Can Religion Love you like the Spirit Can?

     What religion has upon the earth is the power to take what is of the father and bring forth in a truth that will take from the world and bring you into the presence of the Father and the influence of the Holy Spirit. This is the transformation of man into the kingdom of heaven. But religion just as all things upon the earth is not eternal. They are limited to the interpretation of the evidence that has been revealed by the person in which the spirit has moved. Love is not the factor that makes religion work. It is the means the Father has chosen to bring man to him in a personal way. It is by the Spirit of God that all men will be loved and feels love that is meant to take you into the place of knowing beyond any doubt that what you have is real and is capable of doing all things in the confinement of the heart. This is the place that the person involved in the place that God is taking them is the place where religion leaves and the Spirit takes over. This is not the type or kind of spiritual movement that we give to the move of God. It is the place that God the Father meets you with the love that was given to Jesus and takes you to the very throne room of his presence to give to you the real love that only the Father can give.
     Religion has tried through the centuries to confine and understand what is not understandable. The religion that has come forth in the earth is not that of the faith of the Father but the mind and interpretation of the follower. Religion allows you to see the Spirit realm in the manner in which God has given to each generation. The pure love that lives within that realm is for those who are in the right state of mind to receive the equality that will allow the Spirit of God to enter and take charge of the mind and the Body. Religion works by rule and regulation. If you enter into agreement with it you are subject to it. Also know that in the realm of religion there is only a limited amount of what God has for you. You must be willing to enter into a relationship with Him. This is done when you have been equipped by the religion to join into the relationship of the Father. If you have not been equipped and are taken in by the spirit of religion which in this case is a bondage to the government of that religion and is subject to the interpretations of man and not the scripture? All things on this earth can be taken to the point of owning you if you are deceived into believing the lie that there is nothing beyond who you are within the realm of your faith.
Faith brings you to the place of receiving and when that faith is taken in the wrong direction then it is of no good to the individual. It is your faith in knowing that there is more out there than what you are in. That faith brings you to the place of wanting and that wanting is what will bring you into religion. The search has started and the journey is to bring you to the kingdom of God. Your mind and your will for a short time have come into agreement with what the Father in heaven wants for you. The next step is to find people that will take you into the realm of God and salvation. The walk you take on now is to find the course that will give you the tools to reach for the Spirit of God instead of the spirit of religion. I have given all men the desire to lead in life and the leadership of every person is to be calculated by the desire that other men have given them.


     If you are taken into the realm of religion and it has not brought you to the place of freedom within yourself than you are in a state of limbo. The waiting of the power to lead you into the realm of heaven is stagnated and is driven by the sense of man and not the sense of God. You are corrupted to think that you are not good enough or that you have become the victim of your circumstance. This is the false lie that will take you into bondage as a sinner. All men have fallen short of the glory. None no not one has ever come to the glory on his own. The purpose is that God the Father is going to touch you and then man is going to convert you. This is the bondage of the age. The churches are more concerned with what they are instead of what and where they are to go. People are not the things that the church has authority over. The church is supposed to be that place to show the people where the authority is.
     Without the place of worship there is no need to come to church. This is what brings people to me and then they expect to receive something form the Spirit of God. I have issues with all the churches and the coming days ahead will reveal the reason for this. I have given to all churches the duty of sending my people to me and then releasing them into my presence. This is done by releasing them in prayer over to me and allowing me to be the one who decides who stays and who goes. You are to encourage all men to come to me as all they are. Your willingness to let go is the sign that will take your church to the brink of exceptional growth. This is a time of great expectation and the Father is looking for those who are going to walk by faith concerning who they are in Christ. This is the move of the spirit of God upon the earth and he is going to take all people to the place of letting go and receiving them into the care and love of the Father based upon those who have given into the spirit as I have given at this time. The tide of the realm of the spirit is moving out of the church and into the heart of the people to give them the courage to stand in the face of the enemy in victory and not defeat.
      All of religion is going to be exposed so the enemy can have his field day of deception taken away from him and brought to the place of disgrace. I am speaking this because that which was started on the premise of truth has been taken to the place of corruption. The church is now the place of redemption and confusion. This should not be. There is a state of repentance that sets a man free not put him in bondage. Too many people are in a state of bondage in the churches because there is no move of the spirit. Your traditions have made my word of no effect. Why is this? I am the head of the church and my son is the executor of the will of the church and the Holy Spirit is the power of the church. Notice that there is no mention of man. The church is the move of God not the place of God. The brick and mortar buildings shall be shaken just as the earth is shaken and I am not a respecter of man or religion. If you are in the place of complacency then you will know my displeasure. This is not rebuke. This is encouragement. I will rebuke the individual who is responsible of these things by the mercy of God and the truth of the Spirit in order to take them into the realm of peace and love for my people. No one is to be lost during the cleansing of the church unless they have a cold heart.


