Let’s talk about need. There are many types of needs and not all needs are for the time they are useful. You have the need to know the right decision to make at the right time. If you are in the middle of a crisis you will need to have courage to fight the good fight of faith. If you are the one who is responsible to the rest of us then you are in need of the patience to combat the forces that will come against you. In other words the force of nature that will come at you is the result of the place you are going at the time. I am the one who has all the needs for every situation you will ever come in contact with. This is the time in history that the world is going to come across the worst of times and the best of times within the confines of each of their lives. This is the place of never knowing the out come but having the right way to come to the throne and receive the grace to combat the elements that are upon you. Your needs are of the mind and a waste but my needs for you are your existence. This is the place that all men are going to have the right to answer for the mistakes of others and the repair of a nation. Because of need there will be an attempt to come across the thresh hold of life in the manner that is real to the people of this nation but phony to the world. This is the time of never seeing the results without the faith to know that the need comes from one and only one source. The source of this need is the Father in heaven that is setting the stage for the coming of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost to perform the sentence that the people have not taken in and done for themselves. I am talking about the need to have the right way and form to conduct the master plan for the coming storm of the Holy Ghost. This is the place of setting the tone for the right place at the right time. Your need is not for personal gain. It is for the good of the people and those who are not yet in conjunction with the move of the Spirit. Purpose is the place of receiving the needs of others. Look at yourself and ask; “Are you the one with knowledge to fight the Spirit when He is on the offensive or are you the receptor for the Spirit in the times ahead. “ Often the word is given in the form of gibberish to set the stage for the facts to come out and take the world by surprise. These are the needs of the Father to man not for man. This is the move of the Spirit to take back what the enemy is planning to take by surprise. Thus there is a need to come to me and see the face of the evil and know that there is no way to fight this until you have the needs to perform the action that will make you the over comer and the victory to have the scent of the flower that will permeate the air and sweeten up the place of stench. Why is there need in the world today? Is it because of the lack of what you want or is it the place of not knowing what the future is for you to change. I am in the latter and the first part of the latter is to be in agreement with me and not with the world. See the place I am showing you and know that the need of what I am doing is to bring in the end of knowledge and bring in the move of the Spirit in the near future. Look at the sense of the things around you. Look at the place you are sitting and the way the earth is changing at a pace that man cannot keep up with. This is the beginning of the end of the faith man has in himself. To fight the elements and loose is to know how small you are with out the help of the Spirit of God in your life. This is the time of redemption and the place of performance for you and all who will take the time to see me in the spirit and not in the physical. The search for the place of love in this world is not a need it is a fact that man has taken the worst that he can create and call it good. It is the repercussion of the father to set the record straight and present to the people the way to come alive and set the motion of the earth back to the realm of eternity and extinction. This is the need that all should have today. This is the place I take you from one realm and set you into another.

