I Give you the Mysteries

     I give you the mysteries of the ages for the sacrifice of My son to the people of the great and mighty end time harvest. Thus is the time to repent on behalf of all those who will not receive the word of God so as to proclaim the victory through Christ. That all men would hear and have the choice to receive or reject is for the days ahead. But unless there is repentance on their part the end cannot be fulfilled for this reason I am opening the state of repentance for all mankind. The time is short and the willingness of the people is growing weak. This is the place for the many that have chosen Me to come forth in repentance to bring the word of God to the masses that have no knowledge of me. Repent for the sinner and the murderer. They are the life blood of the evil one and he is using the ignorance of the people toward me to stop the flow of the Gospel in the coming days ahead. This is not for you to fight against. It is for you to open doors for Me in the hearts of these people so the word and truth of God can and will sacrifice the will of the father and bring in the end of all incarnation that will bring in the next realm of the Spirit of God to the earth and the sinner. To you I give the power to combat the laws of the universe concerning the people of God. This is for the time to give the harlot church it opportunity to come out and expose itself to the righteous. Along the way the real meaning of whom I am and what I am doing will be exposed to the people of my choosing. This is the time to take back all the thoughts of ignorance and bring into play the thoughts of the Holy one of God. Bringing into the forefront the measure that is necessary to bring about the change that can be seen and heard from the throne of God. This is the favor of God to the prophets of God to see with the understanding that I am about to unleash to you and too others the authority to combat the evil with the words of your mouth. Not in the time of trouble but in the time of reflection. As you come before Me in prayer and thanksgiving I will show how the enemy is working with the masses of destruction and just how to put the stops on the place of progress in order to bring to their knees the ones responsible for selling their souls to the evil one. This is to combat the source of all the evil in the earth. To come in and take charge of what the world is offering for a solution is not what I will give to my people all together. The thoughts of the evil one will come upon you in order to take away the great name of the Father. This will not be the case with what I am about to do. The earth is full of my glory and the scent of the Father is going about permeating the soul of the righteous. The commands of the Father will be heard from the roof tops and the secrets to the kingdom will be brought to the forefront. Look to the Father of all creation to hear the words of encouragement that will be necessary to overcome the times ahead. Thus is the great commission of the Lord your God to be the only source that will bring you peace during the turmoil that is about to rage upon the earth. The real enemy lies within the hearts of the people. That is where the enemy will do his biggest damage. The heart is the place of victory with in the kingdom of God and when he gets fear into the heart it will destroy the victory that is within. It is by words that it is received and by words it will be defeated. These are the words that I will grant unto you in the days ahead to stop the flow of the enemy without confronting him.


     Remember the fight is mine not yours and the place for you to be is in the realm of the Spirit of God that is your protection and the place for all men to find the peace to overcome the dilemma that is permeating the earth. The thoughts of the unrighteous are to send the message that what man has done is irreplaceable. But it is not only replaceable it is able to become powerful to the bringing down of strongholds in everyman’s life. This is the time of choice for all who are dealing with the uncertainty of the future. You have read the end of the book and the word is true and will not be destroyed by any of mans lies and deceit. All of what is taking place upon the earth today is for the coming of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The turmoil is the foundation of the holy one setting into place the revival of the son to the people and the faith to the Father. The real and only true God. Look to what I have said to you in the past and see that the set of rules that will bring in the coming of the son is that all men will repent before me and receive the word of the Lord or he will go down into the pit for all eternity. This is the word and the promise of God to all who inhabit the earth. The earth is the place of resistance to the Lord your God and only in the earth will there be judgment. The entire universe is celebrating the freedom of the earth to take its place among the clean and fulfilled realm that all of creation is celebrating. The monarch emblem of the new millennium is going to show the entire universe that the kingdom of heaven is about rejoice for all eternity, Lock, stock and barrel, wood, hay and stubble all brought to the end of creation for the soul to come before me in the last of the last days.
     Upon receiving this into your heart your mouth will speak and upon your lips will be the fragrance of the Lord your God bringing in the peace and wonder that all have talked about but have never experienced because the time was not yet here. The fragrance of Heaven is to burst from your mouth as the words of the Lord are spoken into the hearts and minds of the people of God. To touch the realm of the Father is to see and hear the words of the creator in the manner he has always wished his people to hear. This is the placed of giving to the Father the inner most part of who you are and believing that in the days ahead that the Father is going to send his righteous the very soul of heaven and bring to your lips the pleasure of the Lord from the place of sanctuary with in the realm of the Spirit of God for the coming of the son. This is the ground work that will make all things sing in the spirit and rejoice in the soul for the place to go when the Father calls in the still of the night and the cool of the day. The only place on earth to be there; is to be in the presence of the Holy Ghost for the will of the Father is to come and be with you together in the realm of the almighty’s presence. Glory unspeakable but shown by the actions that will come from you. Strength of the kind that will move the mountains and bring up the valleys; Love that will melt the earth just by blowing on it and greatness that the holy one is Lord and Master of all. The fire of the Holy Spirit to burn up the chaff as you walk and the resistance to defeat when the enemy is near to distract is the blessing in action. The mysteries that have had man wondering how I work are going to become common place to my people. You are not to see the mysteries of the kingdom you are to imagine and experience the mysteries that are to be worked through you.

