of wisdom and set the motion of love into the heart of the evil that is all around you. Love conquers all and all and all. The expressions of your feelings are the entry to the kingdom when they are mixed with faith. My feelings are love and look what they do for the world and all that inhabit it.


     Your feelings can bring you to the place of love enduring all for you but it will require the giving of your will to me. Know and understand that I am capable and qualified to take you into the perfection of love and create the place of return for the rest of your life. I set before you the mercies of God for the taking of the righteous into the land of freedom by both feeling and by grace. This is the mixture that will change the entire universe and send out the love of God into the hearts of men.
     A personal word just for you: The real reason you are still here is to bring in the new millennium I am setting up. This is my way of giving you the real attitude of grace with the power to set the hearts of the people into the place of reconciliation. I am the one to set the captives free and the world is going to be set ablaze with the fire of the Holy Spirit in which I am going to set inside you. You know what to do with the fire when you get it and I need those who have given in to the Spirit before to come before me for the grace to set the world on fire. Thank you Jesus; Fill me with the fire of the Holy Spirit and set my heart ablaze for you. Set my heart ablaze and quench the fires of hell with the fires of heaven. Set this person on fire with the grace to become the instrument of right people who you have called to the front lines in these days. Those of you that are going into the front line will need the security of the Father and the Son to be the beacon of light that will form the place you will never return from. This is the right place of no return and the Father is here to hold your right hand. Go forth into the wilderness of unknown and bring in the fire of the Holy Ghost when He is upon you for the purpose that is at hand. This will bring you into the relationship that has been set aside for you. This is the purpose I have called you for the real sense of taking back what the enemy has stolen. This is the perfect time to come forward and bring you to the place of refining and brilliance. This is the place of no more needs to communicate with others for the period of time that is necessary to get this done. To God be all the Glory!



     Loneliness is the very essence of the fathers Love. This is the time for you to see into your heart for the purpose of seeing the joy of real life. These are the results of the fathers meaning for you when you have taken the real love that is going to come to you in these days. This is the real meaning of love. Innocence is the place of receiving the best for you in the coming days. This is for you and all who will look for the presence and drive loneliness away with the breath of the father in this day and the days to come. I am coming for the joy of all I have done not the evil that has been taken into the realm of the father. Doing all you can is giving me the ability to come into you and destroy the thought of loneliness and being the radiance that will take you out of who you are and bring you into the grace that will set you free to see the light that will create the place of believing I can and will do all that I have said through the prophets and men of God to bring in the last day of judgment upon the earth. Listen to your heart and not your mind. This is how the world will see the works of the father upon the earth. Since I am the one who will bring this about I am is the place of joy within the spirit of man. Looking into me will bring out the very love that will instill the favor of your time. Please be in the realm of love within you for that will be the place of feeling the need to come to me during what I am going to implement in these days. Are you ready for the pouring out of the spirit of God? Are you ready to do the will of the father to bring in the grace of salvation into the world for the world? Looking into the heart of the person I have set before you will give you the ability to come to me on their behalf. To see the loneliness that walks on this earth is to see the heart of the lost and bring into the place of love.
      Smoking guns are on the horizon and will bring you into the sight of the world at this time. Do not look at the smoking gun but see that the gun has no power in the lives of my people. Look into the eyes of those who are in this and see that fear is the controlling factor. Look into my seed to see the fruit I have developed to bring you into the place of loneliness. This is the way man sends forth the real life in the earth which is going to bring in the grace to suffer the need to repent and come to me and the knees of those who have not done any evil but are trusted to do the evil that men of evil do not want to do. Are you seeing the way the evil one is working? He is not the power or the source that is going to bring down man and I will show you the way to see the real works that have set the earth into the motion that love is taking back the place of innocence that will come in contact to me.
      Look into the realm of the father and he will set your heart ablaze with the set of circumstances that will overcome and overbear the history of man on the earth. Listen to the realm that is within you and I will drive out the fears that bring about the loneliness you have experienced. Love is radiating inside you and is about drive the loneliness so far from your mind that the thought of that word will be removed from your conscience. Working inside you right now is the Spirit of God and he is transforming the physical body and the spiritual mind in to one entity. This is called overcoming the flesh and it will be the power man needs to come out of his shell and face the world of today and destroy the things that have been set against him. Allow yourself to come forward and let go of the things you have no control over. Do not believe the rule that says you are too small or to weak to overcome the set of circumstances that face you. I am bigger in stature and in power in this day. Your mind is left to act on what it sees not what is good for it.

