Welcome to the Legacy Collection bringing you prophetic writings from the Spirit of God. These have been given over a lifetime to encourage and instruct in order to bring peace in time of turmoil and joy in times of need. Share with me the Joy of the Lord and his promises to one person no different than you. Share with me how the Holy Spirit has guided and warned me in my walk of faith with him on this earth. As you read ask him for the truth in this for you and receive the wisdom only the Father can give. Let me begin with a prayer that is very close to my heart.

Prayer of the Heart

       Let not my mouth come forth in untruth, but brings forth my words as your servant not as you slave. My understanding of your word is so minimal in the process of knowing you. May you instill in my heart and my mind all the study that I have done and bring to life your word inside me never to be removed until the time I receive you as eternity. Give me the distance between the people and the persons in which you have called me too. Instill in me the righteousness of the ages in order to stand in this hour and time to provide the necessary love and power to overcome every obstacle that stands in my way. On the course of Love my eyes cannot see the sights you have for me because they are polluted with age. Lift me up above all human resource that I may be the person of your words with the intellect and wisdom to overcome the world and especially myself. Thank you for humbling me in the sweetness of your arms let no man come between us and lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil with the word that is in my heart from the years of hunger for you. Let your face shine upon me and cleanse me of all impurity. Make this a house of prayer that I may burn for you in the sight of all evil. Glean me into the vessel of honor and loose the bonds of iniquity from around my neck. Cleanse me from all impurity Oh Lord and give the Wisdom of the ages. Let the son of the father come to me and visit his will to me for the purpose of setting my heart in the right place to see me as your son and in the light of glory. See me with the spirit I pray. Holy Spirit come unto me in the manner in which you have in the past. Bring forth all that was given and give me a double portion so as to separate me unto you.Set my heart ablaze in the confines of my heart so no man will be able to submit except to you. Hear me o Lord that I may hear with the ears of the Holy Spirit and that the world will not come between us. Cleanse my eyes that I may make the sight of glory the main stream that flows from my belly and into the river of joy. Touch me again and again until you have had enough. Let the river flow as it did and bring forth the new revival. Define in my heart your intent to give to the people the love and power that is waiting for all who come to you. Let every step and every mile I take be the releasing power of your glory onto the earth Thank you for sending me forth to your people in the manner that we have so patiently waited for. LET THE RIVER FLOW. Amen

R.G. 4 /10/ 13


Bring It Forth

     In the light of day there is a seeing that only can be served if you are awake. The belief that all things are clearer in the light of day is a confusing concept. The light of day is the beginning of the darkness for a lot of people for this is the time they see the evil and receive it in order to be taken off the straight and narrow path. In the darkness with out the light you have to walk in the faith that you will not stumble or run into something. So it is easy to say that you see the light as the way of eternity but in the end it is the walk in darkness that reveals the true light that is around you. These are the time that darkness will overcome the earth and destroy the concept that all things are better for man. This is the darkness of the soul, the walking around with out the light of Jesus. This is the time that man will see the darkness before him and make the choice to stay in darkness or leave it for the blessing of God the father. Remember that the abyss was darkness and in the midst of it I brought forth light. This is the light of life to those who will believe it is the greatest time in the universe. This is the time I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh to see if they will respond as I will. This is the time my people will receive the abundance of grace and mercy to come before me to receive the plenty that is waiting for those who will be chosen to receive them. This is the time I will reveal myself to those who will not go the way of the world or their religion. This is the time I will pour out the favor that has been held up by insecurity and doubt. This is the time I will bring into the set of things the grace to come forward and complete what was started in the days of my son. This is the time you will do greater and more powerful things than my son did. Set yourself in the place of redemption now. Do not go the way of the world it is leading the masses astray and is forming the one thing that will tempt all men to turn their back on me. This is the time the world will see the glory of god from the inside and bring into being the precious blood of the Christ. This is the time the Holy Spirit will become the open friend to those who will not bow to the undivided attention of the worlds calling. This is the time to complete what you started so long ago. This is the time to see me in the grace that is waiting in the wings of the father. Become under his wing in these times and you shall see salvation like never before. This is the time of great revival in the term of real revival my way. Instant not lingering but brought forth into the light of day which for the world is true darkness.

