The words I have spoken they are life and health to your bones. The use of the Fathers grace to heal in these the days of destruction are just the beginning of the end, for the Father is healing like never before. Look into your heart to find the faith to send forth the healing power of the Father to the people of this world. The signs and wonders will come forth out the disasters that are taking place in the nations of this world. You are to send forth the word of the Father to the masses and allow them by faith to stand up and decree that the words of faith that will come forth are the words of healing for the nations. This is the Damascus experience that will over take the nations of Islam and the fear mongers who believe they have the power to over turn what I have set in motion.
     The lives of the people of this land will reflect the vision that I have shown the world. The reality of the coming revival is the knowledge that I am in control of the level of faith that will be distributed during this time. I am revealing the Love of the father through the Holy Spirit of God to the masses of people that do not know me. This is so the whole world will take notice that I am going to send forth a torrent of faith into the hearts of those who will pray into existence the real meaning of faith in order to combat the evil that has risen in the place of life. There is no place for the only people to come forth and bring into play the rights of those that will take down the empire of the sun and the moon for the rest to see the coming of the Lord in the days of retribution. There is no ways to look at all that is happening and think in your mind that there is a way out. But for those who know the end and are set to do the work there is going to be a confidence that no man can shake. The true meaning of Love is the action of those of faith in times when all others are cowering in fear. The greatest moves of God are present when the worst of the world is at the forefront. The reason for the disasters in the world is the cleansing of the earth and the preparation of the Gospel to be written in the sky and on the hearts of man. The true reality of the Father is going to up rise inside the hearts of man and take over where the fear once lived. The use of the human body in the days ahead are for the purpose of giving to me the real realm of love that has been stored up for the entire world.
      The show bread of old is now the course that man will take in an attempt to come to me in repentance. But the show of repentance is not the repentance of the heart and by that means it will gain him nothing in the eyes of the Father in heaven. The choice of man in the world is his own demise and the choice of the Father’s people is to know the difference. My choice is to come forward and take you into my arms by faith and secure a place for you in the days ahead. All that is going to happen in the days and months ahead are for the cleansing and the face of the father is going to come and take the face of the enemy and drive him into the earth and expose the real reason fear has reigned on this planet for as long as it has. Upon receiving my will for your life today you will be able to come before me and see the real anatomy of what I plan for you and the ones who have taken in by the Spirit of God upon the earth. The Love of the Father in heaven is so strong on behalf of His people that the world is total astonishment of the works that are being done in the midst of destruction. While the world talks I am doing and moving upon the earth and the people of God. In the confines of Mans heart is the switch to his personal attention that will take him into eternity. This is the switch of his conscience and it will convict the honest man and kill the false man.

     Just as Ananias lied to himself and caused his death so will the lies of the evil ones destroy themselves before Me. This is done by demanding the truth before Me. Along with conviction comes freedom if it received as truth to set you free and not brought to the surface by fear. The intensity that has rocked the earth is growing as this is being written. The truth behind the move of the Spirit of God is to know that I your heavenly Father will not and cannot allow the truth to be buried in the midst of destruction. My hope is not the beginning of faith it is faith and the hope of My calling is the grace and faith that is needed to overcome the evil and bring forth the truth to all nations based on the premise of Love in action.
     If you are willing to be obedient to the call of the Father in your life you will have to stand in front of the world and take your lumps. I am not here to say to you what you have or do not have. You should already know by my word and the book that is yours how to stand in these days. If you have not that peace with in you then you are walking in fear and not faith. REPENT and get back in the game of eternity with Me. Your assignments are people not things. Those who are called are called to be on guard and ready when I call in the night to take the assignment to the masses as given by instruction through the heart not the mind. I am the still quite voice from within and will always be that voice. You must be able to hear that voice when I speak. This is the time of acceleration concerning my voice and your heart. The vision I am projecting is that of power Love and a sound mind. Upon the request of your heart is the taking back of the strongholds that the enemy has had on the people through their mind and not their heart. The course that is laid out is of truth and honor to the Father and his work upon the earth. This is the place for all good men to ask for the help that is now available to them. I am not asking I am presenting to all men the opportunity to come forth and change not only their life but the lives that I have called them to. No one is with out a call to others and to those who will not ask I must go to those who will and that will cut you off from the promise I have for you and leaves you weak in the eyes of the world and in the sense that you are vulnerable. The deceit and lies that have come to the surface as the exposure continues is amounting to that of the holocaust of my people. The numbers are too many to count and the effects of this exposure are catastrophic to the leadership. The news will increase with the words of false doctrine in the governments will take the folks to the door of regret. You cannot look back at what was. The future is bleak for the world but beautiful to the people of God. The power to be will reign in the glory of God through the prayers and authority of the Holy Spirit of God the times of confidence and honor are upon you and the place of redemption is here. Rejoice in Me and see the glory of God come forth in this the year of atonement.