     If you allow it to come to the forefront it will guide you into total destruction physically. Do not I say do not allow your thoughts to come in contact with the doubts that are being broadcast before you! These are thoughts of destruction and futility. There will be much of this seen in the coming days. Do not receive it. There is no time to overcome what is not and you will not have the time to possess the earth with thoughts of loneliness or disgust rendered by people of no consequence. Appropriately I have given unto you the mercy that will control your flesh and give you the strength to over come in others lives. Lift me up continually and take my word as food into your heart and I will finish the job of going the extra mile on your behalf. Substance is in the mouth of those who will come to me in these days and say, “This is the time for me to see your face and provide the necessary love to overcome the world of fear.” Looking into the hearts of men I see the real person and the fears of loss and the fear of love that is missing inside their heart. These are the missing ingredients to allow the love of the father to enter. This is the place men have forgotten the real truth that was given at birth and taken away by ignorance. Blessings abound in the rain of the Holy Ghost. It is raining hard at this time in order to wash away the stubbornness of man. Thanks to the love of God the real rain is falling to water the up coming way of life that I have set for this time. Believe in the still quite voice that is within you and see my glory come alive in you. Power and authority, Power and authority are mine and I am proving to all who will yield in these days to the authority of the Holy Spirit to come forth into the ability to see me as the savior of their life and a scene that will break every yoke of destruction and bring forth authority in the realm of the spirit. Look, I said look and see the works of the Lord God Almighty. Power is given in these days. Real power to work like the word says it should work power to set the captives free and to set the rolls of faith to go forth and destroy the works of evil upon man. Gross indulgence is in the air when good takes a ride to the center of the world in order to understand my works. This is not about understanding it is about doing and doing the work that is given not reasoned. The purpose of all this is to bring about the change in the church that at this time is in a time warp. I am not going to beam them up but I am going to instill the grace to overcome the self that has created such loneliness in this world. No one is alone and no one will ever be alone as long as I am present. Do not allow the hand of God to be removed from your heart. The hand of God is the comfort and peace that will carry you through the worst of times and show you the peace that all of heaven enjoys.
     Are you ready? I am about to set your hands on fire with the power and authority to combat any and all things that would come against you. Reach for the heavens and receive the power of love to burn the very hair off your body. Fire is the cleansing act of atonement. This is the grace to come forward and take back that which the enemy has stolen. Before you go crazy on me know this, I am, is in control of the power and the authority and I will not allow anyone to step up and use it for the personal gain of any human or entity. The realm of the spirit is for the cleansing of the people and mercy of the father. The Holy Spirit power creates peace and builds life not destroy it. It will drive out all evil and will abide by the laws of the father pertaining to man. His word is law and the law will not be broken by anyone for any reason in the future. Loss is for the enemy not the victor. We go from glory to glory. Each step is the beginning of a new creature coming alive for the kingdom of God. Also this glory is for the coming down of the mercy of the father. Whatever will not receive the gifts of the father will be destroyed by the same said gifts. I have told you to desire all my gifts. Not just the ones you like. There is no faith in receiving something that someone else said was good or not needed. No man has the right to say to anyone what gift is good or not needed. I have all things pertaining to the father and I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy. Open your heart and open others hearts by repentance and allow me to be the deciding factor into which gift is being received or not. The gifts are received by the hunger in the heart for truth not knowledge. I pour out gifts when men least think I am. The necessity of giving gifts is for the repentance of man and I am going to pour out like rain the gifts to repentance in these days. You have not seen the glory of God at work within the realm of the spirit and I will make sure that those who do not know me have the chance to see my work before that terrible Day of Judgment. The separation of my creation into the place of eternity without me is beyond comprehension and is not for my people to think upon. The laws of the land have brought about the change in mans idea of consequence and have given him this false idea that I God Almighty is going to do plea bargains in the time of judgment. The bargain is in salvation and is the only thing that will change eternal damnation into eternal life. My son has taken away all works to enter the kingdom and brought down only one request to enter. Receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior is the only ticket to the chariot of fire that leads to heaven in the last day. It costs nothing and is the ride of everlasting life. This is the real cure for loneliness.