     This is the time for all good men in the eyes of the father to reach out and take the necessary steps to combat the future. Long life is eternal and nothing less than that will cause you to inherit the wrong place. We live in eternity and the real essence of that is to come to me and know that there will not be a separation of church and state in the state of repentance. It is for all and no one is able to stay the course if there is nothing to gain. The gain is the knowledge that there is no knowledge that can or will overcome the outcome of what I have ordained for the church. This is all written in the Book of Life and the book has not yet been opened and it is not going to be available to all who think it belongs to them. This is the need that will present itself to you and all when the earth is set to come forth in front of me. This is the time of the end as we know it today and the beginning as I know it. Reverence is the key to having the real need to come forth to me and then go to the masses to repeat what was given to be able to combat the lies that have set down in the days ahead. Man is not going to listen to what he has not listened to for centuries. It is the greatest gift I have given to man and it is his gift of choice and free will that was given to him because he is made in my image. These are the keys to the kingdom of God. I made a choice to create you and gave you the choice to create yourself. Free will is going to bring you to the place of love or disgrace. There is nothing you do that is not corrected but all that you do is given to the rest to judge and bring in a verdict that will take you to heaven or to hell. This is truth and there is nothing hidden from truth. It is the reason all things exist and the reason all things are judged.
     Let’s see what I need from you. Love, is the action of giving without reward. Togetherness, Is the action of working for the good of a situation and the finish of a situation. Peace, the ability to know I am in the middle of everything with the answer and solution if given by choice. Blood, The flow of grace that sacrifice has been given to you and from you. What can you do to change anything I have sealed? Opportunity is the way to act at the time of need to set the way straight for the victory to present itself. Of all the things I set forth I need you. You are the offering that is not the sacrifice but the price of payment for the rest of the world to have what I have to give. You are the chosen to go forth with the word of gladness and to set the stage for the coming of the Lord your God. If you are going to set yourself up as an agent of the enemy then I will set you up as the target of my desire. Although you have the ability of choice I have the ability of forgiveness. There is never a time that is to late as long as you are still on this earth. This earth is your place of redemption and as long it exists so do you and the way to me. Once you have left this earth you will be judged and set before me for the final analysis to set you into eternity. Love never fails because it never leaves you. I will love you forever.
     Why do you badger yourself with the state of the flesh when you are a spirit in the coat of flesh? I will see you from the inside and not the weakness of your flesh. That is the toy the wicked one plays with and tries to destroy but he has no affair with what belongs to Me. That is the consequence of not having the place of eternity on your side. Look at who I say you are; not what you think you are. Haven’t I told you who you are in Christ? It means you are the anointed one and to hear me say to you that you are mine is the ticket out of here and the glory to look forward to. Life is What? A time in eternity that was given to you so I could populate heaven and destroy hell by the witness that has been given to all men as they come of age and make the decision to come with me.


     There are more with me than there are with them. And the life you lead is not the life you need. IT is the quality of flesh not quantity of flesh. And I qualify all flesh to be with me at the moment of receiving and take away all things pertaining to the world and the glory of life. This is the best I have and it will take you all the way to heaven and the people I have given to you just as my son gave you to me. You cannot count the souls that are waiting for you to appear at the gate of eternity. These are the places that multiply the family of God to the highest of the high. The eternal God is not the God of the few and the sinner. Sin has no place with me and the ones who have to face it are the ones who say to me wait until I am done with my way and then I will take you back. When you say to me Father take all of me, I DO and I do not let go. You are mine no matter what you do. Tradition and knowledge cannot break my covenant no matter how it is presented. You anger me because you do not believe my word; not because you use your mind to make mistakes and are deceived by you lack of faith. This is not about you fighting to hold on to your salvation or your good standing with God. It is about you taking what I have given and running the race to the best of your ability. That ability is in the degree I choose for you. Any time you pick up the baton of ability you are back in the race. The race never ends so you always are able to compete and as long as you are running you are in first place because the race is yours and no one else is running your race. That is why you have the victory and the prize. It is only over when you leave the earth and join me. So how can I not be proud of you and how can I not give you the reward of the winner if the fix is in and the end is certain. The only loss is if you do not join the race and the starting line is called Salvation. So to be perfectly honest there is really only one need, SALVATION AND ETERNITY.
To God Be all the Glory!!

