The Book

      The Book, how many of you know the bible as the book? Is this something that has a life or is it a source of information? The worst that you could come away with is a knowledge that will guide you into the days of your life but the book is in all essence your life poured out before you and the taking of what belongs to you. There are so many ways to understand the word of God as individuals but only one way to receive it from the power of the Holy Ghost. The words within are not tales of info but directions into the soul of man. These are times that the soul of man is in need of the source that the word provides. I as the Lord of hosts is going to bring down upon all men a fragrance of the Spirit of the word. The very essence that has caused all of the generations that went before you to come to me as the invitation of the centuries. There is a calling coming from within the word that will take you into the truth that the word of God is to reveal during this time. The knowledge of the word of God is only the key to entering into the realm of the power of the word of God. You can stay in this realm as a devout religious person or you can come to me with the keys to the future of my people. There is the place of wisdom that the people of this world are afraid to go to because the law of the church says that all is done by Me. There is a miss conception concerning my role within the word of God. If I was in control of every thing than I would be the only one mentioned within the pages. The reason behind what I am saying is to bring you out of the old and into the new. Everything on those pages are truth and truth can always be proven. I have told you to prove Me and you refuse to use what is in the word to give me the glory that is due Me. The Spirit of truth lives in the word and the people must come to the place that the use of the word is to bring me glory. Few have ever tapped into the true power of the word, because of unbelief. There is no need to not believe what has been set up to take over and take back anything that has stood in the way of victory. This covers every area of the world and the places that have sprung up to say you are liars because you have no faith to back up what you saying.

     When are you going to believe that living word is just that? Those stories are for the bringing into view the power and the structure as to how you and others are able to overcome the world you live in. What is the difference between a donkey and a plane to me? It is nothing more than the number of people it can carry. The ship and the chariot are a means to cross a distance and they are all controlled by one Person in charge. The word gives you the ability to take charge in every mode of advancement you find yourself in. Why is everything superficial when it comes to taking a hold what belongs to you? Love never fails and I am Love the power behind all that the word represents. The goal of the word is to instill the truth inside you to the point that what you speak is power and truth just as I have spoken it. My word will not return to Me void and the same word from your mouth will not return to Me void. If the word lives in you then it must come out of you. This book is my seed into your field and it harvests every time it is opened. The works of the enemy are defeated on every page but the mouth of the righteous give the enemy credit for what belongs to you. Evil rises from with in the heart of men and it is man that works evil among men not the devil. You take the lie and believe it then act upon it and the evidence is in the destruction it performs.You overcome evil with GOOD not promises. All Good things come from the father. Wisdom is the principal thing and the wisdom of the Father in heaven is to bestow upon his people the right to come before him for instruction concerning all our problems. Jesus said he did nothing lest he first heard the tell him. Of himself he could do nothing. Jesus wrote the New Testament by the words of the Father in heaven and the inspiration of the writers that were given his word.

     Why do you sit in church and listen to a story of victory without receiving the victory for yourself. I have not written a novel I have written down all the power in heaven for the use of anyone who will grab it and believe it. This is not a book of rules it is a book of life, and direction into the very throne room of heaven with the wisdom to report all the good news. If I have said it you can do it. Break the back of evil with the hammer of the word of God in your mouth. I am not a man that I should lie. Neither am I a judge that rules those I love. You are holding in your hand the power of the universe. You have only to hear My voice from within the pages of the book and do what is requested of you to receive the authority to perform any and all of the miracles that are within. Do this and see if I will not open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing so large you cannot contain it. Take away your judgment and allow the word of God to judge your every circumstance. All the answers you will ever need are on the pages of the Book but you must seek because I can only do what you will agree with Me about and believe that you want me to take control of what belongs to you to do. Your free will is the door to Me and the door away from me. If you are not living in victory than you are living in your own knowledge, when you come to Me you get all of Me. Receive the truth for you within the pages of My word and you will hear My voice speaking to you. Continue on a consistent basis and I will transform into a new creature in Christ that will cause you to become peculiar to the world around you. Everything you need is right before you alive and performing the same as the day it was spoken. If My word does not work for you it will work against you. The choice is yours; choose life and life more abundant. Eternity depends upon it. Long live the LOVE of God.