     The inner man will have the vision of the mysteries and then perform them with love and compassion that the son of God has done forever. Love the true mystery of faith and the power of the Holy one to overcome, destroy and rebuild all within the realm of one breath of the Father. This is the Compassion that will take you from being the worldly infidel to the almighty grace of favor and dominance. There is no time to take in the place of resistance before me and to see the latter part of the Fathers wish to be confined in the heart and not in the presence of each person. These words of excellence that the Father would bestow upon you are for his glory and not of man. This is to show the world that what the Father has for his people is greater than what man has for his own future.
     The mystery of the bible is the lack of vision that man will not take the time to enter into the realm of the Spirit and ask for the wisdom for others instead of himself. The rule of the kingdom of God is to give the wisdom as of Solomon for the creation of the true meaning of the Father’s presence in the earth. The wicked would say that the Father has no right to take what belongs to them because they do not believe the whole earth belongs to Him. They do not realize that the breath they take was given by him and will be taken by him. Your will to know him is the only real choice you have and the mystery of life is in your choice of who you believe. All of this leads to the culmination of life on earth and as the last breath of the human is taken the spirit will come and judge the living and the dead. The lines have been drawn and the choices have been given. The results will be final and the glory will outweigh the loss.

2 /21 / 15

I came to give you        Power         Love            Sound Mind
                          ^                      ^                ^
He came to           Steal            Kill           Destroy

Learn to Follow the River

     The river is the place of receiving from the throne of God into your heart and not your mind. The river is grace direct from the throne room and is the essence of the creation. If you are in the way of the Father he will grant unto you the source of receiving the grace necessary to walk into and stay in the flow of the river of God. The great I AM is coming to the earth and he is preceding this with a flow of the river that has yet to be seen; the likes of the realm of the Spirit into the realm of reality and then into the realm of the present upon the earth. This is to say to all men that I Am is going to be here for the term of the lives he is seeking to destroy upon the earth and all that will not enter into the river is going to be found on dry land and that my friend is wilderness and dry bones. There is urgency about what I am giving to you at this time. There is to be a place to cry for my name. There is a place for the repentance to be graduated into the realm of receiving from me for the purpose of granting the Father all he needs to bring about the curse of being on the wrong side of the faith that is upon the earth. To say I Am is going to control the earth is a myth but to say I Am is going to restore the earth is the right mind set. This is the time of the Father and the Son working as planned to bring in the harvest of souls that have needed to be given over to the father. You’re not the choice I have chosen to bring this in but you are the ones that will bring this into being. This is done by the Spirit and the will of the Father to those of you that will come to me and say that you are willing to be used in the manner that is necessary to bring this all about. The river is gong to flow upon the earth and the flooding of the hearts of my people will become so large in the grace of Love that the power that will emit is one of the heavenly realms. This will bring people to their knees and show that they are not in the place they thought they were. Of all the things upon the earth that are important are the ways of the heart of man. This is to say I am going to enlarge my people’s hearts to accommodate the presence of the lord in higher way. This is the best that I can give to the beloved of Christ and the greater need is going to come forward in these days.
      Are you ready to see the faces of the poor in heart? Are you ready to see the faces of the lost and dyeing? Are you ready to take your place among the masses? This is the place of refuge and the numbers that are going to come will be staggering and the realm of God will become the air that you breathe. This is the place of changing who you are for who you need to be. This is transformation of the mind and spirit into the place of receiver and doer. Thus there is no other place for you to go except to me. This is the separation of all things to me in these days. Are you ready to see yourself as I see you? Are you ready to sink or swim in the river of life or are you repented into the river of the Holy Spirit? This is for all who are in need of the hand of God in their life. The power of transformation before your eyes is taking place right now. Yield to the Fathers call and receive the presence of the lord in front of you no longer behind you; leading the way of the prophet to the place of seeing the future of His realm upon the earth. The river will flow with the grace of the flower into the land of milk and honey. The person who receives this river flow will take his place in the heart of the flood of grace to reveal the true existence of the blood of Christ upon the earth and its people.


