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                                    Keys Are Being Released

     The Lord says; I am releasing keys to My Covenant people. No they are not man made keys but they are the keys to enter through the door of revelation. This is an open door and will give you free access to bring you into this new portal of My Glory and the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened.                                                                                             

     I am releasing keys to those of you that have pressed in through prayer and travail in interceding for others. You have heard in the natural of others receiving the "Keys to the city" but I am releasing to My intercessors this priceless gift of the "Keys to the Kingdom". I am taking you to a higher level of intercession as you seek My face. Yes it is a mystery but I am the God who reveals mysteries. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."
      I am releasing keys to the over comers. For those of you who have pressed in through the hard times without wavering and not fainted in the fires of affliction, These keys are for My warriors that have overcome evil with good, stood on My Word and not denied My name in times of adversity and trials. I am inviting you to come up here to a new level and I will show you things that will astound you as you have been faithful during times of misfortune.
      I am releasing keys to those of you that have kept your eyes from evil and your tongue from speaking slander. You have kept on the full armor of God and you will now see with the eyes of the Spirit and you will speak as My voice releases in you My words to others. You will hear My voice with clarity. As you have come before Me with clean hands and a pure heart your purity shall surely be rewarded. You will see My Glory take residence in your life and ministry.
      I am releasing keys to those of you who have been obedient to My Word. You have done what is right, loved mercy and walked humbly with your God. For those of you that have loved your neighbor as yourself, gave to the poor and not delved in pride or haughtiness. I will release to you the keys to set the captives free and loose them from their bonds of wickedness. As you have been faithful in little I will trust you with much. Rather than seeking the riches of this world you have left all for the sake of the gospel and therefore you will receive a hundred fold now in this time; Houses, family and land as well as eternal life.
      I am releasing keys to those of you that have been persecuted for My names sake. Those of you that have been hurt and slandered by others your reward is great. As others have judged and accused you falsely you did not repay evil for evil. You shall surely receive justice from Me as the righteous judge as My favor will be upon your life. You will find favor with God and with man. Righteousness and justice are the foundations of My throne.
      I am releasing keys to those of you who have sought Me diligently in the secret place and studied to show yourself approved. As you spent time with me and have been seeking My face I will fine-tune your senses and you will see and hear with clarity and receive a new spiritual perception. I will open the eyes of your understanding and I will reveal My secrets to you as you have cried out to Me for wisdom and understanding. The gifts will be evident in your life as you will be carriers of My Glory. I am calling you to come to a higher place. So I say come up here to this place that I am calling you to and I will show you great things which you have not yet seen says the Lord.

Matthew 16:19
And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.
Revelation 4: 1 - 2
After these things I looked, and behold, a door standing open in heaven. And the first voice which I heard was like a trumpet speaking with me, saying, "Come up here, and I will show you things which must take place after this." Immediately I was in the Spirit; and behold, a throne set in heaven, and One sat on the throne.

R.G. 5/5/15

Upon Reflection

     Upon reflecting upon the way the world is drilling itself into a hole I have decided to make the run of a life time for the true in heart. There is no way the works that are being done at this time are even close to the real answer that is waiting for the people of God. You are about to see the real reason for the tidal wave of corruption that the world is creating out of doing nothing in their wait and see attitude. The worst of all inclinations is about unfold before their eyes. This is the place of taking all they thought was a good thing and finding out very quickly that what they have sent into motion is not nearly enough to stop or to hinder the move of evil that is present today. There is no way that the earth is going to put up with the intolerance of this nation and the way the world sees what I have built is not the way the president and his cabinet are going to portray it. This is the greatest nation on the earth and I am going to bring about a fear in the white house that the world will know I have stepped in and made myself known. This is the end of the reign of the no body and the beginning of the somebody. There is no reason to stand on the way is right when the right way is not even brought to the front. You cannot stand on what is not there. This is going to be the beginning of the end for those who have come down and seen that they want what does not belong to them. The way to see these things as they unfold is to be next to the Father's love. This is going to be a sign and wonder to the nation of Israel to know that I am unlocking the door of prosperity to them and to those who will listen in the U.S.
     In the unity of the Holy Spirit is the place of atonement for the people of this age and the neighbors of the this nation will have to know that I am not allowing this to go down as the will of the people but the will of the Father in Heaven. I have reasoned and reckoned about all that is taking place. The vile and the unworthy are looking pretty good in their eyes but rest assured that what they see is not what is real. I AM is real and I AM is going to attack at the very thoughts of the enemy and bring in the way of destruction like never before. This is the place of taking back what the evil one has taken and you have given up. No more will I stand by and watch the fathers of this country make a mockery of this nation. The will of the Father is to create the way of everlasting joy and peace. This is the way I will take back the things of the past and bring into the day of light and show that darkness cannot and will not come ahead or take authority over the will of the Father in heaven.
     Anger is an emotion that I do not have. It was given to you so you could have a means of understanding why you are being treated the way you are. Anger is the means of taking the words of love and turning them into the words of destruction. The process is simple because the way you feel when you open your mouth is the manner in which you create the place of love or disaster. Upon refection you see that what you have done is taken what was good and turned it into what is bad. That is not the way of love but of the way of unrighteousness. You long to be in control and are not willing to be obedient in the process of changing you into what the Father would have you to be. Submit to the authority that is building and promoting you not the one that is tearing you down. Look to the spirit of God to come to you in these days and flood you with authority that will take you out of harms way and put you into the Land of milk and honey within the realm of the spirit and the grace of the Father in heaven.

