Why do I say to you that there is an antagonistic Spirit at work? It is simple when you understand the direction that all things are going. The doubts and fears that have taken a hold on the world are in the forefront of everyone’s mind and that is the place of all indecision and grief. Looking into the future of what is about to happen in the world I am certain that more and more people are going to fall pray to the spirit of antagonism. The truth concerning all this is to be taken to the spirit of each individual and to see that there is no place in the future for your thought pattern or your indecision. The word I have given you is the word of truth and to come out of the world and into the world of decision and truth there needs to be a break down in your conscience efforts to separate the world from me. I am here to come forward and bring in the beginning of the new millennium in the coming days.
      This is the New Year for my people of all ages and ethnics. I am bringing in the source of confusion upon those who will not come to me and give themselves the opportunity to forgive and bring about change within the family structure. I shall have a field day with the families of this world simply because they as a whole will not come in to agreement with my teaching and ability to change circumstances. This is the time to come to me not your selves. These are the times of the evil showing it self strong to those who are weak and vulnerable. How do you become vulnerable in these days? It is by choice that the evil will enter this nation. The slippery slope of hope and doing nothing is going to prove that the place I have for my people is going to be the place of refuge in the days ahead. Do you know why there is to be a disgrace for this nation? It is not because of the leadership it is because of the complacency of the people who inherit the land. The teachings of this nation have become the teachings of the evil one. Only he can take good people and turn them into non thinking parasites that will stand in front of evil and ask nicely if it will go away. Not going to happen in these days. This the simple truth and the cure is for man to come to me as the soul of the nation and see the work that I have set into motion in the young people who have been brought to me to fight the good fight of faith not the fight of fear.
     Seeing into the future of this nation is to see that the consequences of the actions of a generation of nobodies is going to call the spade a pearl and the pearl a gift to others. I am not going to stand around and wait for the generation to come out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. This is the Promised Land for the non believer. This is the only land in the world where you can come from anywhere and receive without the pressure of the evil one to receive me as your Lord and savior. This has been ordained by the word to the place of refuge within the heart. This is the nation I have brought up to bring all men the opportunity to see me in both spirit and body. Those of you who know what I am saying right here have the option to be part of what I am doing or be the reason this generation goes by the wayside. The instrument of destruction is the ability to say I do not want to be part of the goings on and stick your head in the sand. Every person in this country has the opportunity to say to me what am I to do and listen to the instruction that is going to be available to all who will hear.


     The goings on that are having to take place are the works of man with the agreement of the evil one. This is to bring down a nation from within. But just as the world has tried to take down the nation of Israel so shall the world try to take down this nation. This is not going to happen simply because my hand is on Israel and this nation. I the Lord your God is holding up the arms of the prophets in these days so there will not be a chance of failure to the armies of God. The real army in this time is the heart of the believer in me. You will have the abundance of grace to enter into the kingdom of grace and bring forth the power to handle the enemy without the fear of defeat. The look of the enemy is large but just like David the stone of truth that I bear is the stone that will bring the giant down. Size is not the issue here and will not bring in the desired result. The grace of abundance is going to enter in the very near future to bring about unlimited finance and grace to complete what the world thinks is impossible. Nothing is impossible with me and nothing is going forward without my permission.
     There is a time for reflection to the things I have brought forth and the people who receive the words of the prophets will receive the prophet’s reward. Reward is the ability to accept the consequences when there is no need for you to do it. Looking into the place of no return is the grace to know that the place I am taking you is the reason for the consequence. Looking into the eyes of the heart will bring you to the place that the Spirit of God will overcome you and give you the very necessary life and power to overcome the days ahead. This is the day of redemption to those who will take it and run with it. This the time of the bringing in of the Holy Spirit to the place of the presence of God and power of the truth to bring down the stronghold and take the giant down with out the need to set the world on fire with war.
     Promises are in the word that set this all in motion and it will create the place of no return and the place of peace within the realm of the storm. The evil will take care of the evil. It will be brought against itself and destroy its own area with the blood of those who have dug the hole. This means that those who have had a hand in the separation of the lands will be the ones who will come down with the plague of the book of revelation. The destruction will be vast and it will be permanent in the eyes of the world at large but under the surface of the destruction will lie the true essence that I am bringing into play the mercy of the Lord and the blessings of the generations that have come before you. Since there are so few in the remnant of the earth the only thing able to come forward in these days is the serpent and his lives. These are the people of the under world and they will expose themselves by the actions that you will see. These are the signs that the end is near and the future is bright. Those who know I am the God of all creation will know that I am going to come forth to set the record straight and send the evil packing for a time and a time. 7 years is the time of my arrival and that is in comparison to the threats that the world will take the first crack at standing its ground and sending forth the new world order to set the motion together for me to set the rule that will take the monster down.
To God Be all the Glory!