10 / 01 / 15

Are You Dry Bones?

     Are you dry bones in a dead world? Are you in the place of seeing all things by the power of your sight? Or perhaps you are looking through the eyes of deception and greed. This is the place of the world at this time and the spirit of confusion is taking hold on the populous of this world. There is a time of reflection entering into the realm of the spirit in order to bring my people out of the places of lost and breathing into them the breath of life. That which comes from the four winds and brings life to dead bones, even destroyed bones. Your effect on the planet is nothing more than seed to the father and you have been planted here to do a job. That job is to perform as the seed and bring in a harvest. The source of this is the Holy Spirit not you. The course that this nation is taking itself is that of Israel and will cause it to be scattered among the nations if it is not brought out of its dry bones and set to life as the army of the Lord and the conqueror that I have called it to be. Men are the deterring factor and the people of God are not willing to stand before me and take back what the enemy is doing. Where is the confidence in the works of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost? What is taking you out of the realm of faith and bringing you into the valley of dry bones. There is an answer to all this in the word. It is prophecy. That which I have written is true to all who believe and that army of dry bones is now going to come forth as the prophecy has written. I am calling the four winds to come together and breathe into each individual that will call forth his dry bones and become the army of God the Father into the light of day. No more hiding in the shadows of lies and thinking that there is no way to combat this. All things are possible with God and God is on the move in the world today. Just as I have brought Israel back to its home land so will I bring back all those who have been laid to rest by the lies of this world. You are not dead you are disembodied with corruption and lies. This is the way of the world and you think you have no place. An army is not made up of one individual but many working together under the leadership of those who have authority to set things straight. Not those who by force of lies and deceit make people think they have power that is only in their head.
      The Glory of God is upon the earth and I am speaking to the hills and valleys and telling them of the coming revival of the soul of this planet who have been laid to rest by the hands of the liars and the deceitful one. This is the greatest move of the Spirit of God upon the earth. The focus is on the head and not the tail. You are the head and not the tail. It takes many to make up the head and the remnant of My people are making up the head that will give the orders and take away the improper timing that the men of this world have put together. Rejoice in the program that I have put together. The reason is that man and those who believe that Israel should give up instead of give in are in the crosshairs of my scope and the aim that is mine is true and will not miss. Do Not Mess with MY People! This is the word of the Lord based upon the book of Ezekiel. My prophets to day are not gloom and doom. They are freedom based on the facts of the scripture and the results of those who will take in the word of truth and give it to the body of the people and they will decide if they are going to heaven or to hell. This is up to the individual not the masses. The word of the Lord is the truth personified into the hearts of the believers who are looking for truth not excuses.