     Darkness is the surrounding force that will take man out of his comfort zone and bring him into darkness at noon day. Thus there is a total confusion because you cannot mix light and dark without there having a middle where understanding can choose. This is the time to bring your heart to me and allow me to come forth into the light of your heart and chase the darkness out and the joy in. This is the time to become who I have called you to be and send the enemy packing into the darkness of light, the true light that destroys darkness. This is the light that will bring man back to me and destroy the path to destruction. This is the time to come to me on bended knee and plead your case for the rest of humanity. This is the time of overbearing the ones who will bring chaos into the kingdom of God. This is the time to see the real workings of God the Father not God the country. There is no God in any country and those who put their faith in their government or country will know that defeat is just around the corner and there will be a heavy price to pay. Surround yourself with the word of God and he will surround you with the glory of heaven. This is the great I am to the masses. This is the great time of abundance to the people of God. This is the greatest move of the Spirit in all of time. Rejoice and come to me on bended knee and I will show how to overcome the masses in the near future. You have experienced how hard it is for people to come on bended knee when their spirit is clouded in darkness. This was the time I need to show you how long it takes for people to see when there is no hurry for revelation. This is the time I have chosen to show you that what you suffer in the physical is the suffering of the masses who do not know me. They see the health of my people and they know it is there but by doubt and fear they cannot bend their knee in order to come to me. This is the example I have chosen to show you that it takes a lot of faith to stay in this condition in order to birth the beginning of the end. (Knee injury for 8months) This is the place of true commitment to me. This is the real portion I have laid out for you. This is just the total of many years of dedication without the mere thought of courage or grace to take you further. This is the time for me to show you why the suffering of my people will come to an end.


End Jan.14

 Legacy Ministry

     Each and every writing is dated and titled just as it was given. I will start with 2014 and come forward to today. You will be able to see the progression and the importance of what the Lord is leading us too. Each and every writing has a truth for anyone who will receive the truth for them. God is a God of multiplication and nothing he gives is ever for just one. He is showing us how to prepare and deal with what the world has become and how to stand victorious in the process.

    If you should have a problem with any of these and they do not fit in your life please take them up with God and pray for me. I am just the messenger and I am releasing these in love and obediance to his instruction. I do not partake of the evil thoughts or actions of others. To me these are words of love that have come forth as a truth for you and a joy to your heart. If you open your heart no matter what your situation or circumstance the truth that you know will set you free. As we deal with our ignorance and inadiquacies concerning the Father I repent on behalf of myself and you in order to deliver us into the mighty hand of God.

The Joy of Expectation!

     The joy of expectation is to come out of your mouth and into your heart. It is the radiance of forgiveness and the fever of grace to be given in the expectation of Love. This is the time of the move of the Spirit of God into the earth and into the individual heart. This is the time for me to set you free and bring in the end of all things so the rest of eternity can and will manifest by the grace of God for ever and ever. This is the time of giving and giving to the place of retirement. Thus is the grace to overcome and the presence e of the Lord to show himself almighty and full of grace. This is the time of inheritance and joy of reward so to bring in the New Year as the place of attaining the peace and joy of the Lord through all the centuries. This is the time to take back all that was stolen because of ignorance and insecurity. This is the time of real revival and the pouring out of the Spirit of God. All of this is for the present and not the future for the future is in my hands and the future of man in the hands of time. Time as we know it is now running out and the time of the Lord is now taking place. This the time all men will see me as I am and know the real reason why he is here. This is the time for all men to come to me without the scares of life and sit down before me with the sense that I am going to judge the righteous and the unrighteous together and there will be a crossing over in these days by the Spirit of the Lord into eternity. This is the time of the judgment of man. This is the time of the giving of real peace upon the earth and the coming of the son of man. This is the time to rejoice in the Spirit of man to come forth into the realm of the Spirit. This is the time when all time will stand still for the judgment to begin. This is the time of reflection into the present to say I will or will not to the Lord. This is the time to bring forth the truth in every man so as find the true meaning of love. This is the time for all men to say I can and will if my heart does not fail me. This is for all those who have thought of me but were afraid to come to me. I am the God of salvation and the God of redemption. I will give mercy in these days for you to see yourself as the star I have appointed you to be; The one that will glow in the darkness and come forth to see the light of salvation into the hearts of every person. This is the time I will grant unto you the very mercy to come forth and destroy the works of evil and cover the multitude of sin. This is the time I will change you from man to eternal being. This will take you over the edge to the place of receiving what is necessary to conquer and be the light in the darkness.
     Thus says the Lord of hosts: bring to me your very soul and give me the time you have left. I need the man of old to come forth and create a new man that will take the honor and glory to the masses and bring in the greatest time in history to the very brink. The love I have for you is not the love of the world but the love of the Father and the son and the Holy Ghost. There is the combined power of the entire existence of time brought to the place of beginning and end. This is the greatest time for the presence of the Holy Ghost. He is performing in the time left by the power of the Word of God. This is the time to see the great revival in the presence of Glory. This is the time for all men to see with their heart and not their mind. The powers in the earth have had their time and now there is the time of completion and in the days to come there will be a grace to survive when all is set to crumble.