R.G. 3AM
11 / 18 /2014

I Come Preparing an Anointing

     I come in this season of joy in heaven and turmoil in the earth to prepare the people of the kingdom of God for an anointing that is to be the grace to overcome the mind and lead you into the place of turning the tide of gladness in the direction of the Father and not the evil one. This is the season that man will celebrate the birth of my Son but not in the text of celebrating what he has done but to celebrate the return of a child that is powerless to destroy the nations. All is not the way it seems and the whole earth is being taken down by lies that have been made truth for centuries. This is how the evil one works. Instill a lie into a child and he will continue to believe until the day of reckoning even if that lie is formed by truth afterwards. The Spirit of the Lord is going after the very core of the universe to take all that has risen in lies and bring them into the truth. This is the place of not giving in to the people who for whatever reason have taken it upon themselves to become the rulers of the people. I have been exposing the heart of men all around the world and now the people of the earth do not like what it has created with the lies of the forefathers. And the belief that a council of men can or would ever be able to govern the earth with out me. Surprise the end of this idiocy is about to come to an end. I am going to give and to show the fathers children the real truth inside the realm of the Spirit as that which was given to Abraham in the desert of longing. All my people want to be given the real peace that the earth and U.S. has to provide. Thus is the time of the coming of the Lord. This is the place of setting up the manual within you to receive when the world will not. This anointing is for the real people of God and not the ones who say they are. I have given all men the way to come to me and they who have will not be forsaken in this the time of the Lord. The winter is the cleaning of the earth and the beginning of the new season of planting. I am going to plant the seed of the ready writher and the sayings of the harpist to the place of prophetic charm. Release the power of the word into the hungry heart. This is the command of the holy one of God. Release is the means of giving with out saying a word. What has been given to you that you have received is what will be released in the days ahead. Receive the word that is brought to you by my people of the cloth of God not of man. This is the place we will take over and not look back. The prosperity to my people is going to come in such a surge that it will call for more of you and less of them to combat the evil and the angels in heaven shall celebrate the coming of the their release upon the earth to combat that which has been held by the evil one. He is numbered among those who will die the death of eternity in the lake of fire. The destruction shall be fierce and the place of giving this order is drawing very near. I have the anointing to give all my beloved the courage and fortitude to over come their fear of death and take up the shield of righteousness and combat with a glad heart knowing that what they have received of me will work on their behalf thru the coming days ahead. This is the true time of rejoicing but not as of a child but of a king that is going to take his place of ownership by the hand of the Father and the Word of his mouth. Your words shall become the words of the Holy Spirit and the Father shall give you the utterance that will open the windows of heaven and pour out the Blessings that are more than can be contained.

     These are not blessings for an individual these are the corporate Blessings that have been stored up for my people to overcome the world in all areas of life upon the earth. I said all areas not just a few. Creative ideas will flourish and the places of refuge shall have an abundance that only the earth itself can provide. These are days of plenty when the world is losing the grip of its self made honor and given to its ability to not be responsive to the word of God. Pertaining to them it shall be the worry of the world as to how they will fix what they and their lies have taken away from the people who have harkened to the word of grace. Possessions shall be literally given away as to come into the grace that they will see the people of God receiving; As though they could buy their way into the kingdom. The level of torment to those who would defy me, are going to be the glory of God upon the earth.
     Look I say to the west in the times ahead and know I created this nation and I will create the place within it that will surprise the world and set this nation apart from the rest of the world. A world within a world during the time of turmoil and the east shall feed upon itself and send the word to the corners of the earth that the Lord is not pleased with what it is planning for the people of Israel. My body’s heart is Israel and the power of her arms and legs have been taken to the nations I have set up to do the work of my blessed people with gladness not shame and those who would attempt to take down what the Lord has built are going into the worst of times.
     The best of times are in you and the anointing to come forth is also with in you at this very moment in time. Glory Glory Glory says the Lord of hosts. Peace on earth good will toward men. The earth is full of My glory. The earth is full of My Glory.
     Is this the end as we know it? No. This is the beginning of the end as it was written. The words that have been spoken are to launch the faith of men to the place of leaving the way of the land and entering into the realm of the Spirit. The fire that has been shut up in my bones is going to be released to be the force of the Father in the days and months ahead. Let me be clear the world is not ending it is paying for what it has sown and you are to be in line with me and not the way of men. The world is going in the path of destruction and the wars and rumors of war are real and they will proceed just as they have for centuries only this time I will be in the middle of them and guiding the real methods that will keep the hearts of my people in the place of refuge as a nation. I am no respecter of man and all who call on my name shall be saved even unto death. Do not look at this as the season of joy for it has become the season of regret to those who think they are in need of giving when that will only put them into the hands of the lender. This is the season of anointing, that which is given by the Father to the children without the need of purchasing or conforming to the rituals of lies. It saddens me to see so many churches leading the way into the false idols that the enemy has created by not taking a stand against the evil one (Santa) the avenging angel. Humbug means the deceiver. To disguise the face of truth with the purpose of doing good is a half truth and there is no truth in a half truth because the other half is a lie. Oil and water do not mix. I give eternal joy and peace both in the day and the night regardless as to the situation.