     What ever faith or nationality you are is to be before me in these days looking for the peace that is beyond understanding not the turmoil of lies. These are your choices not mine I do not make your choices for you I react on the choice you make. That is why so many are in the land of dry bones. You are waiting for Me to do what only you can do. Not one of you is better than the next. You are all equal in My eyes and if you choose to look at that which is, instead of that which is not than you are going to have what you see instead of what you should believe.
      Wisdom is the principal thing and in your wisdom gain knowledge. There is and is here now a shaking of the earth and it cities but there is also a shaking of the soul of men who are willing to stand for a change to what is seen and taken as faith into the realm of the Spirit. This the time to rejoice in what I have as gifts to the people of submission to me. I do not want beggars I want boldness before me knowing I am here to victory not defeat. The State of Repentance has brought about the State of Expectation in the hearts of My people to know that this is the coming of the Lord your God upon the earth as the one true God to the nations. I am as I have said will show the world I am God and they will all know who I AM really is. The mockery is going down. The hills will rejoice with the sound of the trumpet. The cities will hear the voice of the Lord and the People will rejoice in the way I have come to their aid.
     I am prophesying in greater amounts through greater numbers of people so that the enemy will know the army of God is all about and is in position to act as soon as they are called upon. The world is into the spirit of confusion and the countries of darkness are going to attack one another out of fear that each one cannot be trusted. Do not buy into this turmoil for in the midst of darkness Light is going to shine into the places of refuge that I have chosen upon the earth. The Glory of God is going about doing all that it was sent out to do and it is not returning to Me void. The law of the land and the law of the Spirit have met and the outcome is going to be revealed before your very eyes. All of Israel shall rise from the decades of fear. Not for the people who are stiff necked but because Israel is mine and I am taking back and giving the chosen by promise the rewards that I gave to the forefathers by covenant. I will not be mocked. The fear of the Lord will be known to all men.
     Take your place with me and I will show you the favor of the Lord regardless of what your leadership is doing to your nation. I gave every nation its power and I take back what is not used for my glory. This nation‘s leadership has brought disaster upon the land and will continue to offer your land as long as they speak forth words of division and regress to the nation of Israel. Covenants are made by blood and when they are broken they will cause blood to flow. How many nations have broken covenant with Me? The word of the Lord is strong to the tearing down of strongholds and nothing is impossible to those who believe. All things can change if truth is believed and faith is stood on to bring forth truth. You have what you believe. Quit believing the lies and stand in faith for the truth to prevail. Nothing is as strong as your God in heaven. Give up your god of the earth and all his idols. Men create Idols not God. I create the Gifts of the Spirit; Joy, Peace, Love, Kindness, Meekness, Longsuffering and the thousands that are not written but executed by the Holy Spirit of God to the benefit of those that Love Me. Keep my commandments by faith not action. Your actions are limited to your ability and your ability is not strong enough to bring you to the place of victory.

     But your faith is, it is not limited to you it is limited to Me and I am limitless so all things are possible to those who believe. I remind you of this because there is so little faith being used in the earth today. Faith can move mountains and in the days and months ahead there is going to be the need to have faith to move mountains. As I speak to the earth and not man it will cause the winds and the rain to move in manners man is not familiar with. I love the earth and cannot allow it to be desecrated by the hands of those I put upon the earth to protect it. You are the ones who bring the curse not God. I respond based upon the pressure you put upon the earth by your words of love or your words of destruction. When you agree with My words I give to the earth the ability to produce a crop of joy and peace.When you curse the earth I make all things work for good. If it needs to be cleansed I bring the rain. If it needs to be destroyed I bring the storm and if it needs to be changed I shake the earth. You can be an island in the ocean of fear or you can be the source of the destruction that is claiming more and more of your land because of the compromise of the people to the shouts of the evil few who will spoil the whole loaf. Compromise is deadly when there is an answer but no one will seek it. In your hearts you know what is needed and you let fear come before you and shut you down. What happens when good men do nothing? Repent on behalf of your enemies for their ignorance and inadequacies and see if I will not pour you out a blessing so great that you cannot contain it. I am giving you the tools to speak that will turn this nation around and IF you use them on behalf of those I command you this earth will flourish once again and this nation will rise to the forefront of the world just as I created it to do. Your nation is in the hands of the believer not the Politicians’. Men of authority in this nation are not the men who have been entrusted with the wishes of the people. They have put their trust in the hands of the minority. My people have to come before the throne of God and demand as the founders did that I the creator take charge of this nation and bring to the forefront all that this nation is to be as a nation of refuge to those God is protecting for out of this nation shall come the redemption of the world. I will make it so when those who know me stand up and take back what the enemy has stolen and the people have given up. Stop compromising with your thoughts and take them captive to the obedience of Christ and bring forth the words of salvation and victory that I have stored up for those who are willing to let me speak through them. I am calling you out of the churches and the protection of your faith in it and asking that you stand with me in faith to destroy the limitations the church has put upon you and bring you to the place of victory in Christ. Allow Me to come forth on your behalf and take back what the enemy has stolen and show you I have just as much power and authority in your life as I have in anyone else’s. You are as important to me as my Son and as he died for you I am here for you. Shed your fear to me and I will cleanse you as the dry bones with the Breath of Life from the four winds of life; the Spirit Wind and the oil of heaven and the new wine to intoxicate you and set you free. Do not receive the bad reports that are before your eyes on a daily basis. Give them to me and see that what the entire world has to offer is not worth the paper it is written on. Wood, hay and stubble is what it all comes down to. I am life and life more abundant right in the middle of the darkness. It cannot come upon the light. The light will always consume the darkness and bring forth the truth.