     Thus I am looking for the ones who will ask for my love to enter into the turmoil that is present and look to the future as a place of joy and rebuild what has been torn down within the structure of the nation at whole. This is the nation of the Father and the people here are the ones the father called out of the world to become the melting pot of love not direct and indirect decisions based upon personal gain. The greed in this country is enormous in comparison to the need of the world. To be classified in this country as poor is to be taken from poverty and given to being taken care of by the government. This is not society as a whole it is the evil minds of those who think what worked in history will work again. That will not be the case and I will strengthen the righteous to the point that they will rise above the coming on slot and take down the people who have deceived and taken away the life of this country. This is not a sided issue this is a graft issue that is common to all people of this nation. Revive the soul and the heart will follow. Destroy the soul and the heart will rebel. The look of rebellion is very plain on the hearts of the people of this nation and the righteous are not going to be in the place of taking the brunt. The foundation of this country is sound and the people who think they have undermined it are going to very surprised and taken aback when the rug gets pulled out from under them.
      The earth reacts to truth and when you cover the earth with trash you will find that it will create a fire to burn up the garbage and set the earth back on its rightful course. You cannot take away what is set to deliver the Fathers request to bring his son down and then pollute the very ground he created. This is the place of the Fathers will and the people here are the ones of his choosing. What you see is not what you will have. Your faith will be tested to find out if what is here will remain for a while or weather it will break the back of the evil mind and take over the land as the nation of the very soul of the earth. As a nation this is the nation of equality to all men and if I take my hand off this nation it will suffer worse than what the nation of Israel has suffered. This nation stands as the leadership of the world and the people within it are the guardians of the flocks. If you will lead the world will follow. This nation has been called to fight evil because it destroyed evil. When you live by the documents that I have written for this nation you will be as Saul and taken to the gentiles. Wake up America. I am with you.


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“Love of Christ”

     All encompassing and all powerful is the name of the Lord Your God. There is no time for the least of these to come forward and congratulate themselves on a job well done when the job has not even begun. The wealth of the sinner is always the road to the evenness of your destination. There are so many who think that the wealth that is needed has to be in the form of cash. Wealth is wisdom not gratuity. There is a need for the things of this earth to make ends meet but when have I ever been in lake of the necessities of life. I make the mountains tremble and the sky to erupt. What is it that makes you think that the world is not going to survive without the wealth of the wicked? There wealth is wood hay and stubble. You spending your time in the planning for the future is not the way to the fathers heart. This is the place of meeting and the place of assignment. When you have both of those you will lack nothing in accordance to the word of God. I provide all things for all things. This is not about things. This is about you and I having the real ability to come together and make the world the place that it must be in order to bring in the harvest of souls and the opportunity to bring down the rest of creation into obedience to the Holy Spirit of God. The walk of the righteous is the one where I lead and you follow by instruction. I do have your right hand when you line yourself up with the directions I give you. This is the promise I have given and the place of taking you away from the world and giving you the keys to the kingdom is not for a party but to open the heavens and pour out all that is needed to make the right way the righteous way. The powers in heaven are on alert to see if the rest of man will take the time to repent for one another and bring down the Holy Spirit power for the conversion of the people who are lost and dying in all parts of the earth. I will grant in these days the ability to be translated into and out of territories for the soul purpose of greeting the new believers with the faith of the father in heaven and the ability to stand and face the enemy that is surrounding them. Then in the midst of the turmoil I will reach in and take them out before the enemy’s eyes. You have know Idea what is in store for these coming days and months on the earth and if you did you would be rejoicing at the greatness of the Father in Heaven and the power of the Holy Spirit in these the great and wonderful time of the Lord. The respect that you give to me when the chips are down will show you how I Love you and will not forsake you even in the face of death. The Glory is in the eye of the beholder and the beholding is being done by the Spirit of God into the hearts of the ones I have chosen for these the terrible and wicked days of the enemy and his desire to over throw me and All I stand for. This is the glory of the Father to take back and set the world up for the coming of the Son of God.
     You are bout to see the most powerful and tremendous time in history. The miraculous is gong to come alive in front of your eyes and is there for the asking to anyone who is not afraid to say here I am use me. This is the power of wisdom at the threshold of eternity. The angels of heaven are at the ready to do as the father has commanded and the book of revelation is going to be seen in the earth and the universe. This is the time of the great I AM. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! And the impossible will become the probable. Can you say excitement?