     I can and will deliver these to those who do not compromise or think they must. I can and will deliver love and joy to the children who have me in their heart and not some idol the world has brought before their eyes. You work and earn then you spend what you earn without sowing the seed of prosperity and you loose because the world says you are not a good parent because your giving is not to what society says is the definition of love. Understand your seed into the kingdom of God brings a harvest because I said it would not because of your circumstances’. When you sow with a joyful heart your needs are met and the favor of God becomes your umbrella and you now become the giver and not the receiver. The joy of giving is the pleasure of all men’s heart and I will give you the desire of your heart but this is done by faith not the need to be praised. My blessing is altogether the only way to prosper as I am the one who puts the desire in your heart and then provides the means for you to receive. The cycle is all consuming and creates a way of life the world cannot come in between. If you are willing to train the children in the admonition of the Lord they will not forsake Me or you and the world will be confounded when it has no power over them or you. What has been done all through history is often wrong and misleading. Each generation has a different idea because of what they see not what they believe. That is why I call this blindness. There is a way to see the truth but it is easier to let someone else tell you what is truth and that is definition; not truth. I am truth and will guide you into all truth but that will go against most of what you think you believe. Being subject to change is the way to allowing the truth that I have for you to enter and destroy the things and the ideas that have kept you in bondage to the world. Wisdom is the principal thing because it is truth and not compromise. It takes what has been given as truth and forms the real truth in order to accomplish what it was sent out to do not what it was intended to do. If you love wisdom you love truth and the two become one and the thoughts of this world become captive to the obedience of Jesus Thus setting you free. The truth that you know will set you free not the truth alone. Remember your mind is the only doubt you have. Oh how the anointing of truth is going to change the world.
     Heavenly Father I repent on behalf of Israel. Your signature is upon them, may your hand be also. Forgive them for their ignorance of you and forgive them of their inadequacies of you. You are Yahshua and I pray for the peace of Israel and the cleansing of your land. May the joy of Hanukah flood the land and all who stand by her. Amen

12 /17 14
To God Be all the Glory!

