Wisdom Raining

     The prerequisite for the rain to come in the form of love and tenderness from the father is to be in the state of repentance before me. Wisdom is for the age in witch we live today. There is so much aggravation to man because of the state of lies that this generation lives in. There is the time and place for the beginning of turmoil and there is the time for the pouring out of the Holy Ghost to bring in the rain of humility that will cause the rain of encouragement to save the lives of those who will become the rain makers for the wisdom rain. What is the since of having an outpouring if there is no one to come and receive that outpouring. This is the time for me to send down the rain into the lives of those who will show the earth that I Am is still I Am and there is no room for other Gods before me . Wisdom is the essential product of the coming of the son and the deliverance of man to the gates of righteousness. This is the very time for me to say the things I have kept secret for the centuries before you. This is the plan that I have asked all men to ask of me. My word says IF you lack wisdom, ASK and I will pour it upon you but you fail to see the reason for the wisdom. In order for the wisdom of the ages to take effect the whole generation must come before me in order to accomplish the things I have for them. Only in the instruction that is given to each individual is the wisdom released and the rain able to prevail. This is because the real wisdom is not in knowledge but in love the type of love that only can be received by knowing who I am and giving me the authority to come into your heart and change you from who you are into the person I need to accomplish the task that I have set down for you.. Those of you who are here today have a great and mighty task ahead of you and the wisdom rain is the force and the ability to come before the world and show them that I have given my people the real sense that is to take the world back to the time of the garden. This is the time for the garden that has been planted in every man’s heart to bring in a harvest. It is the harvest of the soul and the mind to the ability of God to set the course for the coming of the son of man. This is the place in time that I will present my church holy and unblamable before me through the wisdom rain that I am pouring out upon the earth. Wisdom is all around you and is there for the taking if you are in the presence of the Holy Ghost. I am bringing into place a large entity of grace to help my people to come into contact with the rain of wisdom. It is raining and I will continue to rain until the end of all time. Do not look for periods of rain know that I will rain on you forever until all the necessary things of the universe are brought into line with the everlasting light of righteousness. You look at the storms of life and the storms upon the earth and if you would realize that that is the wisdom rain and it is not being received and thus is causing a great disaster in the earth. The time has arrived for this part of the plan to take place and I am going to proceed until there is total completion into this earth by way of righteousness and grace to survive this turmoil that is coming upon the earth.
     Let me say that in order to bring the perfect plan together I must bypass most of man kind. This is for the purpose of exposing to every person the significance of their life to me. Understand that I am the only way to salvation and man is trying very hard to find another way to bring himself before me without the reason my son was sent.


     Looking to the way of life that I created for him is to say all this technology is a gift from me and all the scripture warns how this can be taken in the wrong form and bring an individual or nation to total destruction. My warnings are because of love not judgment and I am giving warnings from every way man can receive. What is there for me when you will not open your heart and receive the blessing that I have for you? One touch and you are never the same and you think because you received one blessing that that is enough. I tell you that in the coming days I am going to pour out blessing every minute of every day and you will not be able to contain them because I said I would not because you deserve them. My people how long must I wait for you to see that there is no reason for you to bring out the time or the distance in order to receive. Just take it and watch me drive you into the place of knowing I am God and I love greater than all. That is not a feeling it is a constant that comes in the knowing me. I know how to give good gifts all the time. That is why it is called rain; The Rain from heaven to water the earth. The Rain from the Holy Ghost to water your spirit; The Rain from the throne room to bring on wisdom to do the will the father, The Rain of oil to bring you into subjection and the rain from the new wine in order to intoxicate you before me, Thus the removal of the flesh and the overcoming of the world to bring you to the place of victory. The total is resurrection into the Holy Spirit and grace for the coming climax of this generation.
     The wait is over and the time to see me in action is now. Do not remove yourself from the rain of wisdom. Remember it is the principal thing and that is the final word on the earth. Like the rainbow the wisdom covers from one end to the other after the storm. The rainbow is the affirmation that the storm is over and the new day is begun. Under the rainbow is the mist of the watering engulfing everything and with fresh oil from heaven. These are the things that you do not look for when there is rain. Ambiguous is the person who thinks he has the right to say there is a storm because of this or that. The earth is round so that what comes must come back and as it flows along the equator it will bring about the same sequence that has been in the earth since its creation. Remember the sign of the times. It has been spelled out for you in the word and if you receive the rain of wisdom you know the interpretation when it is necessary to know. I will control the events you need to control your own life when it comes about and I will take charge of your safety and your health in order that you know we are in this together. You only need to be silent in the presence of the Holy Spirit to receive the instruction I am going to give. All the earth is waiting for this to be the time of redemption and I am the one who will make it happen. This is the time for you to set yourself into the place of receiving from me.
     Look at all the things that are coming to the surface on a daily basis’s. The skirts have been lifted and the truth is being exposed and it is just begun. Just as you can fill the earth with the books of Jesus’ good works so will the earth be filled with the exposed truth of the hidden secrets of mans heart. A hard heart and a stiff neck will bring about the destruction of the lands of Tierney. There are so many pieces to this puzzle but the picture belongs to me. Remember rain can come in the form of a storm or a steady mist that gently waters and makes everything grow.