 R.G.       3/8/16


      Surrender unto My will in the days ahead and I will show you the power of the Holy Ghost upon your head and the sense of completion that I have in store for you and the ones of my choosing. The arrogance of the wicked has risen and the source of their power is not that of the greater one. I have not given you a spirit of fear but of power Love and a sound mind. The thoughts of the wicked are to destroy the works of the people I have chosen. The wicked seem to have in order the ways of this world but I assure you the ways of the wicked are not the ways of the Father in heaven. The world as you know it is in turmoil and the things that are before you are just a mere example of what the earth has taken on as the cleansing is begun. The source of all this is in the hearts of the people and the anger that has risen into the heavens at this time; are the thoughts of evil that are in the hearts of the those who want what does not belong to them. All the senses of the righteous are to become more powerful than they can handle. The power to overcome and see the things of the Spirit are in the faith and trust that a few of you are experiencing. These are times of turmoil and the heart will be tested to the place of breaking by what you see but only to know the glory of God that is about to come to the rescue of the little ones of this earth. The children are the apple of My eye and as such they are the reason of the move of the Spirit upon the earth at this time. These are the times of transformation into the realm of the Spirit in order to establish a presentence of guarding that no man will take away in the future. What I have given is to be used by the direction of those who I have sent to produce, in the hearts of the ones who are not just in need but are needed to establish the goal of prominence in this world. The method in which I am sending my power is not to be scattered but to be set up to break the back of the evil one. The power of Love is beyond the power of the enemy and the ones of true love have all that is necessary to combat and take back what the enemy has stolen. The fear that has had control is going to be turned into anger from above and shown in the hands who truly love me. This is the way of the world of wonder. If I set you up as a pillar of fire then you will become a fire that has an unquenchable thirst to burn. Will you burn for me and for the power of the destruction it brings? Can you stand and look into the face of the enemy and watch as the flesh is torn away and the restoration of the land to the place of providence? Are you willing to do the things that are necessary to come forward as the warrior that I have called? Equipped to do the things of the Father and see the will and destruction the real heaven shall bring and the horror of the world exposed before your eyes seeing the true evil that is within the hearts of the men of this earth? I am acting upon what is in your heart. Are you ready to come forward and take the control that is allowed to those who have been chosen? This is a right of entry before you and that right can not be taken back once it is set into motion. There is no place for the weak in heart. The wonders of what is about to take place is for the time such as this.  The work of the Father in heaven is about to overcome you and see if within you, you are strong enough to endure the trauma of setting the will of God into action. The power is that of the angelic being upon the earth the judgment is in the authority that is about to be unleashed into the world by the hands of the angels of warfare.

     It will not be pretty and it will be emotional. The emotions of my people are going to be tested by what you see and not what you know. The will of those who will stand and take a hold of this force that is before them will become the conquering army sent out to destroy the works of the enemy. The prayers of the righteous are not left on the ground but collected tallied and sent to the right department in order to be fulfilled as we speak. The ground upon which this is going to be executed is to show the real reliable power of the prayer of the righteous ones. There is more power in true prayer than anything upon the earth. The spectrum from which I am taking my rule is not of consequence but the bitterness of the heart of the evil that is within the hearts of man. I am after evil not man. The consequence is in the belief by man to become as me by the lies of the evil one. The cleansing that is taking place is one from the heart of the Father and not the sins of man. The power to be extolled upon My people is to be greater than what the mind can conceive. This is the hour in which the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is to be placed into the hands of the just and given the direction in which it is to be used to show the world the power of God and the weakness of the forces of evil. You start in doubt and fear and climb to the place of grace by circumstance. Why must this be that way? Receive by faith that which is available to you and see the works of the Father work inside and outside of your being. You are not weak but you are deceived into believing you are. I have not failed you and will not fail you. The source of your power is in you. The grace to perform is with you. The trust that is needed is supplied to you and the guidance to act is upon you. All the ingredients are here and the work is in you. Just believe and I will activate what is already available to you in order to overcome all that I said you can. What was is not and what will is now. Do you see the vision that I have set before you? If not I will transform the work of the heart and show you the essence of the power of God to bring into play what you are afraid to look at. There is no fear that can overwhelm the power of God. There is no heart that can not have what is present for them. You make me work in circles but it always comes back to me as it also comes back to you. The cause of this terrible state upon men is that they have no faith in the source of the wealth of the Father. The true wealth is in the faith that is present in your life. How much greater is your abundance when your faith has risen and you believe in the word of truth. Look at the confusion here. Yes I can, no I can’t and yes I can. Is all that you see real? No it is fabricated to make you believe that the law of the land is more powerful than the law of heaven. Do you seriously believe that? You say I love you is it real or is it hope the beginning of faith. Do you believe that I do not hear your cries and are tied up somewhere and cannot hear you or perform for you? Have you proved me concerning the weakness of your flesh? Is what I say real to you? Are you in the right frame of Mind to see me answer you? Are you truly hungry for the things of God or are you so selfish that you only see the things of your needs? Are you offended when I ask you questions? Where are your priorities? Do you believe what you say or are you giving me lip service?