     Growing into the light of Jesus is the best thing a man can do upon the earth. His presence in you is vital to know the call that has been given to you. This is the place in which I will come and take my place among you. He is the essence of all creation and with Jesus there is no turning back and no means to defy the real reason you were put upon this earth. The soul is a corruptible thing that is easily over come when the Lord is present. There is to be a place in the heart of my people that will give them the necessary power to take back what the enemy has stolen. This is not of earthly things but of faith things those that have caused doubt and fear. There is no doubt about who is in charge when you are of the Spirit realm and not the earthly realm. There is no fear with the spirit of God before you. Fear is of the devil and it will bring into bondage just by talking to it. Casting it out and knowing that IT has no place in you is faith. I will do the rest. Take him captive to the obedience of Jesus Christ. All thought is of the devil when the words that emit are of doubt or fear. The river of God washes these thoughts of doubt and fear away. Stay connected to the river and the water of life will cleanse your every thought. This is true freedom. The kind that says I am free and I know I am free. No doubt about it. The river is joy and is strength to those who will receive it from the throne and into your belly until it bubbles up and brings into play the overcoming power of the Holy Ghost into center of your heart. This will separate you into the realm of miracle working power and deliver you into the hands of the father. At which time your flesh will be removed and your calling brought to the surface so you can see the workings of the Father work through you. This is necessary to make the realm of God in your life. Upon learning of the river in your heart is the gift that the father gives all who come to him. The gift of the Holy Ghost and FIRE! That which Jesus walked in and that which you will walk in is the power of taking down strongholds and bringing into play the very heart of the Father to all you come into contact with by his leading. To watch Him work through you is the greatest gift you can receive as a child of God.
     Desire the river of God in all its forms. Know that in the middle of the river is the overcoming of the flesh and the mind. It is the visitation of the Holy One and the presence in the physical body of the Holy Spirit inside you true revival in its entire splendor. Desire the river to flow from your belly and wash others as he has washed you. These are the things you should think upon. These are gifts from the Father and the person who will desire these and think on these will receive them. It is called the river of life because it is the means of flowing the Father’s gifts into you until you are overcome by grace and favor exploding into the place of no return in the world. The River is the place to get lost in and be completely submerged in the peace and joy of the Lord God almighty.