     This is where the choice of life comes in. Man has given himself over to the storm and the only place left for me is to bring my people to the place of refuge with in me. Greater is he who is in me than he that is in the world. Upon all the seas there is the ability to create the perfect storm yet no one looks for the beauty of the purpose of the sea. The rains fill the ocean and the ocean fills the world with all its life giving beauty so deep that there is no place for man to survive in its depth. Look at all that volcanic activity at the bottom yet the ocean remains cold and dark. It is called balance and it will always be. Do you really think I would allow you to destroy my creation? Not a chance. This is my realm and all of mankind is visiting for a very short period of time in comparison to what he originally was given. His days are shorter and will continue to be shorter in order for me to keep the earth in balance. You are not to love the earth but to love me your father, creator of all things. Suppose for a moment that you are in the midst of a tornado, who are you going to call? The pressure of mans sin has put enormous changes to the way the earth functions and I do not mean global warming and as long as there is no repentance and the righteous decide to agree with the world the earth will continue to act in the fashion in which you see it now. I always create a place of refuge in every storm of life and once inside the world as you know it may vanish but the spirit of faith and strength is always the right ingredients to overcome what was meant for destruction. Wishing and hoping are for the young in heart and not the believer in Christ. There is a time coming very soon when the only place of comfort is going to be within the land of silent beauty. The place where the world is on the outside and the father is on the inside bringing about the changes necessary to bring all things to completion. Do not be fooled the world is not your friend and the people are not your children they are mine. I will correct them and bring on the judgment not you. Your task is to remain humble before me and men that they will see me in you. There is this time that being humble will be a power that many will look for because there is no lie with in it and the people will be searching for the true way to overcome the holocaust that is about to enter the earth. This is there doing not mine and it is the place of the father to attempt to bring out the glory of God to the forefront in order to stop the on slot of man taking all he has and throwing it out the window with the heart and the mind with it. To see man in the way of his actions upon the earth is to know the direction of man is going to bring him to the place of destruction without repentance. His heart is as hard as pharaoh’s and it is not my doing it is his lust and greed by deception and lies. It is the same formula that took the evil one down and will take man to the place of hell as with the evil one. I will not give up as long as there is one who will plunder hell and populate heaven. So many leave this earth and take no warning to the place of eternity.
     My person will not tolerate injustice when the heart of a child is involved. Children represent silence in the heavens and simplicity to the world. I could have created you on the earth as an adult but think about how that would have turned out. There would have been no innocence on this planet. Children take the adult and bring them to the place of love and that is the very essence of life. Those who have the power to take the life of the innocent are the people of perdition and that is an unforgivable sin when taken for the sheer pleasure of it.

     Where is the desire of innocence? What has happened to the need of children? Has it been replaced for the sake of fear and greed? Children are your path to salvation and if you do not come as a little child to me you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.
     These are not questions that man has brought to the forefront in today’s society. Man has to bring about a real sense of pride in him to be completely deceived by the other side. All this is being spoken not to condemn or to for warn but to bring about the knowledge that I have to do things that are not meant for my children. Look around you and see the rewards of the wicked. It is the place of no return once the decision is made to hang on to the lie that made you the offer of an eternity in hell. I wish no man to perish in the state of sin and I will weep for those who let their relationship with me come to the place of no return. The Glory is here and the glory will save and set free. Is all this enough to show the real need that is important in this earth. Is your health as important as one soul in hell? Is your career as important as one person in hell? Is the meaning of your life the only place you can have peace? If you only knew the real event that is about to happen and the way it will bring you to your knees. You will understand the true meaning of the rain in the near future and you will know without a doubt that the Lord of Hosts is here. Understanding is for no one and it will not be a necessity when the real trial begins. I have all the hope you need and I have all the faith you will need and I will supply to the full to all who will come to me in these days and say I am here use me .
     Let it Rain let it Rain let it Rain upon you and wash you clean. Let it rain and cleanse you of your imperfections. Let it rain and take the cares of this world and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness. Let it rain and see the growth of a new generation of dedication to the father. Let it rain and see the forbearance of man come crumbling down. Let it rain and see the whole of life come into perspective. Let it Rain and flood the heart, drown the mind and sink the unforgiveness. Let it rain and see the harvest of souls that are waiting for you. Let it rain Let it rain upon YOU. You are the apple of my eye and the very presence of grace is in the favor of the love I am pouring out on you. This is the love that has never before been given by any man for the place of surveying the world out and the Spirit of God in. This is the rain of the Holy Ghost and it is upon you and will continue to rain on you for the rest of your life on this earth and into the realm of heaven where all things are new and the father has your robe of righteousness and the crown of glory. Do not worry about all that has; for there is no more of the past only the present and what I can do with you and through you. There is a full measure of love abounding upon you and it is over taking you right now. Receive this and do not question the real place of discernment when I come to talk in the future. There is no time like the present and there will only be present with us so forget that which is not and climb aboard the wagon of today. I will not stop raining on you I will not stop raining on you. I will not stop raining on you. To fill is not to be full but to be full is only overflowing. Be full that all will overflow when the presence of the Lord is about you. The Spirit of the Lord is taking a hold on you and he will not let go for the angels in heaven have been given the authority to give unto you the time and necessity to give whatever is needed to accomplish that which I have put upon your heart.