     Do you realize that your weakness is where I show my self strong on you behalf? Your works of strong words are not power or strength. I do not need you to be strong for me. I need you to know just how weak you are and know I am your strength. I have not asked you to fight and then come to me. Come to me first and wait upon me until I set your enemies up. When men fight a war it is from two  separate countries. One has to travel to the other before it can face the enemy and destroy it. As you have come before the enemy you have worked without a plan. Without leadership you are left to your own devices and how has that worked out for you. Waiting for something to happen is a lot different than waiting for instruction on how and when to move. Why do you go into battle and then call on me when you are being destroyed to come and help? I have the plan and the time. Just because you are on enemy land does not mean you are facing the enemy. Just as in the days of the crossing into the Promised Land. Spies were sent out to see what you will face. Notice two types of answers came back. One of; we are grasshoppers compared to those and the other was a land of milk and honey. You are in an enemy land but how do you perceive it, fear or opportunity? Notice out of fear everyone had to go out into the wilderness until those of unbelief died. How long are you going to be out in the wilderness believing in giants that have no power to destroy what I have put forth? Not one hair will be harmed when you see with eye of Spirit instead of the eye of unbelief. I said no weapon formed against you will prosper I did not say no weapon will come against you. What is the weapon of your warfare? Is it what you see? Is what you feel? Is it what you know? Oh I get it, it is what you think. Do you see why you are in trouble? When did you take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ and if you did how long do you leave them there. How many enemies do you have to take captive before you believe you are stronger than he is? What enemy comes at you at the same way every time? Why are you allowing your enemy to pick the places of battle? When was the last time you came to Me to ask for the strategy to fight the battle. You come to Me and say fight my battle for me when I have said I will go before you and prepare you for battle. Your fight is not with flesh and blood. I prepare you for battle because your fight is with principalities of darkness. Only I can bring darkness to light and give you what is necessary to combat the weapons of your warfare. You have the strategy before you but you will not study it in order to hear my direction. Put your children behind you and stand in the gap between you and them concerning their afflictions. The authority that is given to you is that of a parent a gifted person to come to Me on their behalf in order to learn how they will come to Me in the future. They see what you do on their behalf because love never fails if you are coming to Me out of Love and not fear. Have I not said it and will I not do it? I am not a man that I should lie.