From the Desk of My Heart

     In the darkness of the night I will come to you as if there was a strange thing upon the earth. This is the place of receiving from me. I have given into the heart of the believer the ability to come to me in the night. This is to come from the heart as though you were in bondage or captivity. There is a silence in bondage and a way to communicate that is not there when you are free. I put my people in bondage to another because they were free to listen and did not. Bondage is not physical it is spiritual. You are only bound by what you will allow to be truth when in reality it is a lie. Do not see me as judge but as your ticket out of jail. I do not put you in bondage you do. I speak to your inner self to keep you out of bondage. This is the reason I am speaking to you now. Many are going into bondage because of the things they are seeing. Do not look at the things that are present they are not for you and they will not over take you. I am overtaking you and I will not let you go in the days ahead. I have never let you go and I will not do it now. You use me in such away that you feel that you are righteous. But, you are leading yourself and others into a state of dependency that will cause you to make the wrong decision when the time is critical. Do not look at the things of this world. They are for the blind that will bring in the place of learning the untruth and not the real truth. Love is from the Heart and the heart is easily swayed when the mind gives it the ok to come out of hiding and bring the reality that the world is right and the faith is weak.
     What is coming across my desk is the hearts of those who are going into penance for a time and this is for the resurrection of the few who have been overcome by the Tyranny that has come into this land. Looking into the eyes of those I have called I see an uncertainty that needs to be destroyed and I am rising up in the middle and taking back what you are giving up. This is for the time ahead and the time of revival of the spirit not the heart. For the heart is being used by the feelings that have been generated by those who would fool the masses into thinking that they must do what I have not told them to do. False religion is going to propose a solution and it will not work for those who will abide by it. There is no guidance in these days except from the father. This is the time that will change the face of the earth as we know it. To bring into the realm of love is to bring in the solution to the crisis that I have not created. This is the place of no return and that will be the demise of those who have the powers at bay and will not prevail over them. Silence is a good thing at this time for me because of the coming days ahead. The turmoil will be great during the next couple of months and men will have to choose if they are willing to come out of the world or if they are going to ride the storm of this world. It will come in from all directions. And man will think there is no escape. This is the world falling for the lies of the enemy and the weakness of the heart. Do not let your heart go faint. Isis is not what it is made out to be and the law of the land will not prevail in this time but the Law of the word will work what was set in Daniel 2: 45. All who are of the worship of me will see the word work before their very eyes and will rejoice when the enemy takes out the enemy.
     Where are my people at this time? At peace during the storm the world is revealing. This is not the time to come on your belly in fear but to stand and defy the presence of the enemy and take back what he is attempting to destroy. I have the world right where it needs to be and that is the rewards of the wicked for all to see. My people will rejoice for the love of God is abounding in the hearts of the true believer.