     Oh glory in the retribution of the sins that have held you and know that the sins of old are not the sins of today. There is no sin left that can take you down or change the direction in which the flow of the river is going to take you. This is the flow of the river of peace and the place of tranquility. This is the place of having all you need and more. This is the place of heaven on earth before you and in you to be cast all around you. See it and receive it. Do not let go I said do not let go there is no time to catch it again there is not time to think about it just release the spirit that is with in you and see the power of God come to the fore front of all you do. Receive the decision to complete all the sets that have been set before you. Are you listening? This is real and the real is all over you all over you. This is how I reward when the reward is not the one you thought it would be. This is the reward of the wicked who would take advantage of you. This is the reward that comes only from the father and no one else. Receive, receive I am telling you to receive and do not let go.
     Fornication is in the earth destroy it. Unbelief is in the earth destroy it. Wisdom reigns. You have desired wisdom every day and now it is raining on you and you will not be able to run from it or decide that it is not there. There is only the power of the resurrection and the glory of the Holly Spirit to bring you back. Remember never enough always more and more until you live in more. This is the most exciting time to be alive. You will witness the perfection of the kingdom upon the earth.
     I am not a teacher I am a messenger of the most high God delivering a message of fire to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. The place of expression is in the message not the messenger. This is the place of bringing about change now. Do not wait upon the Lord; Seek him while he may be found. Knock and the door shall be opened seek and you shall find it is his promise to you not mine.


The Wind

     The wind is the next stage of the move of the Holy Spirit and it is not for you to degree but to be carried away by it. This is the time of bringing about the care of the world and watching it blow away the stars of the earth and bring in the place of refuge to the present day under the rainbow. The real essence of the life I am giving is to be the force that will carry away the indifference of this world and start to show the fire that lies with in. To be in this wave of the future you will need to be created from within with the wind of the Holy Spirit and be given to the sanctity of the Father. Bring you into the relationship by giving all you have to me in word and deed. I will bring forth in you the very presence of the Holy Ghost into the place of refinement. Understand that there is no place in the quest that has been set before you for innocence. There is a real war going on and there will be a victor. The positions you’re riding on at the moment are for the grace that has been set before you. Will you look at it or will you turn your back on it? I have the perfect answer for you. Receive it and live. Life is eternal and the eternal is here right now. Eternal is for ever and forever starts everyday you are in it. Do you see the vision I am creating or are you still wondering in the land of wow. Are you ready to step another step closer or are you going to take two steps back. I want the former not the latter. Resourcefulness comes in the form of patience and it brings about the perfect receptor.
     How do I love thee? Count the ways and you will see that the purpose of love is to give and give until there is no more room to give. Give your heart, give your soul, give your place of power over to the authority of the living God. Punish me with kindness and see love explode in front of your eyes. Love is the creation of the wind of the Holy Spirit of God to activate the gross belief that I am is going to blow with the breath of life into the heart and mind of the people. The breath that creates the wind that carries the word to and from the Father. The wind of the Spirit is the very grace that empowers the soul by bringing into the equation the peace of knowing all is perfection when it flows from the river of peace and into the flow of love. The wind is carrying the rain to the hearts of the hungry and will calm the storms of life in the presence of your enemies. Walk in the rain and see the dance I have created to fulfill the glory of redemption. The most amazing thing about the wind is that it has the ability to swirl in such force it can suck the fabric of the earth and carry it into the heavens to be cast in every direction. This is the earthly power of the Holy Ghost. The super natural power of the Holy Ghost is to create whatever the wind can destroy and multiply it back again and again. Thus taking what was meant for destruction and turning it into the very presence of God the Father by the words of his mouth. Wind will ignite or blow out a fire. It also can create a fire that will travel and rage the core of creation. The abyss is the essence of wind. Speed of the wind is the factor that makes it grace or destruction. Performance is the set motion that brings the wind into a man’s heart and the force that will destroy a man’s heart. Grace is the calming of the storm and Jesus is the perfection of the storm. When the wind becomes one with the heart it is like a vacuum that will sweep the surface clean and bring a new place to build. The wind is the fulfillment of the word. It is what brings the word back when it is sent out.