     Nothing in all of history will relate like the power of God that is abounding upon the earth. Those of you that have the tongue of the ready writer I will give the tongue of the Master. The will of the people will become the will of the father because the will of the people will be replaced by the Spirit of the Almighty and the power of the Holy Spirit. GRACE the way of the Lord. You will be proud to be alive in the kingdom of heaven and the way to the Father’s heart is to be obedient when the call reaches your heart. Remember be willing I will make you obedient. I walk in patience because the time is set by the workings of the people. As the rains waters the earth the people will be watered when they know who I am and what the reason for their existence is. The word of God is the door to the super natural. The word of the Lord will take your breath away and you will think that you are about to be delivered into the hands of God. Your whole being will be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit and the mind will be over come by the glory that will be measured into every one who has love in their heart. Forget your mind it is useless when the Holy Spirit is upon you. The essence of his action in your life is to take control of the things that have given you up to the world around you and take you into the realm of the Spirit for the cleansing away of all that has been a hindrance until now. The Glory breaks the yoke and dries up the rivers of darkness that surround all of you in the world. The ancient world lost because of ignorance and pride but generations that are to follow are going to be lead into a totally different direction. Do not be fooled there is no way all people will be able to see what is about happen and you are not here to take away from those who do not have a word for me in their heart. The evil will take care of evil and it will take itself out with a shout of defiance. The waters will rise and the wind will blow and the sky will rumble as a warning to the people of the earth but they will not listen and will blame me for their own destruction. I cannot stop what you create and that is the simplest way to explain why I do nothing in times of disaster. Those who call will be saved and those who defy will be taken by the lust of the flesh into the land of carnage.
     The Love of the anointed one is all empowering and is given out of love not necessity or greed. His love is perfection working inside your very soul so that what you thought was real becomes the will of the Father to please him for all He has done. The peace that will overcome you is beyond the realm of words in the earth but perfect in the realm of the Spirit. He is going to take the reigns of the realm of the Spirit and bring them into focus so you and the chosen will have the ability to see with your eyes the place of forgiveness and the power of the love of God in action to bring you into the place of believing in what the Father would have you to believe. The gentile hand and Quiet voice of the holy one is going to come upon you and take you by surprise in the not so distant future. The subject will be are you ready to see the things of the father first hand. Or are you afraid of the things of the spirit. This is the choice each of you will have to make. I will come before you like the pulling up of your favorite blanket and fill you with the warmth of the heavenly hosts. The perfection of the great I AM and the doors to the everlasting Love of an all consuming fire dipped in the kerosene of the Holy Spirit and set ablaze with fire of the holy of holies all consuming and all encompassing in order to bring you into the presence of the lord your God.


     Do you require an invitation well this is it answer now and the Spirit will take your order and apply it the recommendation that the father is giving to his people. Power and Glory, Power and Glory are yours for the taking. Receive what I have given in these words and you will be given the invitation to the greatest time in the history of the universe. The tickets are being punched and the game of life is about to begin in the earth. The scene is going to take you into the fields of life and show you the real reason you have nothing to fear and the grace to believe that what you see in the spirit comes from the Father in heaven because the sight that you will see is far beyond your wildest imaginations. Thus is the Glory of God for the time of this generation the generation of the constant and ever giving father to create the world that it was meant to be. This is the generation that the Father chose at the beginning of time to see the coming of the Lord in all his glory before the terrible time of the Lord is upon the earth. You will not experience that time because your name is written in the book of life and the pages are being put together to call all those whose name appear in the book.
     Where there is rain there is clouds and where the clouds stop is where the signal of the Father is given by the rainbow that surrounds the land of his coming. As you go forth you will see more and more rainbows as a sign to all that the storm is about over and the light of day is about to return to seek his place of rule upon the earth. Blessed is the name of the Lord your God and the son of the almighty God is forever on your mind. The captivity of the mind is the dull response to the earth’s release of the nature that has held you here for the time you have been allotted. The fragrance of the Father is like the earth at noonday and the son of the Father is the light that brings in the evening walk that he enjoys so much. The light of the world is the glow of the stars reflected in the eyes of the one true son of God. Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord god Jehovah. Upon reflection the greatest is about to happen and you are right in the middle of it. Rejoice I say; Rejoice in the coming of the Lord He is worthy to be praised. All honor and Glory are yours forever and ever amen.

12:30 A.M.

