Do you care about the state of your Body as well as the state of your relationship. The Father has told us all things are good for us if done in moderation and that all the needs of his people can be found in the earth that supplies all our nutrition. We believe in whole food supplimentation and natural detoxification. If this is something that the Lord has put upon your heart to do May we recomend the following sight:

May this site be a blessing to your body as much as it is to ours. Our goal is to find all God has for us and by His visions and dreams we are thankful for his leading.


     If you care about the children and adults who have been caught up in the human trafficing. We ask you to pray and seek God concerning this unnoticed crisis in the world. If you would like to prayerfully participate with us we ask you to contact: and ask for a Scarlet Cord with the name of a person to lift up for deliverance of this terrible bondage. Remeber the prayer of a righteous person avails much. Thank you.

Our Projects

We would also like you to keep in prayer the work of North East Wisconsins Outreach:

     Addiction Mentor Motivation Outreach better know as AMMO This is a group who are dedicated to a treatment plan for addicts working with local inmates and  youth who are court appointed for community service by using cell therapy and an extensive journey program aimed at breaking the chains of addiction and setting the captives free. All funding is done by the hand of God and the donations of all concerned citizens and communities. Their Hope is in the Faith of healing and Love in action.

If you would like more info you can contact them by email at:     or donate at:  with the notation AMMO

Please keep them all in prayer as God motivates and open doors where there is none and provides by the hearts of others.