     The lust of the flesh is the creation of the wind of destruction and it causes the very soul to be caught up in the fire storm of lies and deceit. It brings the pestilence and carries it away. It forms the valleys and bends the rivers. It takes down and it lifts up. There is no stopping it and there is no controlling it. The path of the wind will follow you or it will carry you into the arms of the Father. The wind will carry you away or drive you into the ground. Wrong place wrong time will cripple you. Right place at the right time will uplift you. The wind can be as fresh as a breath on your cheek or a thunder of a freight train. The wind will rage in one spot and calm in another. Wisdom rain comes in on the wave from the lips of the Father. This is the wind that blows from him and carries the redeeming power of joy and calm in the midst of the storm. Let the wind from heaven be the source of your courage not the face of your defeat. This is the time of revival of the mind and spirit of man to come together on the winds of change. Seeing into the wind is the expression of real love cast out to bring in the blessings that were promised to return because of covenant. This seems superfluous to the touch but in the end it is the returning of the father to the heart of man. But the greatest gift of the wind is the bringing of Jesus to the return of the earth on the white horse with all power and majesty.
     Listen to the call of the wind it will awaken you in the night and bring you peace in the day. It will harken unto you in the street and bless in the storm. Its sound is for your encouragement not your destruction and it will bring you to the place of love locked in the embrace of the completion of grace. It will whisper to you by the scent of the Holy Ghost and it will translate you to the far corners of the earth. The will of the father is to bring into union the rain of the Holy Ghost with the wind of heaven to create the everlasting flow of the river of God in the heart of His people. Let us be sure that we live in the wind of tranquility and not the wind of destruction. Your words will create the level of wind that enters your today and carries you into your tomorrow. Look straight in to the wind and it will bring into focus the things that have been going on in this earth that have caused you to stop and look in the wrong direction along with the signs that will change the direction of your path. Pave it with honesty and purity. Do not leave it to the wind to make the choice for you. The winds of change are beautiful and need to be taken as the great commission from God the Father. The greatest most powerful winds are the ones that will carry you gently into the arms your father God. Spirit winds blow and bring the wisdom rain into the place of no return forever blowing and raining upon us. Circle us and adorn us with the fresh oil from heaven and bring down the strongholds of life into the blue skies of forever beautiful.
To God be all the Glory!

R.G. 6/12/14

                                           Take Your Seat

      The Lord says, it is time to take the seat that I have assigned to you. This is the season in which I am raising up the nameless, faceless generation to do great exploits. Many of you, who have been hidden, will be used in this end time harvest. Those of you who have been looked upon as the underdog will step forward and take your rightful place in My Kingdom. I am calling those of you who have been considered outcasts. I am calling those who have been mocked, scorned, shunned and abused. Those of you that have been forsaken and rejected, it is now your time to take your rightful place in that which I have ordained for you.   

      You have been prepared for this season. This is the time to take back what the enemy has stolen and possess the land. Don't cower back in fear. I have called My people to take dominion over the earth. I have called you to take authority over this land and not fall prey to the enemies strategies of fear. This is My kingdom, this is My destiny for you, and this is your rightful place as a believer. Do not think that you need a podium, a pulpit or a platform to reach the multitudes. You will become My voice, not by might, not by power and not in your own strength but as you wait on Me, I will seat you in your rightful place.
     As you are grounded in My word, you will be able to discern My ways, and be able to recognize that which is spiritual from that which is carnal. You will have authority in the place that I have assigned you to. Demons tremble at the sound of the voice of those whose walk is blameless and know their authority. Demons recognize those who have My mark of approval. As you take your seat that I have entrusted to you, trust also My timing. Then you will begin to speak not just with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power says the Lord.

1 Corinthians 2:4 -5
And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

Ephesians 2: 6-7
and raised us up together, and made us sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.

Hebrews 2:5-8
For He has not put the world to come, of which we speak, in subjection to angels. But one testified in a certain place, saying: "What is man that You are mindful of him, or the son of man that You take care of him? You have made him a little lower than the angels; You have crowned him with glory and honor, and set him over the works of Your hands. You have put all things in subjection under his feet."

Received 6-18-14
To God be all the Glory


     Fullness, can you feel the fullness of the Spirit talking to you continually? Can you see the visions beginning to unfold in your heart? Is the fullness of Joy Bubbling up in your belly? Is the river of life being distributed throughout your body? Is the fullness of joy ever present within you? Yes, Yes and Yes it is for I have put it there and I will not remove it. Receive it I said receive it. The fullness of the Holy Ghost is upon you and overtaking you in these days bringing about the change in the winds and starting the fire of cleansing. See it and rejoice. Look at it and see the spirit come alive in you and overtake you. Look for the change in you not the world. While they are running around in the midst of destruction I am going to take my beloved and turn them into an army of spirit filled revivalists that are going to take the world by surprise. Evil is a blind eye to truth and that look is going to be what allows me to overtake them and destroy the works of the evil one in the generation. Loose the bonds of Tierney set the captives free and rejoice in the father with all your heart. Rejoicing is going to overtake my people. Real rejoicing is the kind that overcomes fear and drives out doubt before your very eyes. Living in a state of forgiveness is all around you. Consuming you and bringing you to the place of learning in an instant the will of the father without the ability to think before you act and amazement when you see the results. You are here and I am going to use you. Yes I am going to use you for the kingdom to come and the present kingdom that is over taking this world and transforming it into the next. Get excited heaven is rejoicing at the sound of the trumpet and the glory of the Father on the earth. His all consuming fire is started to burn inside the hearts and minds of the people I have called today. The fire that burns on the inside and devours all it comes in contact with. The fire of glory is within you and is burning like never before. The world is leaving and the presence of the Holy Ghost is entering. Smoke of the flame that is within you will cough up the insecurity that was present and cleanse the place that was and make it the place that is. Enough of gloom and doom I am the God of rejoicing and I am, is rejoicing over what I have started upon the earth today. Love abounding in the hearts of my people and the way of love into those who were not in the right position to receive. I am, is going to eliminate the ability to refuse for those who love me in their heart. It is time to bypass the soul and enter into the world of joy and peace continually regardless of what the world is doing. The earth is with me and the shaking of the earth is to set the course right and stop the greedy from having their way. I am is going on a rampage across the sea and bringing into the heart of the world the true meaning of the life of the father upon the earth. Jerusalem, Jerusalem stand tall and take the things I have given you to the forefront of your mind and set the course of no return for my people the Jewish nation. Islam you will bow your knee to my people for I have ordained it and it will be so. Nothing can or will stand against you Israel. I am your fortress and your shield in these days I am rising up and army so strong that the universe will not come against. My legions will fight for you and with you and you shall not loose one foot of what I have given you as inheritance. The minds of your oppressors will be destroyed concerning you and eyes of the wicked will be blinded by my Spirit says the Lord of hosts.