Go and Seek the Fear of the Lord

     Go and seek the love that awaits you deep in your soul before Me. Before me today is the life of Christ and the anointing to go forward if you are in the mind set to receive it. I know the things you desire and the things that will abide in you and the things of your desire are the things of your heart but the things of your faith in me I do not know. You must show me and that is what is holding most people back from receiving the supernatural. Believe me when I speak to you like I am now. You will know I am the Holy Spirit by the way you feel at the moment. If I overwhelm you it is because I want to be obedient to the Father and give his blessing as instructed at the time. Are you ready to take away the righteous honor that you thought you had and replace it with the honor of the Father? (Yes) Are you sure? (Yes) Will you receive the message as I give it to you and not the way your heart would have it? (Yes) Are you prepared to give the truth as it is said or are you waiting for me to see the light in you? The subject of the Holy of Holies is very personal and should not be taken lightly. The law that will come with it is a strict one and the way to over come the law of the land is to be subject to the law of the Father. This is the way I will communicate to you in the future and the way to the Father’s heart in the days and months ahead. Are you going to say to me I quit? (No) What have you to give to me? (What ever you need). Are you looking to see me? (Yes, help me.) Are you ready to see the glory of my substance? (Yes I want all you have for me and more as Jesus said greater things than this you will also do.) When will you be ready? (Now)When will you not take the world with you? (Help me with my unbelief.) Your soul is a target and the aim is to stop my progress. I forgive you of your weakness concerning the things of God and the spirit that is so intense in your life. Your will is the stopping point that has held you at bay. But that is about to change. Are you willing? (Yes) Do not go back and try to track the events of your life, they are no longer yours but mine and I am taking the rule and turning it into the direction that is going to make you great in my eyes. Do you love me; feed my sheep. Do you care? Share my Love. Slow your mind and see me work about the world like wildfire and the world is so blind to the things of the Father that it will wonder why God would do such a thing when they are the ones who have done it. May I have your hands? (Yes) to set the place of love upon the earth for today I will take the flesh and make it obedient to the word of the Father. Are yours mine or are you going to keep them? From this day forward the love of God shall flow from your hands with the fire of the Holy Ghost into the hearts of all you lay your hands on. This is not a game to take you into notoriety. This is for the work of the Father to see that you are able to stay in the Holy of Holies when I call. Will you Breathe the Breath of Life into those I say without question? (Yes) Are you prepared to ascend into the heavenly realm to see the place I have given to you? (Yes) You are right in the way you respond, for only I can give that way of answering the questions of the spirit. This is to show you that nothing will be given within your form of writing that is not given by the Spirit of God and old flesh will not have the ability to short or change the real from the mind. I will from this day forward take you hands in mine and give you the real writings that will take you to the place of eternity before the people. The lives of those that have not surrendered to the world because of disaster in there lives are the ones I am looking for. This is the way to the Father’s heart.


     And I am telling you that when you do not know what or when, turn toward me and no one else. Always come to me. Slowly I will bring you out of yourself and into the place of being the real ready writer in both print and voice. My words will emit to those I need to reach. When I want you I will call you in both the night and day. Your sleep is ordained by me. You have not recognized that I am calling on you. Your prayer life is short but to the point and the prayer of the heart is where I want you to be at all times. This will over come your flesh and take you into the Holy of Holies for the time of our conversations. Do not desire more than what I have for you. I am generous to a fault to my children and you are no different. Relax; understand that what the world says does not pertain to you. Haven’t I given you the unexpected and will I not promise to keep you in all things pertaining to Me. Are you struggling with what is happening? (No) Do not struggle I am here to stay the course in you life. Your service to me has always been of the real you and not the will of the flesh. Your will is now my desire for you and I Am is going to show you the real you and the person you have been set upon the earth to provide for me and my people. The lust of the flesh is just that lust and it has no power in the mind of the holy one of God. There is only the time we have and the place I have chosen for you. You are the receiver and I am the giver. This will prosper the whole nation when I pour out the Spirit to those I am talking to now. Upon loving you in the manner that will show the earth that I have chosen you will cause favor to come upon you in all areas of your life. You have not seen favor in your life like I am going to pour out. Continue in the world as you have and they will have no idea as to what I am doing to you and that is exactly the way I want it. There is all this knowledge out there that the prophets of God have to do what the world says they are; according to the way of the church. But understand this; the lies of the fathers are still the lies of the generations after. Remember this knowledge is of no interest to the kingdom of God. It is for the earth to bring about what the will of the Father is and that is all that will come from man is knowledge. Limited and mostly lies. This is because of the things that the future is not as the future should be. Nothing is as it seems and nothing is new under the sun. You are going to see the brightness of the new creation that is being set into motion as we speak. So few are chosen to be in my graces at this time and I will show you of the things to be and the ones who will know and the ones who will not. So few are truly interested in the events that are taking place around them and the ones who are in the know are not giving the truth to the people. This is the visionary realm that we will be entering in the future. These realms are for the purification of the heart and it will break your heart to see the visions I have set down for you. It is with broken heart that I am about the Fathers business. Only to often has the people of this earth taken the grace of the Father and turned it into the mess you see today. The gentleness of the heart is the very power that will take down the evil that has taken a grip upon the earth. I want to talk not in parables but in truth and show you and all who have ears to hear that the truth of the Father as it is written is not the way it is taken by the people in the end times. The truth of the word is like the constitution of the U.S. It is trampled on and given into those who scream the loudest. In the days of martyrdom it was the way to truth and freedom. Today it is the way to an early grave without the feel of love that went with it. When you will not defend truth the lies will ruin you and your country. Let the truth be known and the people will rise to the occasion.