     Special awards will be given in these times for those who will not take what is shown and give me the ability to use them both spiritually and bodily. I have a great plan in these days and the Glory of the Lord is abounding to all who will call on the name of the Lord. Yahshua is giving about the time to come, a promise that has been given in the word for the redemption of man and all his inadequacies; Life more abundant and life in higher quality with the responsibility to come forth on behalf of others who will not be able to come forward. This is the glorious time for my people to receive the abundance of God and to fulfill the redeemer’s promise of faithfulness and goodness beyond measure.
      Simply stated I am going to pour out on the children the supernatural ability to see right through the world of lies and see into the heart of the father and say what the men of this world are afraid to say, A real life more abundant and a favor beyond comprehension. Pray for the children for they are the innocence on the earth not man. There is no innocence beyond the children and the world is going to see this very soon. No man is capable of being trusted because of the sin nature that has not been dealt with before. I am not speaking of what was before salvation I am speaking of that which is after salvation. This is the world of sin that came before and is rising up from the past to see if it can get back into everyman’s life. The last of evils attempt to degrade and make disbelief among God’s people. Do not question your thoughts take them captive to the obedience of Jesus. Unless the spirit overcomes the flesh your heart will remain vulnerable to the place you will not trust it. Circumstances that are to come forward in these days will bring you to the place of knowing or not knowing me. The joy is in the faith you have in our relationship as Father and child. If you do not enter as a little child you will not receive the kingdom of heaven. This is of great importance at this time. Do not question me when you feel my presence. Be silent and listen to what I have to say with an open heart and I will create a heart of stone concerning the world and what is going on in it. Remember upon this rock I will build my church and you are the rock of salvation to the world and the world has no place in you. Receive this as the confirmation that I am going to continue upon this earth with the power to divide and conquer along with the ability to come forward with the spoils of war. The fight is mine not yours. Rejoice in Me and the plan I have for you; it is the plan that will over come the world and take back all that has been given up. Amen and Amen
To God be all the Glory


Speak to Me

     Do as I say by speaking what has been put upon your heart. This is the saying I am giving to you today and this is the way I will release the place of love and in time we will come together and stage a fight that will not be brought to you as the person for the giving of the worlds worst tragedy. This is the way I will take back the means of man to bring in the rest of humanity. That is by speaking and speaking out from the Spirit and taking the world back with the sound of your voice to say to the mountain I am taking back and I am creating what the father has said and I will be the voice of the creator to this generation and beyond. Spoken in the language of the Spirit and taken by the grace of the Father to start the rain from heaven to fall in the mighty manner of the spirit of God. The beginning of the end is near to you and the place of repentance is the place of speaking to the mountain and shaking it with the words I have given to you. See the place of victory and know the real place of excitement is with in your spirit in the days ahead. I am going to shake the real love into your soul and show you that all of you; can and will be consumed by the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of rebuke to set the fire on course to burn in the eyes of the beholder and the grace of the father. Set your mouth to the realm of the Lord your God and see your lips burn with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Sense the smoke that will rise from within you and blow the flames of fire into the generation that has lacked the ability to come to me. Speak and shout to the Lord for the day of grace has arrived and the Glory of the Lord is abounding into the hearts and Spirits of my people and the real reason for the temple to be rebuilt is to sacrifice the generation of people who have given as a sacrifice their own lives in order to rebirth the generation of people who will take the earth and all its inhabitants into the kingdom of heaven. Sow the words I have given into your heart and soul and bring about the real sense of accomplishment. I am about to explode into the universe the opening of the heavens to bring into play the spiritual aspect of the divine nature that is going to consume the earth and all who dwell upon it. This is the great I Am and this is the great and mighty day of the Lord upon the earth. The Lord has risen and is preparing his army by the words of HIS mouth to take control of those he has given the birth of the kingdom to and the rest of the universe to control the outcome of the end days. Speak and you will see the Glory of God appear at the time of reckoning. Spirit of spiritual reckoning I am speaking to you and telling you to come forth today and set the record straight in accordance with the law of the father and the realm of the righteous to see the great and mighty day of the Lord.
     Oppose me not for the time is near and the place of love abounding in the hearts of my people is coming to a close. As I expose upon this earth I will show you how to confront the enemy in the manner that will cause him to stumble and fall by himself with out the actions of those who would defend. This is the grace of the father for the righteous to use in these days ahead. Lost in the agony of the garden are the future religious and the form of right that will cause the fall of the unbelief in this world. There is nothing hidden from me and there will be nothing hidden from me. I am the way and the light. With me there is only Love and within that Love the power to take back all that has been given away