     The giant that looms so big over you is nothing but a shadow of the minds of the wicked attempting to put fear in my chosen. The days of fear are over and time of divine health and power is present in this region of the earth. Nothing is strong enough to against you and nothing is will to take what I have given. Soap and water cleanse the flesh but fire and brimstone are for your enemies. I have spoken and it shall be just as I have said. Not one jot or tittles shall be moved or taken out. I speak to the mountain in you lives and I tell them be thou removed and cast into the sea to erupt again and again unto the places of evil and discourse. Rejoice see the glory of your God at work on your behalf. The whole earth is under my command and it is faithful to complete what I set into motion. I am going to rock this world like never before and to those who would flaunt the wares in my face I say so be it unto you is the reaper upon you to approach from the north and to steal the ruins of your mind. The Canker worm is ready and I am going to loose him very soon.
     There is so much glory that the son and the moon will look the same at night as in the day. The words of man are falling on deaf ears. Mouths of the unrighteous are being stripped of their vocal cords and the sound that will be heard in the earth is the sound of rejoicing in the midst of the storm. Look out into the emptiness of the heavens and see the picture I will create for you. Love is in the air and the world is yearning for what I have given to the earth not man. The potter is at the wheel and the clay is being watered and made soft for the forming of the righteous to be vessels of honor in the Furness of love the real refining fire. I am, is on the move and I am, is having the time of his life rewards the wicked and restoring the righteous.
     Lust and languish are words of flesh and are being removed from the vocabulary of my people. Your place is to do not to react. The words of reaction are the commands of the Father in your ears. No worries I am on the move and returning is not in the mix of forward. There is no going back and the future is bright where my word is the key. This is the fullness of the Lord with the glory of the Holy Ghost and the fire of heaven to the hearts of the true believer. Blessed be his holy name Forever and ever Amen.

To God Be all the Glory!

                                        State of Repentance

     This is the state of repentance, to sit before me in joy of the world to see the gift that I have given you in these days. I do not need demonstration of the prostate body but the continual work of seeing that there is the need always to seek repentance for the world and those that are within it. Say; “Forgive them Father for they know not what they are doing. Or forgive them Father for the things they do not know. Forgive me for my ignorance and inadequate wisdom concerning the things of this world or the things of my circumstances.” Forgiveness is a way of life not a means to go back after your wrong doing. That is the least of the problems you face. The world is closing in on my people and there is to be a place of refuge that I can bring my people to when I know they are looking for the things of the Holy Spirit. The search for truth is in knowing no matter how far you go with me there is always those who are in need of the repentance that they cannot come to. They are the true prisoners and the ones whose chains must fall off by the door of repentance. With you in your state of repentance it is easy for me to touch people who moments before had no ability to come to me. Remember that Jesus at the cross gave the ultimate repentance when he asked me to forgive his crucifiers. He gave the ultimate example of the things that will bring you before me in love by releasing bondage with repentance.
      I am expecting my people to be the source of repentance in the coming days not because of the sinner but because of the love I have for mankind. You are all the same before me and when you ask for repentance for another you are cleansing yourself. Just as Job prayed for his friends in repentance and brought about restoration so shall it be with you. These are the times I am going to show myself strong on your behalf. How many times have you prayed for the source of your problem and never asked me to forgive the reason for what was holding it up, mainly a person or organization that is in agreement with works of the enemy. Constant repentance will bring you to the place of victory and accomplishment. Using the word of God is the break through that is necessary in order to become my disciples. This is the freedom that allows me to communicate with you and know that you are the one that I adore. With you I can set the captives free and break the bonds of Tierney.
When you look in the eyes of another ask me to forgive them of their inadequacy thus freeing them to receive what I have for them. Look how long and hard you went after the words and the relationship just to get to this point. What is it that all men do that separates them from me? There is no willingness to change or be changed. Pride gets in their way and stops the flow of love. But when you will stand for them in repentances then I am able to come forward and bring that which was unable to be gotten to be received. I seek all. Remember I stand at the door and knock. Saving someone who has no knowledge of me is ignorance and if you repent on their behalf then I can open their door. If that same person is foolish and says no to me then your words of repentance are then the door to forgiveness for them. The State of Repentance knows that every person has sinned and fallen short everyday. If all would repent for all they came in contact with then there would be no evil working in the world.