     Leadership in the world is given by agreement and the agreement of the evil is greater than the blessedness of truth. We used to portray truth on all levels to bring up a generation of life but now this generation will bring in the destruction of the world and the slavery of the people if the truth is given no place. Remember; IT IS THE TRUTH THAT YOU KNOW THAT SETS YOU FREE. Not the truth by itself. Of all the things that the Holy Spirit desires is that the truth be known. Why do you think he is always searching the deep reassesses of the heart? That is where the truth lies. What is pain to you and what is truth to you who know nothing of the coming of the Lord. Is there significance to you that there will be a reason for the destruction upon the earth? As the gifts of the holy one are taken to the limits in order to combat the carnage that is taking over the universe. All the pain of man cannot compete with the Love of the Father. He can and will wash all the pain in the hearts of his people. The rain of the Holy Ghost will cleanse the hearts and the minds of the ones of God in order to take away the pain that people will feel. You cannot console or cure what you cannot over come. Thus saith the Lord God of Hosts
     Know this; when you enter the Holy of Holies you will be changed. This is where less of you and more of me occur and the ones who will venture to enter will be changed into the person of the Holy Ghost to become the over comer that is necessary to defeat the coming crisis You need me as Isaiah needed me and Moses and Joshua needed me. This is the example of the coming out of darkness and moving into the light of the Fathers love. Pillar by night and cloud by day. The exile is now from the earth and the humanness of this world is now entering into the supernatural. Welcome to my world. The Son of the Father is the light of the world and the Father is not going to stand for anyone or anything standing in the way of the light to shine on all who want it. Thus says the Lord.
     The Lord is my Shepard and He makes me to lie down in green pastures. His Sword is my Shield and Buckler. His Joy is my Strength. His will is my Grace. Above the land and below the sea The Love of God is forever in me. Praise His Holy Name. The sun the moon the stars and the rain are all in the realm of the Father. Amen


Stretch Your Hunger Forward

     What does it mean to stretch? What is Hunger? You decide and when you do then you will understand that the way you see and perceive something is the manner in which you will create the surrounding for you and those around you. What kind of hunger is there for you today? Is it Physical, Mental, Spiritual or emotional? When you say you are hungry is it an urge or is a request that you mean to take advantage of? How long can you go being hungry? Do you have a thirst for hunger or are you just waiting for the next meal. Can you put yourself in the place of knowing that hunger in the right way can be the aggressive nature that will take you into the next realm? Do you take things as they are supposed to be or are you looking for the way to enter into the next realm? The ocean is a vast body of water yet no one drinks of it and lives very long. The air you breathe is not always as fresh as it should be. How do you deal with the differences of life as they come upon you? If you were trust head long into the ocean would you give up and drown or would you swim for all you were worth. The world you live in is a sea of events that is trying to take you down and drown you before you reach your goal. In the realm of the Spirit an over comer is one who stretches his or her faith to the place if there is no boat they will create one out of what they have. That is called faith and it will land you on dry ground in the worst of storms. All these questions are the world you live in and you have to stretch yourself when it comes to me if you are going to receive the prize of favor. How long are you willing to hungry for the things of this world? Have you even given yourself the ability to ask that question to yourself? What is it that makes you do the things that you are doing today that you know you could do without if you decided to stretch yourself for my sake? Am I just fitting into the lifestyle that you have chosen or are you using that lifestyle to come closer to me by expecting me to work within the realm of your existence. You see I use the things of the earth to my benefit and world has to conform to the way I think and not the way the world says I must. If you were to say every morning that the world must conform to you and believed it in your heart I would make the world conform to you if that same conforming was to yield to my call every day. When you stretch forth your hand to grab me I stretch forth my hand to take yours. There is nothing before me that can hinder my progress but there is a world of doubt and fear that you must stretch through in order to reach my hand. Thus your words are the means in which you create a belief that will take you into the realm of truth and show you how to overcome the world and the lies that are within it. Remember this; your mind is the only doubt you have. Everything else works in perfect harmony to the moves of the Spirit. The reason you will not go into the stretch mode is because you were brought up to believe the lies of this world. There is not truth in something that has an end. The world will end but I will not. I am the truth the way and the light. He who abides in me will live and prosper.
     How far can you stretch your faith? With me you go all the way into eternity in the world all the way to death and destruction. When the world says to you I am going to take your job, are you sad. If the report says you have cancer are you finished or ask why god. The world does that and is spending unending dollars to deal with it. How many try to figure out the reason and where did I get this from.