My Table

     When the Lord puts his riches upon my table I will receive them with open heart and gratitude for the long journey to receive them. The glory of the father is to be ahead of everything that is to be set in place by both man and Spirit being. He is always in the right place from the beginning to the end with all the facts in place and the real reason for the love that is being distributed to all that will be able to say I want it from the heart and not the mind. The loose part of the coming days is to see the place that the Lord will work with you and not against you. The purpose of the coming to you in the days ahead is to show you that he has an abundance for you and all the worry and grace that you thought you had are just mere images of the true blessing that he is about to enter into your life and the lives of those he is about to choose for the days ahead and into the new millennium of God the Father. This is the place of not giving to man but taking man to the place that there is nothing ahead of him that can compare to what the father is about to pour out. The abundance of grace that transforms the duty of the person into the place of the person so that all can and will be prepared into the place of setting all man free with the love of the power that is not of this earth. The purpose of the authority of man is to come around the bend in life and stand before the essence of Love. This is the preparation to meet the bride and prepare for the advance of the kingdom to the place of righteousness without spot or wrinkle. The Lord has spoken and it is being created as we speak. Rise Holy Spirit Rise you are looking for words that only the Spirit can speak and the Spirit is speaking to those who will listen to him in honesty. The rebellion of man is the tear in the fabric of the Father’s love that will cause the church to have mire. Hear what the prophets are saying and behold the truth is coming out the mouths of babes and men and women. This is the all consuming fire that I promised would come forth; The fire of the Holy one and the cleansing fire of the redemption of the blessed class that I have set down. Thus says the Lord of hosts to the people of this region. The whole world is waiting for this region of the area to come alive and take back what the enemy has in bondage. This is the place of refuge for my people and the ones who are here are the ones who will be used in the coming of the Spirit of the Lord to the masses that will be sent to this region. This is not a time of darkness but a time of rejoicing and bringing about the course that I have set down. Are you to be the generation of people that are to see the coming of the Lord or are you waiting for the coming of the Lord? I am not waiting for anything but I am bringing about the influence that will take you into the spirit of the Lord. Can’t you see that hidden within the forest is the grace to be all that I have called you to be? The silence and the growth is the only hindrance that will stop you from becoming the army of god and the performance of the Spirit.
     The Spirit of God is abounding in these days and the place of eternity is at your doorstep. Love is in the air not Christmas. As the snow melts so will the hearts of man. Physical or Spiritual makes no difference when the melting is being done by the Spirit of God Abounding like never before will the hearts of man become the place of the Father to dwell. It is ordained by Him and will be taken over by him in the days ahead. The clearing of the mind of man is the simplest of all tasks for the father of all men. The soul of man is a relic that was created with all that it needed to resist the world and agree with the father of all men. Thus is the case in the coming of the father upon the earth. Do you not realize in every thing you have ever written and read that when the father shows up the flesh must fall and the body bends to the glory of the Holy one? This is because it is of the earth and I am coming for the Spirit of man to arise to the place of overcoming the earth and the flesh thus releasing the spirit of man for the work I have ordained.

      The sweetness of my words will melt the hearts of all men before me and the Spirit of the living God will take back the providence of the future with the hand of the ready writer and the wealth of the universe. As to bring about the world view that the wealth has some sort of meaning to me. The wealth of this earth is mine I have it in every corner of the earth and bring it forward as MY people need it and I am releasing the favor of my love in the form of creative Ideas and wealth from out of nowhere. Numbers on this earth say you are rich or not and considering I am the creator of numbers I will control the wealth in the coming days. All that the enemy has is mine and has had because of man but the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the righteous and is now upon the earth and the formation of the place of receiving my wealth is to be in accordance with my word. The simple things of life are the very things that man thinks are so important. When you see the true importance upon the earth they will not believe it and the spirit of greed shall over take all who fear in not the Lord but in what they know and see.
     As I bring time to a close there will be an exceptional growth in the light of day and the darkness shall be turned into light even in the night. This will be accomplished by the Spirit of light and not physical attributes. The earth will perform as it was created to perform. The silence that the light brings is the duty of the Holy one of God. This is peace and the understanding of this peace is to know God the Father. Rejoice I say and have the time of your life in the Spirit of the Lord. The fire is coming and the anointing is far greater than ever before. Oh what a glorious time we are going to have upon the earth. The just shall find peace and the justified will bring peace upon the earth. If all men would seek me as you do the world would redeem itself. When there is no resistance there is growth and abundance. Receiving and releasing are the weapons of warfare in these days. There is no resistance in receiving and there is no resistance in releasing what has been received and thus the enemy has nothing to work with. How simple is receiving forgiveness and then releasing forgiveness. No fight there. Wisdom is so gratifying when it is brought in the state of repentance. She; wisdom will rise like the skin of a fair woman and the softness of a new born baby. Set your heart ablaze with Spirit of forgiveness and watch the fire of God come forth and burn up all that would stand in your way and lite you on fire in the Holy Ghost. Receive this by faith not works.
     Let me speak to you about the coming year ahead. What a glorious time in the Lord this will be. Listen carefully to what I have to say about this year for it is the culmination of the entire plan that has been set down for this earth. The glory of the story is this. All who will want to come home will; with pride and pleasure and those who choose to stay will abound by the Spirit of God to the state of glory upon the earth! There are still choices to be made in this earth and the people of this generation are going to be the ones to make them. This generation is the chosen generation from the fathers love to the evils doorstep. What a time this will be. I am speaking about my people and my church and the abundance that is now preparing to come upon them and the grace to know what to use it for in these the days of glory. You heard rite these are the days of glory and glory like man has never seen or even heard. The extreme form of love upon the earth is the power greater than anything before it. The power of growth so fast that the words will be spoken and the event will happen. This is the true power of the spoken word. My word put into the mouths of those who have chosen to stay and provide me with the receptacle of Glory. Seeing with your eyes all I have said and knowing I am true to my word. The action of the word to perform as it is written. Celebrate not only my son’s birth but all births for this is the birth of a new nation under God and the birth of real truth upon men.