     I am Love and Love covers a multitude of sin. Notice I did not say expose a multitude of sin. Repentance brings the covering of sin so no one can accuse. Just like the woman who was caught in adultery and was being stoned. Let him without sin cast the first stone. I did not cast a stone then and I will not cast a stone now. Instead I will cast it into a see of forgetfulness. Along the way I will make you white as snow. Why hide from me because of sin? With me there is no sin. I do not judge upon the earth you do. I will judge all men on that Day of Judgment for all they have not asked to be forgiven of. Until then all judgment is done by you and you decide if you will be judged upon the earth. Why is it written do not judge less you be judged? This is not my judgment it is yours. I have given you dominion in the earth. Leave it alone keep your judgments between you and me and I will cause you to see things with wisdom and not judgment. This will allow you to walk in freedom and not fear. It is fear that brings on judgment. You must first doubt and then open the door to fear which brings judgment to the surface and causes you to be bound into bondage. Love casts out all fear. If you as a child of God walk in fear then you have been deceived into believing you walk in judgment. Evil judges and kills, Love overcomes and brings life. You cannot serve two masters, one brings death and the other brings life and life more abundant. These are not commands or sins these are choices and they are your choices. Choose life period. Why do you think I said take ALL thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ (The Anointed One). Your thoughts are the only place the devil can work. The only thought in the world is in your brain the rest of the world works by seed time and harvest. You overcome the world with your words not your thoughts. If you are captive to your thoughts then you are walking in doubt and fear. The only controller’s evil has upon the people. Stop the stinking thinking. Give those thoughts to me and I will cause you to SPEAK words of victory and not defeat and you will become the over comer I say you are and thus become the army of God in these days. This is not rocket science it is a choice, make it and I will never forsake you. Ask and it will be given pressed down, shaken together and running over. Men shall give unto your bosom. The dry place is for the evil one not you. I am setting all things to work for good to those who love me. Are you to be one of those?
     Have you seen the picture I am drawing here for you. There is nothing out there today that can stand in the way or stop what I your God have set into motion. My word will not return to me void and if I say this about you then you are among the ones who are chosen not just called. My Love upon the earth is of the greatest level man has ever seen because the darkness is at the level it has never been. Greater is He that is in you then he that is in the world. That is a Promise and I keep all my promises. All that has been foretold by the prophets are coming to pass and the prophets of today are in the place of hearing the Fathers voice in the midst of the darkness. Watch Israel and know that of all the words that have ever been spoken those of Israel are the true and mind of the Fathers Love. His covenant with Israel shall never be broken and the more you know of my words to and about Israel the more peace shall enter your heart. Shalom Israel. No matter what the nation’s leadership may do you do not stop praying for Israel. A thousand may fall at your right and ten thousand shall fall at your left but it shall not come near your dwelling.

     Concerning the words of dry bones in this nation I am calling forth the army of Gods people who have the heart of the Father but have been hindered by unbelief and the words of the teachers who have taken their knowledge and professed it to the congregations as the truth without giving in to the order by God to be open to change and bring in the Holy Spirit into the place of allowing the people to experience the move of the Spirit. Knowledge is limited but learning is infinite. If you are not experiencing the move of God within your congregation then you attending a limited move of God. These are the days if you are hungry for a move of God come boldly before the throne and ask the Father to bring forth His move upon the leadership of the church to see the move of God within the religious sect that has not the faith to overcome doubt and fear and limit the ability of God to act in the midst of the church. Understand this does not take total agreement within the people. It can be accomplished by one truly hungry heart. When you hunger and thirst for Righteousness beyond what you have been taught You open the door of heaven and bring forth the move of the Spirit right from the throne room of God. Your desire to see His face is the beginning of changing the environment in which you live. I have told you to desire ALL my gifts not just the ones that make you comfortable. My gifts will take you out of your comfort zone and place you into the realm of the Spirit and that realm will bring into the move of God. If where you are going will not allow the move of God then the Father will take you to the place of receiving what you desire. Remember He will move mountains to get you help if your call is truly from your heart. The Holy Spirit searches the deep recesses of your heart and if you are testing you will not receive. You must press in to truth and not leave anything out before the Father. This is why He tells us to go into a quiet place or closet. It is to show us that it is personal and He understands what you are going to say is the lifting of your burdens and the exposing of the hidden things of the heart that no one else has any right to know. Your willingness to bring all before Him is what deliverance is made of and it is the most freeing accomplishment man can experience next to salvation. It is the taking back of the soul in hell and bringing the dry bones to the surface and making you whole once again to give you a life of Love that was not available to you because of lies. The Lord has no need of where you have come from. His interest is in where you are going. Thus says the Lord of Hosts.