     With me we deal with it and overcome the world and all the things that are pertaining to it. If you wait until you are there and then come to me you may not be strong enough to win. Doubt and fear are the enemies of hunger and thirst. They block truth and cause you to receive the report instead of taking authority over it. Even if you do not have the faith at the time to overcome it you can set in motion the end result by using the words of you mouth to stop what the world would do to you. I am telling you this now because the world is creating a space in time that will be of negativity and will destroy a lot of good people because they will allow fear to enter and take away the road that will keep them above the storm. The eagle uses the wind in the storm to drive him up and through the clouds until he shoots out above it and he glides until the storm passes. He must stretch himself to make it through the clouds but he never uses his wings. They are tucked against his body and he forms a bullet that is shot right up through the clouds using the updraft of the storm. For a short time all that thunder and lighting must look like it’s over for him.
     Now is the time to stretch yourself like the eagle into the coming storm so that when it arrives you are ready to overcome it by the words of you testimony and the knowledge of the love of God the Father. If you cannot hear the still quite voice from within you then you are in the worlds grasp. It is not hard to hear my voice if you are will to be led into obedience. No matter how hard you try you cannot be obedient to me. But you must be willing to go for it and I will cause circumstances to cause you to be obedient. And if you fall I will pick you up. I am forgiveness and all you need do is ask. If you lack wisdom; ask. You see asking is seeking and if seek you will find. Asking says you are willing and that will lead you into obedience. There is one catch you must believe that what you are asking you will receive. Do you care how you receive it or the manner in which it is given to you? I am never early or late I am always right on time MY time not yours. When you stretch you will become hungrier for the things of me and less of the things of you. More of me and less of you puts me in charge and you in heavens way. Stretching is faith it is not trying. That word is not in my vocabulary. Try says there is room for doubt and with me you either do or you don’t, try is a don’t.
     Let’s take this one more way. If you are hungry and you walk into the kitchen and your favorite meal is cooking away do you cover your mouth and nose so you do not smell the fragrance that is emitting from the stove. Of course not that is your favorite and you just take in deep breaths and you can taste it before it ever reaches the table. Now are you loosing you hunger or are you getting hungrier. Is there anticipation within you? Are you thinking about what time you have to get up tomorrow? I think not. So what caused your increase in hunger? It was the fragrance of the meal and the knowing that you have had this before and you enjoyed it above all other dishes. The word of God is the fragrance of the Holy Ghost and the meaning of the hunger that is in you and to know that you are his favorite is the driving force to stay with him and not in the world. Stretch to the word of God and the Holy Ghost will bring in the fragrance that will cause you to get hungry and anticipate a move of God in your life.


     He is already inside you and searching the deep recesses of your heart, stirring the pot in order to bring about the fragrance that will cause you to pray what you were unable to before.
      Do you remember Bozo the clown and his grand march. It was silly and brought a smile on the face of people. Your disregard for the things of this world make look silly to people but they are not the ones who care as to weather or not you are going to be able to overcome this world. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Know who you are in Christ and believe that all you do is ask and that will start to bring you into the place of believing. Do not say that I know and think that you have it together. If so never ask another question. If you ask it means you do not have the answer. Do not be foolish or prideful only I have the solution and the answer. He who comes to me comes to the Father and he who comes to the father will never be turned away. Do not worry about how you will look or how you will be heard know I am with you always with wisdom and knowledge to answer any and all requests. If I am for you who can be against you? The works that I do you shall do and even greater. The joy of the Lord is your strength and no weapon formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that rises up against you; you will show it to be in the wrong. The word of the Lord has spoken and He shall make it good has he said it and will he not do it. I know the things I have for you.


The Rise

     The rise of the universe is the taking back of the stars and the moon to the place of obedience to the Father in Heaven. Without this move of the Spirit of God the world would be destroyed by the evil one. What you look for in the heavens is answers to the creation and not the reality of what is controlling this world. The prince of the air is just that the covering of the things in the air. This is the time of the Father to take back what was given by Adam to the evil presence that the world has not seen. This is the power of the evil one to control the workings of the stars and the moon from the place of agreement. There is no way that man can survive the redistribution of the moon and stars. Man has no way of knowing that the evil presence in the earth is trying to get man to let go of his ability to agree with science and bring about a catastrophe. You are looking right into the face of destruction and the world is not looking to see if the sky is going to fall around them. The showers of meteors that hit the earth’s atmosphere are burned by the grace of god. This is what the Father has laid as a layer that the evil one cannot pass through. His intentions are to take the authority of the people and break through to the stratosphere in order to bring about the end of the earth. This will not happen. There is no way to combat what I have in store for those who would allow this type of thing to happen. These are behind the scene things that are taking place all around you and there is no one who has insight into the things of the realm of evil except me. There is a smart place of knowledge that the evil one has set up to confuse the world. This is the place where he will reside and take up residence for the fight of the future. His goal is to take my city and destroy it and the things of God from the people of God. This also will not happen. But you must know that this will cause carnage around the earth and the people will not know the reason for all this. That is why the Book of Revelation was written and in it the warnings that are for today and the need to hinder your words. This is the time of agreement and the agreement is by speech and the speech must be of grace not evil. Regard yourself as the gate way to the future and take away the agreement by keeping your mouth within the confines of the father and not the worldly actions or reactions. Do not comment on the world actions and do not agree with those that do. This is pollution of the word and the ability subjects you and all mankind to the superiority of the evil one. This is going to be the place of giving in to the Father or falling under the hands of the evil one. The works of the evil is to take away your trust and goals that the word has given to you. Do not turn away from evil confront it with the word of God and destroy its power and ability to take human life. The works of God are many to the bringing down of strongholds with the people.
     Warnings are blessings because they provide for the answers to save the people from the carnage. And I will always warn the people of God before it is too late in order to save those who have called on my name. The world is a beautiful place when the eyes of the people are upon me and the grace of the white house is in my hands. You want to know the out come well that is up to the people not me. It is their agreement that will decide the outcome as to weather they moan or rejoice. This be known I will always rise upon the people who put there trust in me.