     I will take the lie and change it to the truth the moment it is spoken. No more hiding behind evil in hopes of understanding the lack in your life. This is real freedom the freedom of love in your heart and the presence of the Holy Ghost to chase the world into submission on all fronts. As I change this nation into an island in the sea of evil I will equip it with the necessary means to accomplish the rewards of the wicked. Just as I battled in old shall I also battle today? If the leaders of this nation listen to the prophets and give ear to my sayings they will receive the power and authority to overcome the world and give my people Israel the placement of my Glory. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem is not about her enemies it is about their hearts toward me. Constantly praying for the peace of Israel that in their unity and agreement they will bring Me into the place of standing with them and for them. My people have endured great hardship at the hands of the evil one and as this nation rallies in the spirit I will again be able to stand in the gap for the people I call mine chosen. As Elisha watched Elijah ascend in the chariot of fire so shall I give the double portion to this nation who will watch me save the nation of Israel? Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. There will be unbelievers in the days ahead who will not understand the call on the lives of My prophets. They will be mocked and ridiculed as My servants but they will not retreat. Those who I have called, I will also equip with strength and endurance. I will give them divine wisdom with spiritual strategies. They will understand the times and the seasons, and walk accordingly. I will give them keen discernment concerning their ministry and the sword of My word will be in their mouths. They will bring truth to the body and bring unity in places of division. They will walk in righteousness but not submit to the religious traditions of man because they are led by My Spirit. Supernatural encounters and signs will follow those who are so hungry to hear a personal word for their lives, families and ministries, but they don't recognize the fact that the Holy Spirit wants to speak to them personally. They don't realize that the famine is over and that the Lord is speaking to those who have ears to hear. The Lord is calling you to stay in alignment and spend time with Him so that you will be more sensitive to His voice. He will make His voice known to you. There is no longer a famine from hearing the voice of the Lord, but all you need to do is simply tune your hearing to His prompting. As many of you have been feeling spiritually impoverished, read His word. His word is your daily bread, His word is His voice and His word carries life. Be careful what you are feeding yourself with, as some things release darkness into your life. Your eye is the lamp of your body. If your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness. This will hinder you from hearing His voice. His voice is intuitive and not always logical to the natural mind, but The Lord is faithful and His promises are true.
     Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, "This is the way, walk in it," Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left. If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine, whether it is from God or whether I speak on My own authority. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you. The celebration of life is in my word and that is the final word upon the earth.