     I bring you a new year, a year of peace and tranquility with in my life. This is the year of coming out of darkness and into the light of day in the presence of God. This is the day when the Father will show us the real avenue in which we must walk to obtain the grace to walk on the waters of grace in the presence of a world gone mad. All fear shall be removed and the truth that we know will set us free from the bonds of Tierney. Loss is a word that gives place to gain and in gain is strength. Thus we find the strength to set the world straight and the world will have to respond accordingly. I will love you through to the end and beyond. The lost soul will have the grace of my chosen to come to in these days of destruction and find the place of refuge for the end is near and the heart is ready to receive the presence of the Lord. Giving in to the grace of God during this time is the backbone of overcoming in the coming days. This is the time to see for yourself the strength of the Lord at work through his people. The glorious church as he calls it will stand before all evil and destroy its work like a hot knife through butter.
     I sense in your heart that the fear of the Lord will be mistaken for the fear of death but the fear of death is the beginning of the end. It is set to bring you out of yourself into your faith and it shall be the force that drives you into my arms not away from my arms. The party has not yet begun but the world will think it has for just like the day of Noah I will come in like a flood to overcome man and his ways to perform the rights of redemption.
1/1/2014. Bringing forth the treasures of the ages is in the mouth of the almighty to give to his people this year the powers of increase and the blessing of atonement. This is the time for my people to come forth together and see the works of the Lord first hand and give to them the mercy of love. This is the time I will give to all who ask the greatest time of all. This is for those who have diligently come forth to me in the times of trouble and stood on my name during the times of exposure. This will bring forth the real essence of the love of God to the earth for all to see and receive if they have the heart of mercy to come forth and take what has been set aside for them. This is the time the storehouses shall be broken open and all who hunger and thirst will be satisfied by me for you have sold your land and inheritance to the Father in return for his kingship and life. Slowly as your flesh will allow I will come to you and prepare your heart for the turning into the nation of God on the earth. This will be the time the world will hate the U.S. and all who will save it. This is the time of my inheritance of the nation in which I created to do my work for my people and I will destroy all those who will come against my nations and the will of the Father. This is the time of the greatest move of God upon the earth. The Son is poised to return and his angels are preparing his horse and the chariots of fire are about to be released to glorify God to all men. The setting is the most beautiful painting you will ever see. And all those who are of the Father will see this glory and passion in the form of visions upon the heart. Let there be Glory to God almighty and peace to those of his name.
In His presence is fullness of joy and the joy of the Lord is my strength. Let this be His will and yours will be fulfilled to the fullest. Jesus is coming be yea prepared.


To All My Confined

     This is to all those who are confined and unable to walk the streets of this earth on my behalf. Your power is in your words. My word spoken in your mouth will not return to me void but will accomplish whatever it was sent to do. You are looking for the physical when all you need is the spiritual. I have given to you all things pertaining to me. What do you see speak to it? What do you hear speak to it? What is in your heart manifest it? Your power is unending and will create the love of God into the earth that is full of sin and drive the evil outside the confines of your dwelling place. Do not partake of your mind it is the only doubt you have. See to it that you cleanse your heart with the Word and set your heart ablaze with the joy of the Lord. It is your strength; not your body. Slip into the trance of love; feel me around you awakening all that is in you. Believe in your faith after all no one sees me but believes in me. Believe who you are in me and I will perform for you the truth of my word. For you are chosen to be where you are and under what you see in order to perform in the manner I have set down for you. I do not cause your discourse I take advantage of it for you. You are glorious in my eyes do not cloud yours with the sense that age or circumstance can stop what I have put into motion. Sing to me and open my ears. Pray to me and receive my ears. Long for me and see me. I am where you are always and I know where you are going or not going. Leave that choice to me and rejoice in all I am and will be. Send your words forth and destroy the works of the enemy. I promise all will be fulfilled. I see through you not by you. The words that you speak are power and authority because they are life and food to the bones and flesh. Speak wherever you are and believe in my word and see the works of heaven perform in your heart. Remember the centurion who said only speak the word and my servant shall be healed. You need not an audience to accomplish for I am your audience and I receive all you say and send it forth to accomplish on the earth. You are never ended only adjusted to fit the circumstance. Even in deaf and dumbness I hear you if you speak with your heart. That is where I live in you and always hear the things of the heart. I gave you the new heart in order to hear you always it is my heart that you have. Take the T off heart and what do you have. Hear! Your heart is how I hear you. So know this day you are only alone and unheard if you believe you are. Do not allow your mind to deceive you I hear every word and I use every word. Now take back all you have let go. Speak that which is not as though it were doubt not in your heart and you shall have whatever you say, see it come to pass.

R.G. 1/26/14