10 /08 / 15

Who Do You Think You Are?

     Who in this time do you think you are? Have you not taken your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ? This is not the time to think; who or what you are. Walk in the knowing of who you are, the rescuer of the redeemed of Christ the knowing of God the Father in the times of peril and uncertainty. This is who you are. Why are you looking for something that has no place in you? The question is how long are you going to be out in the world figuring out who you are when I have given you all you need to overcome the thoughts of the evil one and take back the things that have been set before you in order to distract you from accomplishing the signs and wonders of the Father in heaven and the task of creating a way out for the thousands that have been deceived into believing that I have no power to challenge and destroy the works of both man and the evil that is present upon the earth. This is the time too seek the remnant that will stand before the world and take no thought as to what they will say or to stand when all others are running away.
The purpose of the Holy Ghost around this time is to create within you the power and authority to take back all that has been set before you. There is nothing that will not be caught by the Spirit who knows the deep recesses of the heart of man. There is nothing that can or will get by the works of the Father in these the days of destruction upon the earth. This is the place of no return for you and the ones who have been called out of the churches and into the end time harvest of souls that the enemy thinks he has for himself. The real entity about this era is the taking back of all the enemy has stolen. He is not the one to say what is and what is not. I the Lord of Hosts upon the earth who has taken back the keys to life and death have risen in Glory to show the power of the almighty and powerful God in heaven. The trench in which has been called the heart of man is now the river of life from the Father of all mankind. This is the blossoming of the Fathers Love upon the earth and redemption of those who have forgotten by the means of lies that the Lord is the same yesterday today and forever.
      Aglow with the light of the energy of the empire of God is the scene that is being created into the hearts of the men and women who are ready to take their place among the called to the front. This is the power of Jericho and the need of the people to obey when the time to blow the trumpet is at hand. The way of the Father is the same through all eternity. The names and faces are the only thing that changes when the realm of the Spirit moves upon the earth. There is a sequence that will arrive and overcome those that will not adhere to the words of the Father. There is the world of wonder that has not been lifted up before men of this age. The wonders of the Father are of the legal and not so legal age. The manifestation of the works of wonder that are upon my chosen are going to manifest in the days and months ahead in such a way that the world is to be redeemed. Although there is no way to communicate to the masses of unbelief, there is a way to reach them in the midst of all this turmoil. The words of the Holy Spirit in your mouth will move the mountains that have seemed so high to the nations that will be called to take over in the times ahead. This is to say I Am; is going on a field trip around the world to show the existence of the power of God to the masses of the world. And the ones He encounters in the process will be attached to Him and the Glory that He emits. The presence of the Holy One of God is to be the arrival of the source for my people to use in the destruction of the evil way of the people who have been overtaken by the spirit of lies and destruction.