     Let me show you repentance in action. One sends a thousand to flight but two send ten thousand to flight. If you look deep you will see that agreement and repentance are in the same boat. If you agree with someone good or bad you multiply the end but if you repent for someone only good can come out of it. Agree in repentance and destroy the ability of the evil one to have any effect.
     How easy is it to agree with someone and with one word said in the wrong manner will take a positive and make it a negative but if said with repentance then the words that will change the outcome are neutralized when we ask for forgiveness of our ignorance. Just exposing this one truth will save millions of lives and you can do it everywhere you go. The mind of Christ is the faith of knowing how powerful forgiveness is. It is every man’s second chance at making all things right through another. Receive the vision of these words and allow them to create for you the sea of people whose lives will be changed and brought to the place of forgiveness.
     John the Baptist started it with repentance of ones self and being baptized and Jesus brought it to the place of repentance with the Holy Spirit to others. He was not concerned with his sin for he was sinless so all he did upon the earth was for others and the ultimate was on the cross asking the father to forgive them for they know not what they have done. When you ask the father to forgive a young person for their lack of wisdom and knowledge you free them. When you repent on their behalf for the same thing you open them up to receive wisdom and knowledge; seemingly the same thing but with very different endings. I want you to see how quick a single word used in the right sequence will change the course of anyone. Do you want to confound the wise repent on their behalf and watch what happens? Receive these sayings with an open heart and see the work of the enemy slide far away from you to the place of knowing you are not only a threat to him but damage to his kingdom. It was with words I created this world and with words of truth I will repent for this world through you. Repentance brings on love and love conquers all. Will you repent for them without judgment knowing that they truly do not know where they are going? The facts are plain and the word is true. Set yourself up to receive with the hand that has been dealt and know this day that the grace to accomplish this is here. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth and the kingdom. Blessed is he who walks in repentance for he shall have the Fathers Love.


                                     Blessings all Around

     The Blessings of God are all around. Why do you say you are not blessed? All day long I am poring like rain upon you blessings and they are not recognized. Do you have breath in your mouth, blessed? Do you see, do you hear, do you eat, and do you make choices and decide what you will do. Do you live free? How many in the world do not. How many in the world have not what you have? How many would like to be where you are given a choice? Who are you to say what is good and what is not? How will you take the world in the times you live? Are you afraid of what you are doing or fear the place you are. Are you in prison or out in the cold? Have you lost the possessions you held so dear. But are still alive? Look at yourself in the mirror, are you blessed to have a mirror. The things that you have and the things that you need are not the degree of blessing. The very fact that you were born is the blessing. The rest is a bonus for without being born you would not be able to live on the earth and without the blessing of choice you would not be able to receive heaven. Without the blessing of life that is the breath of God you would not exist. Without the grace of the father you would live cursed. All this blessing and you have not yet said a word. You are blessed by the mere thought of good things in your life. What if there was no way for you to see the imagination that is within you. Blessings are all around you and you fail to see the importance of where you are in the scheme of things. This is the way to the place of thought in the presence of the Holy Ghost. He is among the master blessings and most are afraid of the choice to take the gift. Do gifts please people? That depends on the manner in which the gift is given and received. Look at the gift of repentance the ability of another chance to make it right. What a blessing to live in and not in the consequences. Direction is the blessing of not having to make the decision to do the wrong thing. What is Blessing? LIFE! It is the ability to be here and the beauty of the earth and the glory of the day. It is the quietness of the dark, the power of the storm and the stillness of the wind. It is the dryness of the desert and the beauty of the forest. It is the grace of humanity and the pleasance of the day. To blessed to be stressed is a statement that has much more meaning than you are able to comprehend. It encompasses the entire universe in its complexity and brings to the very heart of your existence. Your life is the reason all this is about you and you take it for granted simply because you received what you have chosen is the definition of blessing. The blessing is your present and your future and you want to change it suit your ideas instead of giving way to the real blessing that is upon you. If you are content where you are and not satisfied then the blessing will increase you life. If you decide what will and will not enter your life you leave most of the presence of God behind you. Thus there is no room to give the creation the purpose that was originally intended for you.
     Why do you not see the direction I am taking you? It is simple you are not in charge of your own feelings. These are the steps to save the earth the property that has been given by God and taken by man. These are the great forms that have been set aside for today and reserved for this time in history and you are worried about what or if this is right or wrong. With all that has been said there is no place for me to set the course straight. You are the one that is not taking this as I intended. You and all the people who fail to see blessing as the action of God to men instead of their intention to make it theirs. This is the glory that I have put into action to save the earth and its inhabitants from total destruction. Is there a blessing in death? Yes if it is received by the blood of Christ all earthly blessing stops at the moment of your last breath.
     The course of your life was set by me and the end is brought about by you. I have set the time for your coming home but you control the method in which I do it. You can walk in perfect health until your last breath or you can suffer all the way to it. Recognize the blessings in your life and energize the life around you and give the glory to God. Add in the repentance of ignorance and you can see the place of reward.
     The greatest rain is the rain of blessing. Everything else is the blessing. The gifts are the blessing. The Holy Ghost is the Blessing. The rain of wisdom is the Blessing. The rain of abundance is the blessing. The rain in all its glory is the blessing. The blessing is life and is the grace and is the fathers will to you. The blessing is the life of heaven in your heart, the quietness from within, the place of intent spirituality. How content would your life be if you truly understood what is all around you and how satisfied would you be if you new there was always more in the form of wisdom. I walk the earth seeking whom I may call upon to use the blessing in the manner in which it was created. So few have the revelation or care to receive the revelation of the blessing. It is not tangible and it is not for the seeking. It is mandatory for the ones of the kingdom. Do not look for the day of heaven receive heaven on the earth that is the blessing in action. You have the ability reach out and take all that is around you. Do not allow the world of man to destroy the reason for your blessing. It was all created in order to bring about the course of your life upon this earth so you could know I am with you always. Blessing after blessing if you take all of them will overtake you and bring into the place of victory. Have you begun to see that every single thing in your life is a blessing including your enemies? How sharp is the sword if it is not ground to a fine point and edge. How are enemies destroyed, by blowing the trumpet and shouting with joy? You do not get it. What kept Paul from fear in prison, Praise and repenting for his captors? Your eyes are for seeing the rewards of the wicked not the sorrow of the wicked. Wickedness has no blessing so it feeds off itself. Why do I allow you to see it because then you know what not to do. Look at the world today and know that the rewards are death to all who brings it in. Do not pray for them pray for the innocent that are forsaken because of them. They receive no blessings and are not able to receive yours. All of what you have is closed to them and that is life full of torment do not open that door into your life. Wickedness is not your enemy it is theirs and thus is not in the realm of grace. Just as my spirit kept Paul out of the east so I tell you stay away from the wicked. I bless and blessings destroy wickedness so live in blessings and watch the wicked be destroyed. Agree with it and it will enter your realm and pollute the grace I have for you. The steps to Glory are blessings. Do not let blessings be miracles in your life let them create miracles in your life. Blessings are like the waters of the ocean they come in on every wave and can create waves of the storm which bring in higher blessings. Do you see; the higher the storm the greater the blessing wave. These waves crash upon the heart and cleanse the darkness to bring in the calm after the storm with all blessings and all around you. There is no reason for you to be anything but blessed if you believe in the blessing of life. So many are finding out today that all they had has been taken away in an instant and are finding they only have life. Blessings are life and life more abundant. Did you wake up today? To God is all the Glory.