     The Lust of this world is nothing more than a great way to separate the right from the wrong. This is the collar that has been put by man on the necks of the people to hold them in chains while they go about the game of destruction calling it a disgrace and then managing it so as to keep that in the eyes of the people. Saying this is the way to hold the other group who will protest and spend their time in attempting to stop the flow of unrighteousness. Look at all the time and energy spent when if there was the wisdom and knowledge of what I have given would be used by the speaking to the mountain and setting the line of no return with your words. The power is in the words but the action is in the agreement. Thus there is so much waste to mankind because of his agreement to others instead of the agreement of the father.
     Speak in a direct manner concerning the thing of this world and rumors of war. The height of this problem is going to rise in a flavor of disgust and the world is going to be drawn into the massive battle of the future unless there is a turning back of my people into the realm of the Spirit and taking the authority that they have been given and stopping the enemy in his tracks. This generation has brought a curse of complacency upon itself and will not see the grace at work because the word is not being spoken out with authority and will cause the church to go to sleep while waiting for what they should be doing. Allow me the right to enter every situation that is prevalent today. Take away the meaningless things of every day and see that this is a united stand against all evil and the whole world is about to explode. This is the very cause for the people of this world to see that they have created a monster and the people can destroy this monster. If you can see the consequence of this disaster then you can see the reward of the outcome of this disaster. The curse is man made and the result is also man made but words of the spirit are the power to take down the stronghold and bring the grace of favor to defeat the hunger of anger and complacency by the ability to speak as I have ordained to every individual that will hear and listen to the words of the father. Each of you will speak forth the volume of words that will be necessary to bring the overtaking power that the spirit will provide. Unless you speak to me you will be unable to speak through me. The essence of my word is the all consuming fire that will separate the chaff and bring the righteous to the victory over the world consuming battle. Do not have fear at this time I have given you the spirit of a sound mind and the ability to ask for wisdom. Fear is for the enemy not my people. The picture that you see is bleak but the thing about pictures is that they can be changed and even erased. They can be brought out of darkness and presented in light. The darkness upon the earth is only the shadow of evil that has stood before the sun to look like it has power. Speak to Me and I will Speak to you. Warring angels are in place and have the mighty hand of God to guide them in their power and authority which is given by your speaking the right sequence. The joy of the LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH AND THE STRENGTH OF THE LORD IS YOUR JOY!

10 /23 /14


     This is the year that more will be spent on the evil of this world than on the birth of the Savior. This is not evil rising it is man refusing to stand for righteousness. The greed of adventure and fun in times of pearl are the ingredients that have taken from the past and brought it into the present. What should I do to a generation that is going to give in to the ways of the world and not to the principals of God. To celebrate is to agree and to agree is to create. Be careful what you celebrate. It will cause you to agree with out you even realizing the consequences. Remember a mask is for hiding and the hiding of the truth will come back and bite you. What a terrible vision when you see this agreement in a time when all people should be celebrating life and instead they are celebrating death. Evil is having its day and the day is fast approaching that will give the consequences the rite to invade your home with the reward it carries. How many times will the words trick or treat be spoken? The trick is to receive the treat and when it is given it is done. Nothing gained nothing lost but what about all the doors that are closed and spoken over in curse. How many know how to break the curse when not participating. Remember words create and intention has nothing to do with it. The enemy will take advantage of every opportunity that you will give him. Remember authority is given by the spoken word not the thought. Speak forth with authority and blessing and destroy the curse and all it brings. Do not spend the next days and months trying to figure out why things have suddenly changed to a darker side. Know that there is a reason for the change and there is not a simple way to define it but there is a simple way to stop it.
     Speak to the mountain especially those of you who have not seen the consequences of your actions concerning this so called innocent holiday. Innocence is not ignorance it needs to be protected that is why the children need to be covered and covered by the word of God when amongst the world. Angel costumes are not a fix they are the means of a mask that will teach the wrong thing and turn a time into a life style. To celebrate a lie is to live a lie regardless of its origin. Let the children trust you and not the law of the land. All things created by man are flawed and will leave doors open that should be left closed. Giving power to the enemy is not the way to overcome evil in the times we live in. Celebrate life not death. Give out of love not deception. One touch and you are never the same. What is the touch that is touching you?

10 / 23 / 14