     Upstart as it may seem the earth is the place of good and evil, it is nowhere else in the universe and the place of its final battle is Israel. All nations hate Israel because my hand is upon it. Israel defeated all nations and only by disobedience has the world come again to threaten my people. I created the United States to bring the entire remnant from around the world to the place of refuge. This is the nation of truth and those who attempt to change it will arrive in their own pit. When you put your trust in me I will secure your borders as I always have. If your faith is in me then watch the change I am bringing to this my place of refuge. You will need much labor to affect the resources that are coming to this place. This nation is the nation of prosperity and will remain so for MY sake.
     This is my decree to you the people of this nation, thus says the Lord of Hosts; to you will I come in the night and make a nation of worthy people to consecrate the earth for my benefit and Glory. Deny me not the opportunity to show myself strong on your behalf and the precedence against evil in this my place of refuge. Greet all who will come in the name of the Lord with open arms and I will open my arms to you. I will send down my angels to fulfill the wishes of the forefathers and stand in the gap for those who have been left behind. The Lord is the way the truth and the light. All who call upon his name shall have refuge in the coming days. See why I have brought this nation to the place of knowing its roll in the earth. Separation from the world means separation unto Me. Fill Me with your love and I will show you the power of love. This is the love that overcomes all things and sets the universe on fire. You are the Pease that the world does not understand for I have made it so. Of all the nations of the world this is the nation of Gods people. I have brought them from all corners of the earth to come together in unity of the one living God. And so shall it be and so it is according to the way it is written. My coming is soon and so shall you see the coming of the Lord your God.

     I give you my full presence to be with you and to support you during these troubling times. I have not forsaken you and I will not leave you in utter silence for very long. You shall hear the voice of the Lord your God and you shall feel the breath you have so long yearned for. I shall once again come to you in the night and receive you into my grace. I write this to show you my word is true and all that has been written about me will take place and the food is the place I set you. Rejoice you are on your piece of heaven on earth. All shall come just as you have written. And yes I will merge my word.
Thank you Jesus!

12 /20 /14


     You are celebrating your Idea of the birth of Christ. Let this: be the reason for the season. Let man have his time. The real reason to celebrate Christmas is to celebrate your birthday in Me your God. I was born of flesh in order to birth in you My Spirit. This should be the celebration of My birthing you anew each year as a new creature in Christ. This is the time to collectively celebrate when I came into you with a new heart. The truest gift in the world is the gift of salvation, the new birth together in unison with one another. The hidden secrets of the coming of the new church are upon us. This is the joy of the Father celebrating the kingdom of God upon the earth. This is the season of joy and abundance. This is the way to celebrate today what will take you through the nest year. Like the new fallen snow I will take the journey to you washed and cleansed bright as new fallen snow. The season of the snow in the spirit is the ability to cleanse the earth of sin.
     The heart of the Father is bursting with the gratitude for receiving the grace of wisdom to bring truth to the table. Change the way you think by changing the way you see. The Quality in life is in knowing who I am and letting that knowledge becomes the stairway to the rest of eternity. I am exposing these things to my people in order to bring them out of wrong thinking and into the wisdom of knowing and believing in the exposure of false time and justifying the rest of time. This is done by bringing NEW meaning to the body of Christ. Exposing you to My truth for the time that is at hand will take you out of the world system and bring you into the power of the Love of the Father. Christmas is “CHRIST FOR THE MASSES”. He is the birth of Eternal Salvation. Happy birthday to you, who is of me, the father of all creation. I shall shower you with My gifts and bring true happiness to every man who has and ear to hear and the mind to let go of what has been taught. You do not bring me gifts I am the one who brings you gifts. The greater one is with you; a new Paradigm; a new reason to go in a different direction because of truth and not seeking truth. Can you see how easy it is to confound man? He will fight what he is not willing to change and that is a sure sign of his ignorance and will be remedied when shown to the light of truth in Me. Special is your name and your specialty is all I need.
     If you need a tree know it represents strength and expect to receive the beauty of the season not it torments. You are the reason of the season and the power and glory are mine to give. You only have the ability to give me one gift, that is your heart. I will replace it with My heart which means you are now a giver to those who need forgiveness. Receive this season to prepare for the year of my gifts and blessings for it is my birthday gift to you.


End 2014

I pray the Wisdom within these pages have Blessed you as we continue our Walk in the Spirit!