 R.G.    3/16/16

What Next

      The children are the next step into the method I have set in motion to grow the place of my presence. This is the time of the Fathers love upon the earth to set the captives free in the midst of the evil that is rising in the hearts of the fathers of the earth. This presence of the children is the force that I will use to celebrate what the fathers will not. The darkness is the making of the season of joy for the children of God. If you are not worthy to stand for the little children then you are not able to stand with the adult children of God. The place of believing comes from the children and the evil that is present is because the parents are not willing to take away the world form their children. The super way of life that is coming out of the children is the reaction to what they believe as the only satisfaction that is available to them. The honesty of years gone by has been changed into the philosophy of great and mighty figures of lies. What is a sponge to do with grace and what is the power of the animated to do with the truth of God? There is nothing that has been created by man that is sufficient to take back the authority of God. You will fight over the possession of the child but you will not fight for the life of a child. These are the ways that the evil one has taken what is a gift and turned it into the way of destruction before me. This is the land of the free and you by the bondage of your children have made this the land of the bound and disabled. The real power of this country lies in the hearts of the children and I am going to send the Holy Ghost to take back the place of turmoil that is with in the hearts of the little children in order to show the older children that I am alive and I can take away all that has been taken from them. The church needs to hit the streets and show the glory of God to the people of the streets. There is no way to run from what you have created by your selfishness but you can destroy the future of these circumstances. The perception that I do not care because you are not willing to do what is necessary to take your children back is not the way of the Lord but the way of the enemy that has come against a generation of deceived people. When are you going to show yourself approved to me in order to take what I have given you and be the person I have created in the midst of the storm to be the over comer and take back what the enemy has stolen from you because you blame me for what you have allowed the enemy to do. You can not accuse me and expect me to stand in for you. The will of man has taken me out of the majority of the ways I have set down to bless my people. My love of you is that I am still here after all the groaning and standing that you have done against me for how ever long you have been upon the earth. You see me as hard and I see you as stiff necked. That is not a relationship it is a decision to be left out of the things that have bee set up to be given to the ones who are willing to act on the way their heart guides them instead of the way they think they should have it done for them. Your society has gone from being independent and great into being shaken into the form of what are you going to do for me. You were created to give not take but taking is more fun for you in that you can leave the responsibility to someone else. This is the form of a take away society and it will take you and your nation down if you are not willing to stand up and take back what you have never experienced. The fear of the unknown is not the darkness It is the way to freedom because it brings into view the way that has never been and is the picture of the things that have been taken and given to someone else and are not within your reach. But all things are within My reach and I have the way of the Father inside every person who will take the time to seek what they do not know what they are looking for.

     Little children have no idea what they have in their future because you are their future. Their faith is in you until you give them the ability to seek Me. Who is your faith in? If it is not of the Father than you are walking in darkness and the things that are most dear to you are being stolen right from under your nose because you can not see the darkness that is holding you at bay. I have promised to never leave you but who can go with you when they are left in the church building or never been asked in. I have been knocking for your whole life and when all is taken away and destroyed you blame Me for what I had no part in. You cannot protect what you have given over to the enemy of life. Jesus came that you MIGHT have life and life more abundant. I have come to show you the light to life and the way to happiness with your children are to first set the devil out of his or her life. With you that is impossible but with me all things are possible. You have forsaken the children by not bringing them to me and when you do you think I should take away all the sin that you gave authority to without showing the reason why you should have never done it in the first place. If I was to do that would you repent and come closer to me ? No. You would go right back doing what you have always done. Why would I take the child to me and leave him in the darkness you created. The gift comes with responsibility and you have to be responsible for the future as well if your gift of a child is to be victorious. If you are not willing to do what is necessary to free the child than the child must stay where he or she is until they reach the age of reason. They are your gift for lying together and they do not come with a receipt so you can take them back. That gift will force you to see who you really are and the way you act is the way they will respond. Just as your actions cause a response in the world around you it will also respond on the way you believe you are in your heart. I have seen all and I have not left but your free will has taken me out of the equation and that is why I am continuously knocking on your door. When your son or daughter locks the door to their room and you knock and tell them to open and they do not what do you do? How long will you continue to knock before you give up and walk away? How long have I been knocking on your door and you have not opened it. And when you have and I have come in how often have you gone into your room and locked me out. How much patience am I to have with you and your child when you take them away from Me and lock Me out? How many times even after they open the door are they and you willing to talk to find out why the door was closed in the first place? I will make all things work for good but not until we have open conversation about what is the problem. I overcame you at the door but you will not overcome your child without Me. You cannot call them or treat them less than you expect Me to treat you and expect them to be obedient to what you are not. You must walk by faith until they see by sight that you are real and then come to the place of them also walking by faith. They cannot be what you will not. Put yourself in my shoes and see why your free will stands between you and your children. The innocence of a child is your responsibility until you have turned them over to me with you together. Then the three strand cord is not easily broken and if it is, it is easily repaired. Love never fails parents do.

 R.G.      3/20/16

The Nature of Things

      The real nature of things to all of us is to leave the work of the Father to the Father in heaven. Bring forth the nature of your spirit to the obedience of the word of God in your heart. The word is the working of the Father in heaven to bring us to the place of obedience and transform us from the world of the flesh into the works of the Holy Ghost and the power of the trinity of God. All things work together for the Good of the Father in heaven and the works of his people upon the earth is to see to it that work goes forward without delay and to see to it that the truth is executed in a righteous manner to all who will listen.