     I will take advantage of all who come to me. The work of the people that are looking to come forward is the light that is being shed abroad to all men. Power is a blessing if it is in the right hands. Be it known to all men that the grace of the father in heaven is to take what you give and make the best of what is there. Wake up and smell the roses. The fragrance of the Holy Spirit is upon you and the nation if they will humble themselves and come before me with the desire to see me in charge through the one I have chosen to be the next president. He is out there and I am looking for those who will open the door to his ability to step forward and overcome the evil that is present upon the earth. He is of the greatest glory.
     Do you know the prophetic? If you say yes you are kidding yourself. There is a move of God upon this earth that changes history and the way people will look at it. Just as the actions of a few in the word changed all things in their day so will the actions of a few today change the way the world sees the future. The works I have done are of no concern to the things of the problems that face the nations today. I subscribe to you that what is about to happen to the earth is for above the things of the Old Testament and the things of the New Testament. These are the changes that will make the earth the place to dwell in and to be the place of setting up the kingdom of God in all its glory. Supernatural abundance in the form of wealth that has nothing to do with the amount of currency there is. Is the currency of Rome the same as when Cesar was in power or has it changed to make the world agree with the coming of the Lord? All things pass away and all things become new within the realm of the Father. These warnings and revelations are to insure a place for you in the kingdom of God. This is seed that will not be denied to grow in the hearts of the people of God. If there be lies within then the seed will not grow and it will be as bad ground and will cause no harm. Thus says the Lord.



     Choosing to believe is the principal of life. It is the place of saying I am without ever saying I think I am. This is the place of breakthrough. There is no other place on earth that you can come to me and show that faith has strength beyond the margin of reality. This is the place of believing when every fiber of your being is taking a beating over what is real and earthly. The promise of faith is to bring you to the place of saying that the world has no place in me and I will prove it by receiving the blessing and not the curse. The thoughts of the wicked are to take you into the realm of the unreal and make it seem as if what you see is the truth. The truth is that all things pertaining to Me are not as they seem. I am the ruler and you are my subjects until you receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost you will wander around in the realm of reality and think you have the right to see into the realm of the Spirit but you are misguiding yourself and the ones you love when you think you are about break through just to be taken out by physical circumstance. The warning in this is that the power that you possess is not the power of the holy one but the power of the mind. You can move mountains with your equipment but you cannot replace the love that created it. The purpose in the entire world is to bring about the truth within you and show that the world is just your vehicle to the supernatural the place of fellowship with the creator and the Father of all. There is to be a place coming before you that the Father would appreciate you and your people to bring in the next move of the Spirit of God into the realm of the earth. This is being spoken openly around the world. Do you choose to believe it? The works that you believe in, do you choose them or do you receive them as fact. Facts are before your eyes, truth is within your heart and is spoken forth by your mouth when you choose to come out of your shell and believe I am who I said I am . If you choose to believe then there is no need to have rules and regulations that cause a person to come to the conclusion that what they believe they will not receive. Thus faith has to come to the surface and say I Choose when every thing inside me says I do not. My captivity is in my choosing and the choice you make will cause you to receive the word as false and not truth. Take captive ALL thoughts to the obedience of Christ knowing that you cannot come into that truth without supernatural influence. The role of the believer is to take back what the enemy has stolen not agree that there is a fight to do it. There is a defeated foe if you choose to receive the truth that I have placed in you heart to overtake your mind. You do not take back anything I do. When you decide to line up with what I have presented in the Word of God then you have the right to request and I make the enemy return seven fold the things that he has stolen. You are an over comer because I am beginning a work in you and the truth of the Lord is the factor that takes us out of the place of lies and into the place of victory. You are not worthy to receive but I have given you the move of faith to have me open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that is more than you can conceive. Or handle. Why? Because I am the one who has the power to control the actions of the evil one while you walk upon the earth and I have instilled into every believer in me the ability to tap into that power when ever the need arises. Hope is the beginning of faith. Do not hope I am who I say I am choose who I say I am. This sets the work into progress and the choice to continue is always in you and the fine line to becoming what I say you are is to choose when all things say different.