Righteousness Prevails

     Righteousness Prevails in all things pertaining to the end times. This is the place of Righteousness in all things. The ways to open the doors of the secrets that have been stored up for this time is to come into agreement with the Righteousness of God. How do we do this? All things pertaining to God are of Righteousness the Word, the Gifts, the Emotions, and the Grace is all that is necessary to accomplish the goal of bringing in the end of all time. Thus there is a package that the Father is going to give to the people who will adorn themselves with the glory of God upon the earth. This is the Glory of the Holy Ghost and with fire. The fire of God is the fire of the almighty and the grace to believe that all things come from the Father and the Father is putting the package together that will take each individual into the presence of the Holy Ghost and bring him or her into compliance with what God the Father is preparing for His servants and children. The scene that is about to be played out is of the Spirit of God and not of the world leaders or their authority. The sense of accomplishment that the world is about to feel is that of the evil one and will backfire on them in the near future. This is to say the purpose of the great and mighty jihad is about to take a fall and that will make the world see that the grace that has been sent to the believer is the grace of pardon upon the enemies of God. This is the time to take back what the enemy is attempting to steal. I will not allow that to happen to my people in the coming days and months ahead. This is the time of real revival upon the earth and I Am is going to take the hearts of the believer and turn him into the mighty of God. This is easy for the Spirit of God when the masses in the Spirit are willing to take on the glory of knowing I am is in charge and is guiding them into the next realm of knowing the end is near and the quality of life on the earth is about crumble under the mighty hand of God and the angels that have been sent to accommodate the person of the Holy Ghost into battle on behalf of the saints of God. The wisdom rain is going to come down in a flood upon those who will cherish the opportunity to come to my aid. This is the reason for all men to say I am here use me. This is the opportunity to come before me and play the trumpet of God on the day of calling the righteous to me. Are you ready to call the trumpet players into agreement with me or are you going to stay away because of fear and discourse. This is the perfect time for me to show myself strong on behalf of the world that is defeating itself by the means of agreement with the enemy in the dust of their own mind. The things that have been served up on behalf of the evil one is taking a hold on the ones who should be speaking in the tongue that I have given to them and taking back what the enemy is trying to steal. This is the time of power and glory for my people if they will come together in prayer and agreement with what the Holy Spirit gives them during their prayer time and follow what instruction is given by the grace of the Father. There is no need to look for guidance in these days that will come by means of the Father without the curse of trying to forget the past and bringing into play the glory of God. The purpose of the Father in the days ahead are to say the words that will give the power and authority to the people who will abide by the grace that will be revealed in the coming days. Power and authority are the key ingredients to the grace that will flow like a river into the hearts and minds of the people of grace in the days ahead. To look to the east and see the fire of God all around is the signal that the Father is about to take back what the enemy is trying to steal. The smoke that will arise in the day of remorse for them will be black and of no light.

     It will be seen in the west as trouble but know that in that day I have broken the back of the evil one and the fire is going depart from the land and the grace of God will come and defend my people and the people of the spirit will know that the Father is going to open the door to the east in order to remove the righteous from there until all who want me will have me. The course in which I am going to take at that time will be the miracle of the ages to the people of that region. Thus there is no need to worry about those who called on me. I have not forsaken them and I will not forsake them in the future. Do not weep for the ones who will not come out for there is no need to give grace to those who do not want or believe in it. The whole purpose of this time is to show the world that God is a Good god and deserving of praise. Rejoice when this is raised in the east and know the way to salvation is by your repentance and prayer of forgiveness toward the people that you do not know. These are the times to not care as to who you are praying for because the grace to move mountains will be available to all and the world of the spirit will open and bring into the earth the greatest move of God sense man was created. This is to show all the power of God and mercy that endures forever. To him be all the honor and Glory for evermore.

     Looking to the future of the state in the coming days are the moves of the Spirit like never before. This going to be so glorious for the land of the righteous; that the Son of God will praise his name among you. This is his way of celebrating the kingdom on earth. Look to the sky and see the bright and mighty land of the father come to the earth for the first time in history. This is the land of milk and honey based on the flow of the Holy Spirit and the Love of God to the people of this world. The confusion that is going to take place before me is going to be of the highest to the people of worldly means. There is to be a curse set on the land of milk and honey and the flow of grace will melt the land and the curse before your very eyes. This is to say that the place of refuge that I have ordained will be present to those whom I have called to obey in the days of calling. The days of calling are to be for the great I Am and the prophets who are now in place. This is the glory of God upon the earth and the fulfillment of prophecy according to the book Galatians. There is no need to know the words just understand that within the book there is no way to come out of bondage without the grace of God and persistence of Grace. The mysteries of the gospel are the words of Jesus to the people in the clarity of the spirit. The one and only superpower on earth is the way in which the gospel will be revealed to the masses in these coming days. Look forward to the manner in which Jesus will bring into clarity the words that have been hidden for the centuries before him. Sacrifice of the highest level is going to show upon the screens of man and he will fall to his knees when the spirit infiltrates what man thought was a good way to entertain. Truth revealed to the hearts of the people in so many ways that the righteous will be swamped with those who will come and ask you to explain what they just saw and want of the Father. Surprise you are about to see the Father in action upon the earth. The fear of the Lord is going to abound around the world and the sins of the fathers will be exposed for all to see. The rulers are going to cower in disbelief at what the spirit of God is going to reveal to hearts and not the minds of the people of the earth. There will be no place for them to hide. If you are here for the time ahead you will glorify my name and the name of the fathers son openly and without regard as to who or what hears it. The whole earth is going to hear my name.