     Words, words, words, words, words are the cornerstone of the inheritance of my people. These are the words of creation that emit from the tongue and go forth and will not return to you void. As it is done in heaven so shall it be upon the earth. These are the words of wisdom that have been sent in order to bring back into subjection the one thing that all men have not received in this generation. Love; it is the creation of words, the gift that the father has given because of his son Jesus. Looking into the place of the word you will find that in theses days it will overtake you and bring you into subjection by taking the human will and turning it into the place of receiving revelation of the thoughts of the Father. These words are derived from the heart of the Father and given to express the love that the people have not received. These are the words that will change the course of history and bring about the love the earth has been waiting for. I the Father is the source of all good word and to bring it out I need a submitted heart. The heart is the receptor of the true words that will change the course of history into the course of the present. This the method that will take you into the presence of the Holy Ghost and bring you the peace of understanding that your words are so limited that there is no real reason for you to utter them. These are the words of wisdom that will flow like a river and bring down strongholds and tear up the streets of gold that man has paved with his riches and glory that is not of the father. This is the time I will bring about the reclassification of the true God upon the earth. There is a blindness that has been given to the people of this generation in order to say that there is no God that can change the course of the direction we are going. That is true to a point because I have nothing to do with the words of their creation and these words are the words that will affect all mankind. I have my words and will not set them into motion to change your words but to destroy your words. Thus there is a bottle of words and to those who will not take the time to watch these words unfold there will be a great and harmful end. Words; are the essence of revival and the death of nations. We take them out of context and bring wrong understanding to fit the ignorance of the time. Words are the very core of society and will take this nation to be separated into parts that will not come together in agreement thus leaving the door open for a greater level of corruption. This is the word of truth that the people do not want look at. This is the place where your heart and mind come together to create the space that will confound you instead of you confounding them. These are the words of destruction that will surely come in the coming days. The life of words is in the tongue and you will eat the fruit of it. Yes the fruit of your lips will cause the destruction in the earth. You will agree with the wrong by not speaking the words that will destroy the works around you, when good men do nothing. These are the words that people talk about to set the stage for destruction. Look at evil but keep your mouth shut. Do not agree with the news of fear. Rebuke it and cut off its life. Centuries have gone by and man has not learned that in the face of destruction say nothing. Jesus stood in the very face of death and said nothing, why? He knew that it would change the course of every life. His words were; ‘It is as you say.” Do not; I say, Do not; open your mouth with your opinion concerning the things of this world. Put a guard upon your lips keep watch at the door of your mouth. If we say their end is near rather than look at how awful these terrorist are. Why do you think they are called by terror? There is more done with words than there will ever be by the sword. One sends a thousand to flight two send ten thousand to flight.