To God Be all The Glory!


To Him See the Glory

     I am not speaking to you, I am speaking through you. All that I have said is coming to pass. I am the great I Am and none shall stand before me. The words that I have spoken in the times of need are then places of salvation and the words I speak today are the same salvation that has always been available. The person of the Holy Ghost and to the person of the son of God this is to be the days of glory. This is to be the days of bringing together the thoughts of the father to the people who will take the time to hear Him. This is the time to set the word of God into motion and let the father give to you the very presence of the kingdom. Look toward the son and see the fire of the Holy Ghost come forth. Loose your burdens and let them go. Loose the place of reluctance and send forth the love of the father into the place of destruction. I have focused you into the world so you can see the deprivation that is becoming to the forefront of time. Unleash the fire storm of power that will take you into the realm of eternity. Look into the eyes of forever and see His greatness of eternity; the pure beauty of the things that will change the lives of those on the earth today. Super size your receptor and see the glory of God pronounce the very essence of creation with the strong arm of the law that was sent to deprive the people of their rights as humans in this day. It shall not prevail against you and it will not see the light of day in this country. My hedge of protection is all around you and will remain until the end of time.
     Seeing into the future by the word of the Lord is the only true way of knowing the things that will happen upon the earth. These are the things that the Father wants to tell the world before the coming of the Lord. Looking into the word of the Lord will reveal as it always has the true meaning of your existence upon the earth. Listen to what the heart will say during the time of your reading and see the heavens open up and indorse the place I have for you. This is the great I AM speaking to the heart of the believer and to the people who want to know the truth as it is to be upon the earth not the way is seems upon the earth. This is to take place for the present day to bring into play the decision to break the bonds of Tierney and bring the grace of God to over come the essence of no return in the hearts of the defeated. It is the true God who will take you to the next level and bring you out of bondage and fear for the world is about to be taken back to the time of unforgiveness and balance that will not be profitable for him. Looking into the eyes of the terror that is rampaging through the world is the indicator that the world is not satisfied with what it has been given and the world is reaping the very sin that it has tried to stop because it is not adhering to the ways of the Lord. Along the path of righteousness is the bringing out of the Fathers Love into the being of the person who is not looking for righteousness-but I am going to enter the forgiveness realm in order to open the way to the heart of those you have given through your state of Repentance. Looking forward into the days of my coming you will see the true meaning of the father in the way he takes what the world is doing and turns it into the task at hand for Him to create a state of repentance for all who will adhere to the calling of the Father. Success is the way to give the father your all and the success is not in the possessions you have but in the determination that has been set in your heart for Me. Suppose this was the rain of the Holy Spirit and you are looking for the means to communicate for the redemption of man.