     Every living creature is going to hear the name of the God of all eternity and the evil one will know the time is up for him and the plan for the beginning will be set into motion. There will be a celebration upon the earth to signal the coming of the Lord of hosts and the game of life will end with the score being God 1 and the world 0. Let us look for a moment into the future of this planet. When all is said and done the earth will take its rightful place among the stars as the ruling force of the Father’s homeland. I Jerusalem will be above all things and the grace of the light of God will replace the sun and the moon . The formation of the universe will be the place of forever grace and the place of evil will remain in hell forever. This is the grace that I have set to all the creatures of the universe and all the territory that is called heaven. The words of the father will forever remain on the lips of the people of heaven in a manner that will complete them in all things. The perfect end to a new beginning the Glory shall reign above the heavens and the people will know all is settled and all is over and all is now. The assignments will be clear and the roads of no purpose. Equality in perfection; is the real meaning of life never ending. You can only perceive what is being written from a human stand point but the day is coming that the spirit within you will see the vision as I have created it for all to see in the day of the Lords return. The abundance will make your flesh crawl upon the earth as thou you were of no strength but then raised by the hand of Jesus into glory and power. The righteous are here to rule the coming of the Lord and the preparation that is forming at this time is going to show all the earth who and what the righteous a going to perform for the Glory of God. The state of being separated unto him is the gift of the Father to the children of God for the purpose of taking a hold on the presence of man and showing him that the Fathers love is stronger than their will. I am here and I am not leaving. What I have said I am going to do period. This word is about insight into the coming of the son of God. Your respect of this word will take you into the realm of the Fathers Love and bring into play the things you have asked for and the things I have promised as my servant and child. The prophetic will rise like never before and the truth will become the power that overcomes the earth. Stand on the truth and you will rise above the earth to see the realm that lives inside you and wishes to overtake you. Rise with me into the heights of Love the all encompassing way of life for those who have a heart for me. Glory be to God.
      Set yourself as selfish about me. Every person is going to be responsible for themselves in the coming days. There will not be grace from another to bring anyone to me. I am calling my people to me and the churches have to come in line with the word that says they are to equip the saints not hold the saints. These are the days the buildings will become vacant if I am not in them and my spirit will destroy all the idols that will not go before me without being burned up. I am not an idol to be played with I am the God of all creation and I am calling my people to me for the day of glory upon the earth and return of My son. There is no other God before me and the places of refuge are going to hold all the power of God within the confines of their borders. You will see my power first hand without reservation or substance that the world looks for. This is the gift of knowledge concerning the fathers will in each of you. If you take me lightly my presence will crush you. If you take me as the word of who I am it will empower you. There is always choice in what I do and if the things around you are of more importance than I then the spirit will move beyond you and there will be a void in your ability to see and hear me.


     Desire brings on hunger and hunger brings on action and action will bring you before me as the door to success during the time of judgment. Eye cannot see and ear cannot hear the glory I have for you. Something good is about to happen to you and the purpose is to show you my Love and instill the mercy of Love to abound into the hearts of those I have given to you. You will be greatly pleased with what I have to offer in the days ahead. Yes and amen is a good way to receive what I offer for that is why I call it faith when you know in your heart that all is yes and amen with me concerning you. I see you equal to any and all who came before you and above all that will come after you. This is for the time such as this. There are many who have been called but few have been chosen. You have not fled to the things of this world nor have you desired what is not a necessity in your life. For that reason I have chosen you in these the days of darkness upon the earth to be a shining light for the kingdom of God. The authority is of the Spirit of God to bring out all the necessary needs of the people and to form the new way of bringing in the harvest of children that are to accommodate the realm of the spirit of God. This is the coming of the Holy Ghost into your heart as the master of the universe and not the leader of men. His guidance in these times is of equal setting as the Father wills. Be as you said and He will do the rest. Always allow him to have his place at any given moment that he wills in your heart. You will never be asked to sand aside unless he first says to you my turn stand aside. You will never be mistaken for doing your own thing. The new breed of Prophet is God led not tradition led. I am new everyday and therefore there is no yesterday and no tomorrow. My words will create today what will be fulfilled in the days ahead. Along with the sense of timing that only the Spirit of God can give is the way to know that what is coming over you is of him and not the world. The captivity of thought is the obedience of God and the hearing of his word in you. The source of hearing my word is of the heart not the soul. Your ability to hear me and see me in the future is by means of the Holy Spirit and the Grace of God the Father to the Prophets of today. There will be many of every kind and shape they will come from the very small to the very old. What I have set in motion is the prayer of agreement with them all to say the same thing at the same time to bring to pass the word of God when it necessary to say to the evil one you are outnumbered in all directions and without the means of combating what is not able to save you. What a time we are going to have cleaning up this stained earth. It must be washed and made clean as snow in order to complete all that has been written. This word will not return to me void but it will accomplish all that has been spoken. Once written then spoken My word will not return to me void. I have a lot to say and little time to say it for your sake. All is in order and the word spoken in your heart is heard through out the universe by all who inhabit it. The angels shall move based on the spoken word of God by the prophets. Be prepared to see the works of God fulfilled as they are spoken in the days ahead. Forget the nay Sayers and give no creed to those who will mock. There is no time for the wicked to have any part in the formation of the new kingdom of God upon the earth. It starts in the heart and grows to the vision that I will give and the picture that all my people will bow their knee to.