     These are words of truth and it works in both directions. These words will send just as many good people fleeing as it will send demons. The words of your mouth are the shoring or the destruction of your mind. If you allow the words of your mouth to penetrate to the place of speaking without the captivity of your thoughts you are playing right into the enemy’s hand. He spouts the untruth and waits for you to agree by either doing nothing or speaking words of destruction by what you see. See with the eyes of the spirit and not with the eyes of the wicked. Take your thoughts captive to the obedience of Jesus and you will see most of your words will never be spoken. Opinions are the greatest source of destruction. For this reason everyone has them and no one cares for yours. These are the means of agreement. When you give your opinion you are looking for someone else to agree with you. Question; what is the government going to do? Should we put troops into battle? Questions are looking for agreement in order to take confusion and fear to the next level. Our questions should be directed to the father not each other. Go tell Jesus first and ask him to change you first. This way it becomes more of him and less of you. There is much taught on words and how they shape your future and your life. This is wisdom that needs to be heeded. It is not what goes in a man that destroys but what comes out of a man that destroys or builds up.
     You take your words for granted and do not realize that they shape your today and your tomorrow. They direct your children into a life of greatness or the life of failure. Your words dig deep and take out the place of return when they are spoken in rage. Your words bring life to those who are hurting and bring destruction to the evil when set in the context of truth. When you ask me for a miracle your words are setting the stage for you to believe in order to receive. Your words bring you to me and take me away from you. The words are the direction in which you will travel. Your words will create the relationship of your heart. Your words show how much you love and how much you hate. They are the essence of the direction your life will go if not bridled and taken to the right performance. If you speak words of destruction you not only block my ability to bless you and open the door of evil to use them to take others down. Are you so vain that you actually believe you can get away with “you know what I meant or you know I did not mean that that way?” You must know in these days how important it is for you to guard your mouth. More people are taking their speech for granted because there is no communication today from the source. The church has become a white wash of responsibility when it comes to the words of the people. My word in your mouth is the flaming sword. Not the leader’s interpretation of my word. What does my word say about this or that is the answer that we are to give to the world.
     You see the world has no truth to bring to the table of discussion. Therefore the truth that they know is lie and a false hope. What people seek today is the comfort and knowledge to take their words and create a place of do not touch me. I will say whatever it takes to be left alone. This is the way of the technology age. Create your own little world where you can say and do without the responsibility of your actions. But you must understand I see all and hear all and I am the one who returns your words to you and they will create what you have sent them out to do only to return to you on the nest wave. Your words do not carry a description of who you are and are not defined by your good or bad intentions.

     They create exactly what you meant them to be from your heart. That is why I have said that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The real you is going to come out of your mouth not the thought that I am a good person. All the men of old who were anything in this world sought after me first and allowed me to fill their heart first before they spoke the words of wisdom. There words created change. Their truth created peace and harmony in the middle of the storm. Their faith was in me not their religion. It matters not how you come to me but it does matter what you take from me. Knowing my ways are greater than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts is the door of truth, wisdom and life with reward.
     Words are the weapon of warfare. They will take down the enemy and will take you to the place of refuge with in me. Choose your words before you speak because it takes to long to come back after they have been sent. Your love will return to you in volumes if you will allow me to fill your heart. Everything started with words and will finish with words. Mine are the final word in all things. I have given you my word to take the place of your tongue; that which is strong enough to turn ships and still enough to change history. I call you sheep because they carry the wool that clothes my people. They are sheared and continue to produce every season. They are vessels of honor that no one pays attention to. They stand before the shearer in silence and give what they have not knowing if it will come back to them and when all is done they are sacrificed for food to feed the ones they clothe. Do not allow your words to take you to the shearer and ultimately to death. The words that will come forth in the near future are going to be very important to this country and it inhabitants. The spring shall carry the fall of the summer into the place that the angels in heaven will be the source of your survival into revival, sowing the very essence of their being into the lives of those that have been called to the place of deliverance by My Spirit. These words are heavenly words that will activate the call on your life and bring in the fiber of the work I have called you to. This is the time to say the words of your heart not the words of your mind. Gouge out your eyes pertaining to the world around you and see that there is nothing in all this turmoil that should or will cause fear if you take my word into your heart. The Spirit of the Lord has entered into the place of refinement to you and the great commission is about rupture into the face of the world. It will cause great confusion and discourse among the people of the world and it will bring out the worst in them as the evil will be dispelled into the streets and into the heavens. This is the rejoicing time that I spoke about in earlier times. It means that there is nothing to stop you if you will believe in the requests you have asked for. Looking down into the nature of this turmoil is to see evil ripped out and sent into the heavens by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Rejoice the Christ has risen and is coming soon to take you all home. Rejoice for the end is near. The seasons are all coming together as one. The words of wisdom have brought the winds of change and the winds of change will defeat all that stands in its way. The increase of the wind in the earth is relative to the increase in the wind of the Spirit. Speak to the wind and watch it carry the change into the face of evil. I will Overcome. To God be All the Glory.