     If the church is not ready then it better find a new source of lamp oil or their flame shall be put out. I am not here to account to the church. The church is here to account to me and that is exactly what it will do. It is never too late for the church to seek and find the truth that it has not allowed to happen with in it walls. I am not taking away the possibility that all men are the same Just look at all the different religions that there are in the world. Most of them are false and the rest are lost to the move of God. Even those who have the Spirit working within them are not in the position of taking the world back to the place of peace. The power and faith level of the church is not that of the power and authority of the Holy Spirit and the move there of.
      What is all this about. It is notification that the move of the Spirit of God is real and time to see it in action is to the churches that are ready to change directions and see the real move that is in the air. I wish no man to miss the move of the Father upon the earth. This is the greatest move the earth has ever seen and I want all who are ready to take the real step of faith to stand up and receive the power and authority to accomplish the task at hand. All of which is accomplished in the books leading up to the Book of Revelation is going to be manifested upon the earth to the sound of the trumpets and glory of God. The days of Glory are upon us and the glory of God is becoming the very air we breathe. The breath of life is being blown all over the earth and this is where the people will win or loose. I can take all that was and turn it into what is to be. Looking forward there is going to be a shift in the places of growth and the place of refuge is coming to the surface. This is the month of the great I AM and this is the glory that you will see if you have the eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit of God has to say. Change like never before all those things of the past will pass away and all things are going to be new and different than what man has created. This is the time I will make right what man has taken to the limit. Faster than the computer is the will of God. Greater is the love of God than the love of man. Eye has not seen nor ear heard the words of the Father in the way it shall be revealed in the time ahead. Great is his majesty and greater is his name upon the earth. All creation is going to know the voice of the father and the heart of his calling to and upon the earth. The quake shall awake and the storms shall be the signs of the times. But the biggest battle shall be for the mind of man. This is the place of no return. This is the place of taking what should be yours and giving it over to others because you have fear in your heart. Religion cannot save what it does not have and the truth of what is going to happen is to be the creator in the place of challenge to the world of evil and the things of mans mind.
      Although we live in the presence of the Holy Ghost we are taking the things of Holy Ghost as they are revealed to you. He is going on the path of destruction to the things upon the earth that will hold up the return of the Son of God. This is the time to say that you are willing to take your place and watch the father in action on your behalf. Look deep and I mean deep into your heart and see if there is a ray of hope in there that I your Father can use to bring in the return of the grace and peace that has been taken from this country and store it up for the rest of the time I have ordained upon this earth.

     When love leads the way there is nothing that can stand in its way. Good bad or otherwise it will all be consumed by the grace that flows from Love into the earth and the people who populate it. The roll of grace upon the earth is going to be like the roll of thunder in the greatest of all storms.
     What a glorious time this is. The fear of man is just the way man solves his problems. If he cannot control a situation then he must destroy it. That is what is known as the false leadership. This is given because of greed and envy. This is about the personal and not the people. Remember all things lead to the betterment of the people. That is why there is government and the leadership that is governing the lives of those that are not capable of working together for the betterment of man. These are the ones that you will see be taken in the turmoil of the spirit of confusion that is upon the earth. Without faith in man and leading out of greed is sure to open the door to destruction. Fortunately for you there is no way all people will pay for the ignorance of a few. The course this nation is taking is the way of destruction and as a sign of the times the fear that it promotes is going to come upon the nation as a whole because they have no idea as to how to stop what has begun to flow out as the river of deceit. You cannot allow untruth to run rampant and expect to overcome it when the power it is given has no one to challenge it.
     Prayer is powerful when it is used as the weapon of your warfare not the reason for your fear. The prayer of a righteous man avails much and righteous is truth not fear. You the church have the ability to take back all that has been taken if you will get out of fear and stand on faith and TRUTH. Do not be afraid of what may be found in your life because of what you are standing for because the world is going to hate you for my sake. But what can man do to you if I am for you. When are you going to stand up for what is going on within the confines of your home. Take back your home and your loved ones and then agree together that nothing is going to take what God has ordained is ours.
     One voice crying in the wilderness ushered in the greatest move on earth and one voice together will do it again. Who is it I can use. Call out and say I Lord I am here use me. The fear of the unknown will fade like the night coming to day. Stop looking at all that is happening and stay the course by taking all thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. Enter into the mind of Christ and see all that has been said here will not affect you when you enter into the realm of the Spirit of God the Father. Welcome to September.