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Rise and Come Forward

     Rise and come to the throne of God now as I have commanded you to. See the real essence at work and look in your heart and soul on my behalf. I am looking deep into the recesses of your heart in order to bring forth the lives of those who will come before me with your question that all my answers are yes and amen and save the lost among the rich and famous of the earth. This is the glorious time of reviving the souls of the lost and dying. This means I am going to bring all things pertaining to Godliness to fill the void that has been created for the space that is about to fill the creations of this world. I am allowing you to come before me with the preeminence of grace and make your request known to me. The life of the Father is being brought to the masses as the foundation of their faith and they will accept the rule that has been given to them because of what I am planting in their hearts to receive. This is to say I am going to stand at their door and knock and watch my people sow the real emotions into the earth and into the spirit of God. Loss is the catalyst that will take them down because they are unwilling to let go of the possessions they hold so dear. This is not the time to require possessions but to send forth your faith in order to provide possessions to all my chosen in order to bring them to the place of importance that they may be received into the arms of the rich lost and given favor among the elite of man so as to give my people the grace that is needed to bring about the turn of the economy back to the force of the father and the protection of the Holy Ghost. The blistering heat that has come forth in the bones of the chosen is going to take them into the realm of heaven and beyond in order to say to the world you are not the ones in charge and you are not the ones to be obedient to my call. This has already been ordained and set into motion by the father of all creation to destroy the very fabric that has held the world together. Thus you are facing the dilemma of looking for me and not seeing because of blind eyes. The solution to all this hysteria is to confess before them and me that you are a sinner and you need salvation. The rise of the generation of God is flowing as we speak and there is nothing you can do to stop this flow and nothing is going to be able to stand against it. The report that is about to come out of this is yes and amen to the people of God and utter explosion to those who think they have the power to overcome. The wealth of the wicked is being turned over to the righteous as this is being written and the source of this transformation is by the Father of all nations and life. The Holy Ghost is taking over the controls to the sentry post in order to see the results that take place are held to the standard of God and not the earth. The importance is that he will determine as to how much and how little is put into the accounts of the righteous and into the accounts of the unrighteous and those who oppose will surly die a death of disaster just because they were not willing to see with eyes that were given to them for the time they have been given. This is the prerequisite to the transfer of the glory and favor that follows those of my calling and those of my choosing. The reality in all this is that there will be a calling to the throne to receive the assignment to tell of the purpose of the funds that will be transferred. You are looking to see if I have Chosen you and the answer is yes and amen. You cannot change what is predestined by your actions or your motives.