     The nature of man is to do and think of the ways that will suit him and bring about the best end to whatever is laid before him. He has been developed to solve problems not make them but in his quest for power he has taken what was instilled in him at birth and turned it into a defense mechanism to change what is natural into what is foreign and not about the place of accomplishment. The source of all this is within the heart of man and the way he or she is agreed with by others. The Lord is not knocking to change the way of truth but to bring back what was instilled to begin with. As a society we have grown into a totalitarian society. This is accomplished by believing in the lies that have gone before us and being afraid to find the truth in a matter that will set us free from the bondage of generations that came before us. The notion that I am better than someone else is not the way the Father had us created but the will of man to take what is not his and use it for his purpose is what has brought us to the way we are today. This is called judgment with out representation. The works of the Father are never judged for the good that will come out of it but what will it cost me to take this as a truth. There is a purpose behind the works of man and it is to destroy whatever will stand in the way of His purpose instead of what is beneficial to his better man.

     I have set down in these times a way to bring back the soul of man to the set way of knowing the will of the Father in all situations and it will take a walk of faith to see these things come to pass. The will of man is the power to overcome any and all situations. This is the nature of the beast in all of us. The way of the world today is to take away the will and the freedom to make those decisions based upon truth. This is a self condemning society that will crumble under its own weight. Thus leaving the world to seek another way to see freedom and thus come to Me as a way to set things right. Only the ones who have the will to change the way they think will have the ability to change the format in which this world has terminated the will of its people. In order to give the people back the power of the people the ones in the place of leadership have to be the ones to change the thinking based upon the words and actions of the ones who are brought forward to defend and grow what has been destroyed. All of mankind is waiting for someone or something to come along and make it all better. This will not happen until those who have the power of the Holy Spirit to bring about a wave of the Spirit into the land of honesty and tradition breaking in order to evolve into the righteous path that is set up for the days and years ahead of man. What have I said about man in the past and into the future? The word of God is true and has the ability to take stupid and make it brilliant. This is not people definition this is action definition. When are you going to stop making stupid actions and trying to change them instead of making right decisions and growing them.    

     Start where you are and move forward based upon the desire for truth and then the seeking of truth before it has a chance to be changed into untruth. Demand that the truth be told and not given by the minds of people who think they know better. This is not a stupid society. Every person here is capable of changing things to benefit man. But only God has the power to benefit a nation. The truth must be agreed upon before it can change man. His ignorance and inadequacies of God are the reason for the destruction of the faith of the people and the trust in the government. The useless bloviating that the world of the free press has set forth is the instrument of misinformation. News is the exposure of truth to the public not someone’s definition of it. If what you have perceived as truth is really lies then what are you living in? Exposure is the ability to take a lie and bring it into the light of truth but if no one sees the light then what good is it.  You must seek the light of truth in all things in order to bring it to the light and then you must know the truth in order to make it a truth. Are you willing to let go of your traditions that make my word of no effect in believing those you like and take a stand for the truth of God whatever it takes? You first must change you before you can change others. It is always the TRUTH that you know that will set you free. You cannot receive the higher way or the greater thought when you are not willing to let go of what YOU are thinking and take captive your own thoughts to the obedience of Christ. The way to true freedom in this country is to allow the mind of Christ to enter into our thoughts through the captivity of our own mind in seeking truth at the expense of our own belief. All things are subject to change and the change to our society is critical to the survival of the next generation but if there is no belief that change can and will take place its power will lie dormant.

     How can we change things? Stand before God and Demand that truth be my life and be willing to stand regardless of the circumstances and it will bring the light of truth into your heart and convict you of the lies that have overtaken you. When truth comes it will set you free and then you can tell someone else how to do it until enough are told that will stand and make a difference in this nation. He will then guide us into the actions that will make this nation great again in the eyes of the whole world, free and blessed by God in order to destroy all false gods within our land and truly set our people free, simple but not easy. It is an individual act of faith that has no name or denomination behind it. It is the word of God in action in the individual life that will go back to his first love in order to fulfill the works that have been given to him or her from the beginning of time. The love God has for this country and this world has not changed. We have; and that is the reason we are able to fix what we have broken with the truth of the Father within us and the working of the Holy Spirit of God directing us. We thank you Lord, for bringing us back into the nature of all things that are possible through Him that first loved us. Amen

  R.G.     04/08/16