     What would you do to accomplish this before Me? Is this the way to enter the thrown room or is this the way to destroy yourself? I am asking because so few of you are in position to remember the words of the past that have taken you out of bondage and brought you into the freedom of the Holy Ghost. What has been given is never taken away because of my promises. These words work when you know them in your heart not your head. You are mindless when the Spirit of the Lord is present but you believe you are great before men when in reality you are trying to come before me with your agenda and not mine. Seeking the real life of the father is to be humble in all things not just the things of the Lord. Humility is the key in these days to provide the right method to see the works of the Father come to reality.
     Superstition is coming at you from many different ways and will cause the righteous to come under attack because of the focus of their minds not their spirit. Solely given into the light of darkness is provided by the lies of the world to bring back to the place of not receiving from me. Oh how I long to pour out the Spirit of the Lord upon you to see the way the human flesh is taken from worldly into the realm of righteousness. This is coming to you and to all the people who will take the time to hear with their heart and not their mind. I am pouring the rain of righteousness down the throat of the believer to see if they will receive with the right understanding as to what I require of them. This is the perfect time to enhance the quality of my people and see the workings of the Lord manifest to bring forth the real quality that the Lord of hosts will produce. Do you not want to bee in the call of the Lord today? Are you not the people of who I have placed on the other end of the earth so as to complete the promise I gave to Abraham. You are the sand of the sea and the stars in the sky and they are falling like rain upon the earth to bring justice and humility to the world by the means of the Fathers grace and mercy. This is the most powerful substance on the earth. Watch in these coming days the way I perform the wrath of the wicked upon those who would dare to take what belongs to me. The Jealous God is going on a rampage this year to bring into the realm of this world a world of change. See to it that you are right with me so the power can flow as directed into the glory that will over take the people of this calling. You are called, receive this calling as new to you and understand that in these days the call of God is not to see you but to prepare you to come forth and take the call into the field of justice as the word of the Lord requires. Stop looking for the way to see the things that are to happen but look to be part of the things that are about to happen.
     Rejoice, Rejoice all of heaven is dancing at the very thought of the move of the Father in the coming days and they are in full blossom up here with Me. This is the great I Am and this is the great glory that has been promised since the beginning of time. You will see the greatest work of the Father that has ever been set to man. Look into your heart and see the joy and beauty of these the days of the Lord God of Hosts. Be excited and be happy with in your spirit and see the works I will do for you to bring in the harvest of souls that the devil thought he was going to get and will be denied the right to gain the kingdom. The power of glory is the inheritance of my people and the grace is the power of the Father. Do not reject what I have given and bring forth the atmosphere that I have given unto you. Look deep into your soul and say you are the overcomer I say you are. Nothing less and nothing more is all that is needed to accomplish the glory of the Lord.

     How do I bring this to you that you will believe in me and not the world? How is it that the world is going to fade away and the earth will become my footstool in all the coming reigns of man? Do you know the way to the end with me or are you being led by the spirit of this world. Your flesh will not agree with I am doing but your heart will hear the words of truth that I am sending forth. Love from your heart and I will hear your cry. It is important that you bring to me all that is not of me so I can exchange it for the things of the kingdom. Do not hide the grace of exposure from me I gave it to you so you could come to me in repentance and join the ranks of the undefiled today.
     As your heart and mind do battle I will be there to referee the out come. The flesh is only strong because of numbers that agree but no matter how many numbers there are it takes only one of me to destroy enemies and nations with blink of an eye. Remember these things as you go forth through the way I am taking you. Wood, hay and stubble are about to come upon the earth and a vast majority of it will be taken by force of the spirit realm. The spirits of this earth are going to see the fury of the spirit of God as I do battle with the very soul of the universe to stop the crawl of the evil one. He knows the coming of the Lord is near and has given all he has to the destruction of the universe; but to no avail all his work is for naught and all his power is for nothing that will stop what I have set in motion. His mentality is that of the earthly being and he is now finding just how insignificant his reign is. Suffer not my children I am coming soon and with me is my inheritance. This is enough for now. All is well and becoming better. Love to you from me your Father in heaven. Come be with me and see the glory of the ages. Love has never failed and I will never leave you or forsake you on your behalf I have sent the glory of victory now and forever Amen. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings all around you and upon you look to the heavens and receive the blessings to you for there are many and more than you can contain. Give the overflow to all who will hear you and say to them you cannot contain what the Father has given Glory, Glory Glory You have not seen the hand of God in the action of the coming day in the light of the darkness and the spirit of the almighty upon the earth. Joy, Joy, Joy unspeakable and profound to cap off the celebration of my people upon the earth. Your reward is on the way and the joy is the foundation of the acceptance in Him who will deliver it. Thus says the Lord of Hosts. To Him is all the Glory!

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