      All I see is your heart. The flesh has no place in me and thus has no accounting of its actions. The source of truth comes from the heart and what the flesh was deceived about. I am not in a battle of the wills I am the will and only my will, is to be obeyed. If you step out of my will you will be destroyed by that which is ready to take what ever is left behind. I am not talking about rapture I am talking about the will of man in line with the will of heaven. You are glorious in my eyes and there is not going to be a break in the structure in which I have set into motion pertaining to my chosen. The new breed is coming forth with one sight and that sight is to see me fulfill the lust of the Fathers heart for the earth and all who inhabit it. This is so much like Sodom and Gomorra that the screen could be duplicated and sent as the first action of God pertaining to disobedience. There is no time for you to seek the sights of man and bring into the presence of God. To look in the lives of this world today is to see to it that what is taking place is not accepted by you or those who will not receive.
     You shall go forward and receive the world’s relief. The forward movement of my people is going to be like the flood of Noah. The look on the face of the earth is going to be that of the face of loss. There is so much confusion upon the earth right now no one of the world is going to realize that God is over taking the earth. They are blind to the reality that the earth is responding to the commands of the Father and the results are going to be severe. Across this land I am going to be the source of so much destruction that there will be no time for the countries of the earth to see the formation of the glorious army God the Father is putting together, to gather the remnants of salvation. Below the remnants; the surface of the earth are the clean place of restoration. The look that all this will take on is that the armies of the world are going to defeat each other in order to take the vile and dangerous evil away from the people of God. The numbers shall be reduced by one third and sent to the governments that we must stop until we are able to rebuild. But the rebuilding will never take place and the world will watch as I move forward and take back the earth as I have said.
     Please provide me with your will so as to combat the nature of your flesh so it will not come between us. In so doing you will have whatever you say and decree the words that have been placed in you. Glory be to God. Rise and come forward. Receive all that has been set down to bring you into the presence and Glory of God the Father, With fire and power that will reveal the truth to you in all cases.


State of Expectation

     This is the new era that is going to envelope the nations of the world and bring into being the state of Expectation; the place of dominance in the world. With out this state in the lives of the people the world will crumble before me. The people have to get with the program if they are to be with the Spirit that is going to overcome the world; that of the Holy Spirit of God. To be taken in by this the greatest move of God in history is going to be very difficult if you say you have the Spirit when there is no movement in you. The Glory of God is an all consuming fire that will transform the human flesh into the place of Glory for the world to see on an average day in the lives of my people. The look of Love that is about to rise ahead of you is going to be Glorious to see in the Spirit realm. The rejoicing that my people are going to experience in the coming days is going to tip the scales of righteousness into the next realm of the father. This is the overwhelming fire of God and will permeate the very soul and bring into existence the very soul of your righteousness. Thus there will be an examination of the heart and the soul will respond to what it has taken in by the spirit and bring into play the source of creation into the thoughts and minds of the ones who are ready to say “go I am here.” Look at yourself and see that there is nothing that will come before you that will have or can have a hold on you. The Spirit is going to rise up inside you and overcome all the obstacles that would hinder you from doing what you have been called to do. This is the grace that I have performed on you and shows you that the real means of salvation are brought by the grace of God, not the words of God. The word is the power and the grace is the Place of receiving into the kingdom. The world has no Idea of what I am talking about and they will remain that way until the Day of Judgment. The earth on the other hand has the grace and glory locked up inside it and is going to release it by profound agreement with me and send forth a wave of righteousness that will consume my people and bring the harvest of souls that is waiting on the fringe of eternity. I am calling you to go into the streets and proclaim the gospel with the signs and wonders that have been held until now, for the purpose of showing the church and the religious that I am the one who ordains not man or his ways and traditions. This is imperative to the sights and sounds that are going to be released in the coming days ahead. The glory that is within your words will bring about change in the lives it is directed to and the persons that will receive this truth will become my disciples in the future. Words of wonder are going to flow like honey and confound the wise and show just how the word of God is to be used by those of my choosing. This is the time to reign over the subjects that think they have the upper hand and to bring into play the real righteousness of God. Below the surface of the ground is the layer of love that will come forward into anyone’s life that will seek me out and transform their look of love heavenly and not earthly. This is the story that many will tell when the spirit has risen from with in the earth to conquer your earthly ways. The source is to be the calling of God toward the masses that are in the state of confusion and are looking for a way out and think they are right but are totally wrong. There is no place for thoughts of any kind that do not reflect the truth.