     The principal behind this is Faith and you just received the reason why so many do not know what faith is and how to use it. YOU CHOOSE IT! I do the work and the blessing. The more you give others the chance to see me as a choice the more I am able to work in the earth. Truth is locked up because the real power is that it will totally destroy if it is received in the false aspect of nature. This is the reality of the person who will not take the time to choose the blessing and not the curse. Are you listening church. The greatest deception on the earth is the believer who thinks when he should be choosing to say what I say and not what he or she thinks. Doubt is of the mind, thought is of the evil one. To choose the mind of Christ is to forgive yourself and others and bring yourself before me with the words that will bring you into the kingdom and not into the universal belief that all things are controlled by me. You are blessed by the words of your mouth and you are cursed by the words of you mouth. If your mouth does not speak your thoughts are held captive. But when you choose to take them captive to the obedience of Christ you release the mind of Christ into your mouth and speak the words that destroy the capability of the evil one to have any control over your heart or your mind and he must flee. Do not be afraid to speak that which is not as though it were. That is choosing faith and not thought. Those of you who have given in to the sayings of the church and the world that sometimes God has to do certain things to change us is a myth that the people of little faith have created to give them an out when they have no answers. No one has all the answers except me and I have given you the ability to tap into my answers when in need. Do not try to talk your way out of your healing or your deliverance until you have made the choice to see me work and walk on your behalf. Your weakness is of no concern to me. Your faith is. You have created thousands of gods in your lives because you do not know the one true god. The true joy is in the love of God the father creator of heaven and earth. I told you to take dominion over the earth not to rule it I rule and have given rulers for a time in order to show the limitations of the ruler. When your leaders respect me you flourish but when you come to me as gods demanding that I do a certain things you deceive yourselves and bring in the repealing of the earth and shout to the lord that I have forsaken you. My son said it at the cross because all flesh is weak and unable to say the words of truth at the time of decision. But when you choose as Jesus did and chose to speak out “It is finished and I commend my spirit unto you Father;” all the earth received the truth of salvation. How powerful are the words of the spirit when you choose to believe and his words emit from your mouth and not yours. The works that I have done and even greater works will you do when you choose to believe what seems to be unbelievable. Forsaken but not forgotten are the hearts of the believer who has not learned the meaning of faith. Speaking the word is my word in your mouth, choosing to believe the word is the power of my word in your mouth. It will not return to me void but it will accomplish exactly what it was sent out to do. The rest is history.



     The expectation of the masses is not the place of righteousness. The expectation of the righteous is to come from the heart with a shout and bring down the strongholds that have stood for generations. This is the place of obtaining the grace necessary to combat the things of the heart that have held you back for so long. You can bring in the expectation by the words of your mouth and the reports of the bible. This is the only way to come forward in the days ahead if you are in lack of expectation. I am about to pour out the expected on the earth and the word is going to portray the falling of the enemy as the way of victory. But know that the victory is in salvation not in the defeat of the enemy. He has already been defeated and is of no consequence in all this. The expectation of the followers of Christ is to know that today is the day of forgiveness and blessing and the entire world is being given the opportunity to come forth as the father has said and bring in the harvest of the end days. We look to the father for the instilling of the Holy Ghost and the out pouring of the Love of heaven but how many of you are in the place of expectation that what he has said he is faithful and true to deliver not only at the time of his coming but also in the times ahead on the earth. This is the expectation that will bring into the Fathers presence and show him that the words of his love have not fallen on dry bones. You either love or ignore the things of the father because your flesh is more present today than your spirit. The purpose of expectation is to give you the opportunity to have fellowship with the father in the presence of the Holy Ghost in order to have the place of righteousness come down to the level of the forgiver. What you see in the realm of the father is to be as he has called a disciple of the most high God. The mission is to bring into captivity the words of the world and send forth the miracle power of the Holy Ghost into the very fabric of your being.
     Along the road of wonder is the place of believing in the perfection that has been set before you. On the front is the life of the believer and on the back is the gate to all eternity. The works of the Father in this world are to be taken as his hand and not his knowledge. The source of all truth lies inside your ability to say to yourself that what you have been given is also what you must believe. Choose to believe and make it verbal not silent. I choose to believe that you will receive what I am saying and take it to the next level. Upon reflecting on the things of your life know that in all you have and do not have is about you believing you could and would if given the opportunity. I am the opportunity. And you are in the place of bringing into account the thoughts of generations that believed and were unable to receive. This is not lose it is timing. They have given in faith to see you enjoy the outbreak of love upon the earth that will transform the world from what it is to what it is going to be. This is the time that all prayer has been tallied and the results ore in. The worship of the father is to come across the pages of eternity and bring in the realization that what was given by faith is now coming to the fore front of the love of Christ.
The works I have done you shall do also and the ways of bringing about these works is now the works of the fathers hand given to the Holy Spirit to distribute by the delivering angels at the time of necessity. Expect with expectation the impartation of the Holy Ghost. All Expectation is of the Father; receive it!

R.G. 6/28/15