     Why are you thinking when you should be walking by faith? I have not called anyone to think upon anything except Me your Father in Heaven. All instruction comes from Me. All of the necessary means of accomplishment are Mine. This is the works of the Father in the hearts of the beloved of Christ. You choose church I choose Love. That which is missing in the church is the power of Love. The touch of love is prevalent in the churches but the power to overcome the lies of the churches is very much alive in the teaching of the churches. You have forgotten the church is in you. I am in you. I am the true church. The buildings are nothing more than the places of acknowledgement as to how the people think you are. Names are the source of judgment. Take away the cross and the name on the door and the people will come because of curiosity. What the world sees it judges. What the world hears it thinks about. What the world does not know will kill them but the things of the Father are being shown through the lives of the people who know Him personally not those that know about him. The church is rising out of the ash of unbelief because the truth that you know will set you free and as the darkness is brought to the light all will know the truth of the essence of life; that being the salvation of the Father in Heaven. The promises of My word are true to the tearing down of strongholds and taking back what has been given up by deceit. The wonders of the Lord are many and the light of the Holy Ghost is the place of expression on the faces of those He is in and has touched. One touch and you will never be the same. So, think not about what you will say or what you will wear when the Spirit of the Lord reaches out and touches you by the fruit of others in your life. The source of the Fathers love is in your heart and the mind of man is going to create the turmoil to the level of taking him down in a flurry of bullets and disgrace. The creation of evil in man is done by what he thinks not what he knows. All that he knows is what is stolen when he takes the time to think about what is not instead of what is to be. Faith is the target of the evil in the world. It will not allow the mind of man to adjust to the other side which is light because of the continual move of negativity in his ear. You have ears to hear and eyes to see but you do not hear and you do not see. You have to close your eyes and plug your ears in order to see silence in its beauty. The golden hand of love is in the silence of the voice of God. The indemnity of the Glory of God is realized when the silence in your mind is overtaken by the faith of the unexpected to do what you have no knowledge of. According to all things of this world there is no way for man to think his way out of destruction without the help of the peace that is beyond understanding. The worlds way of dealing with the unknown is take a stand against it rather than embrace the power of it. According to the worlds way man must reach out and fight whatever is not known to him and that is the reason there is no faith walking upon the earth in the places of darkness.
Although by the technology of today you have the ability to see the future of things in other lands you still do not use your faith to see the source of the destruction and use the faith I have instilled in you to destroy the influence upon the people. You leaders of the world are going to see the power of righteousness come forth and take down the curtain that has hidden your lies and show the world the powerless ignorance that has been displayed by those who seek power not peace for the people.


     The power of the few that has controlled the earth has come to the place that all is going to be taken away from them and sent to the place of hell within their hearts and minds which will cause the destruction of their plans to abolish the freedom of the world. The sacrifice of the people of God is going to come forth by words of wisdom and prophecy to take down what those who have been lead by evil to break the souls of the almighty figures upon the earth. The preference of the ages is to clean every generation to the place of restoring the ability to choose back to the people who have cried for truth and victory when all looks like it is lost.
     Yes history repeats itself because the people will not enter into the place that has been chosen for them and the nations will come and they will go into history and never to be brought out for any reason other than life. Man has evolved because of grace and the need to bring the earth to the place of meaning before the Father who has spoken all things into existence and will speak all things out of existence. The Lords thoughts are higher than yours and His ways are greater than yours.
      Are these the things of your future? No they are the present day circumstances that you have to live in. This is the time in all creation that the fruit of what man has devoured is coming to the surface and is attempting to make me angry enough to destroy my creation. That will not happen in these the times of turmoil. My creation is solid even when the dirt is deep and the sand is heavy. You can not throw my earth out of balance but I can balance the dirt upon the earth so that it will overcome the imbalance and send forth a torrent of earth into the air to cloud out the source of light and the use of the darkness for the purpose of death. The reign of terror upon the earth is nothing in comparison to the fear that the Lord will bring upon the hearts of the evil ones who portray the desire of evil and are as cowardly as the ones they portray. The evil presence although it is massive in the eyes of the people is small in comparison to the light of the Father. Look at the universe then look at your planet. Who has the higher hand and who do you put your trust in? Oh you of little faith. The wave of truth that is before you is so great it looks like the universe and not the planet. If I move the sun just a little closer to the earth poof everyone is gone and all that was is melted away. If you must think, think on My greatness and see just how small you really are and how much you need me. I do the thinking you do the believing. Have you not seen that all I have said down through the ages has been true and has come to pass? Pay close attention to what the world is doing and you will see they are in the stage of looking for me and the truth that I represent to them. Even the so called atheist has enough faith to not believe he has any. Your lives are a contradiction to what you really know because of fear of the unknown even though all things are known to Me and the faith that you have is enough to take you out of fear and bring into peace. All these words just to get you to realize you have nothing to fear but fear alone. Faith brings Love and Love brings power. Love conquers all and covers the multitude of sin. Put your eyes on Me and know I am the Lord who saves. Think on these, things that are lovely, things that are pure and those of good report.

10 / 28 / 15