     These are the ones that you think are good but are leading into darkness because you refuse to bring them to me. Do not trust yourself to come up on the winning side when the powers are in full battle. The thoughts of the righteous will become the power of the battle when connected to the source of the Spirit that is in control. Human thought human spirit, evil thought evil spirit, but the thoughts of the Father will overcome the wicked and consume the thoughts of the flesh. Thus you must be in a state of repentance for all mankind in order to be taken by my Spirit into the State of Expectation that will transform you right before your eyes. I have given to those of my choosing the means and direction from the months of preparation and to those who will hinder me I will grant repentance through the people who have spent the time to know what I am going to do because they spent the time believing my words and bringing themselves to the place of receiving by grace and seeing that the prophets are rising to the place of dominance.
     Knowing that the prophetic realm has reached its pinnacle on the earth is to know that the fulfillment of the spoken word into the hearts of my beloved is going to take on the form of love. By being the beacons on this earth that will take back and fulfill the word of the centuries on the day of my choosing. This is for the way of the world to be told as in the days of Noah that all will treat me as nothing and will pay the price of the general times that have gone before you. You do not know how many times in the history of the earth that I have come between the people and the earth that was about to destroy mankind. The reaction of the earth to evil is to contain it and drive deep inside to the place of hell. The earth is the home of the reliability of God to take the evil and send it to the place of dryness and the place of death. This is the place of evil being given all it has created and taken from the right and given it into the place of no return. I am not groping at straws but taking all that has been done by man in the state of evil and given the earth the responsibility to over take and cleanse what it needs to be the place of refuge for my people. The earth is my watchdog for the levels that man would not heed to. It is the balance in the unbalanced world. If man is abounding in the right direction I will bring peace but if he is taking more than he should I am loosing the earth to clean up his mess. Man has no idea how much the earth and the stars are in tune with the rules I laid down at there creation. Sorrows are for the poor in heart and the poor in heart are going to rise from the ashes of degradation and bring forth the new revival. The stench of darkness that has engulfed the world is going to come up and destroy the given grace of the Holy one of God. There is no telling just how powerful these people will become because of the level of their preparedness to be used in response to their freedom from darkness. The world of darkness is going to be taken by surprise because of the dominance it believes it has over the nations of the world. This darkness is just the formation of evil having its place in the conforming of the end times of God. Nothing is being done or has come forth that has not been foretold by the scriptures and the prophets. Seeing to it; is the reward that the followers of evil will prevail over their own kind and bring in a self destructive force that will annihilate the powers to be.


     Your words are creating the way in which you will walk in the days ahead and the wise of heart are going to say very little but perform very much. The words will be concise and to the point. They will not take challenge because there will be no challenge. The reports of the evil one will not be received and the thoughts of the righteous will prevail against what they have risen to be by force.
     The works in the coming days are going to be the works of the evil one in the space of time that he has been given. The ultimate expression of the massive power that the world is afraid of is but the grace of the people of God who are going to overcome this evil and prepare a way in the wilderness for the return of the son of God and the coming of the new millennium. All power and majesty are given to those who will see the coming of the Lord of Hosts in the days and months ahead. The glory upon the earth is of the greatest love the Father has stored up and is going to be released by the Holy Spirit to show the earth the Father has fulfilled his promise that was given in the beginning. Of all the people and generations that have come before the fulfillment of Gods Word upon the earth is the greatest time for anyone to be alive. This is the grace of the chosen people of God to reveal the source of the Fathers work and to culminate by the prophetic words that have gone down by the centuries of unforgotten love that has been buried by those who thought they could hide my truth from the world of my creation. This is not the case and all things shall be revealed. As the world celebrates its Easter bunny I am going to send down the form and texture of the grace that will take the earthly models and send them into the place of no return. The general public is going to see that what man has created is wood, hay and stubble to be burned by the Spirit of the Lord. This blasphemy will not go unpunished and will separate the families of this world into the groups of those who believe in all My word says and those who play with idles and false gods. The latter will loose and the former will rise with a vengeance that the spirit of God will control by speaking to the prophets and declaring the end to all this nonsense. Relax and watch the spirit of confusion take a hold of all those who will not trust in the Lord your God and allow doubt and fear to enter. I will crush those who think they can play both sides of the fence. They will cry and die the death of this world and go before their time. MY PEOPLE SHALL PREVAIL. No substance can stand before me and take what belongs to me. Mock my people and you mock Me and I shall not be mocked.

To God Be All the Glory