The Light in Darkness

     It is in the time of darkness that your thoughts become your guide into destruction. The time is now for the darkness to be lifted from your eyes and the spirit of God to come forth inside the hearts of the blind and show them how to inter into the light of the Holy Spirit. In the presence of the Spirit is the condition that what you have forsaken is shown as a place of loss and the place of darkness is the shadow of life that has been taken from you. There is no time like the present to set the course within you to the place of receiving all that has be sent to you. The reason that you are unable to reach out and receive is that the darkness of this world is greater than the light that should be in you. The dimness of the light is the way you see things in this world and thus creates a blind that can be turned down or pulled up. This is not the way I intended the earth to be. This is the creation of man to hold the power of the heavens at bay. This is the negativity of man and the grace of the father being sent to the place of the mind. You cannot come to me and lay the thoughts of your mind before me as repentance and expect me to act according to your lies. This is not the place of your heart. It is your earthly way of convincing yourself that I will do what I said I would not. There is a fine line between the father love and the enemy’s lies. Both enter the body but only one enters the heart and we know why. The darkness is not allowed in the heart and yet the enemy has most convinced that he can and is in your heart. This is only the darkness that has overtaken you and made you believe that the son and the Father are not as powerful as they say they are. What is going to take you into the realm of truth is the knowing in your heart that this cannot be right and that you do not know how but are willing to stand in front of Me and the enemy and say I want the truth. The truth that you know will set you free. I am sending the light in the midst of the darkness so that the blind that you created is being able to be destroyed and replaced with truth. These are the times of the coming of the Lord into the lives of the people and the place of giving into the spirit of god is the reward of the Father into the hearts of the people of faith. Notice I said faith not mind. Your faith is by your heart not your mouth. Out the abundance of your heart your mouth speaks. You heat can only speak when there is an abundance in it. When the blind of darkness is pulled the heart is silent and the mouth speaks based upon the thoughts of the mind. But when the heart is filled with the abundance of truth it will lift the blind and bring forth the truth that will set you free. The glory of God is able to say to your heart the things that the mind cannot conceive. The darkness is shed abroad in your life and the light is taken out by the heaviness in your mind. Your heart is made to rejoice and only needs the light of the father to accomplish the restoration of the soul. These are not the times of destruction. These are the times of restoration. This is the time the light of the father that has been hidden by the mind is going to be released into the hearts of the people who know him by truth and not words. The darkness plays very well with words but the truth is the creation of the words that defeats the since of knowledge and restores the way of truth into the heart. If you believe that that your fight is not with flesh and blood then you are into the realm of faith and the creation of the words that will bring into the light the way that you will go in order to overcome the ways of the world. It is not enough to know the ways of the enemy it is also the meaning of why he has taken all this and brought into play with your mind. The essence of the Father in the days ahead is to bring into existence the very opportunity of grace and mercy combining to bring truth through the hands of my people.

     When darkness prevails as it has in the world the people act as though there is no way to fight and thus they enter into the mode of escape. There is no escape from darkness. It will fallow you into wherever you go. There is only one way to overcome darkness and that is to destroy it in YOUR life. The powers that be are in control of the times that we are set in. These are not the times that we are to back away these are the times we are to come forward and accomplish the things that we were given to do. This is the time of assignment. These are the times that god has for each and every one of us to fulfill by the raising of your hands above your head and receiving through the hand of god and the hand of the Holy Ghost in order to commit the fire of God to the place that it necessary in order to accomplish the things that are being set down before us. These are the times that the light shall shine not just as a beacon but as a pillar of light that it will shine in the darkness and the darkness shall fade and the fading of the darkness shall bring forth the truth. The truth of the heart the people shall speak because their hearts shall be open in order to receive the things that are necessary to set them free. The truth that they know will set them free. It is that place the Lord has ordained for this time and this place. These are the times my people must rise up from the ashes of that which has been degradation through out the world and stand for the truth that is about to overcome. The light is shining through out the world and from the place of one individual the darkness can be destroyed through out the world. This is the power and authority of the Holy Ghost. He transcends all time and space. Speak that which is not as though it were and bring forth the glory of God into the place that I have called you to be. This is the time for you to step forth upon this earth with My word, Thank you Jesus. Is the light I have put upon your heart brighter or dimmer than that of darkness? The smallest amount of light that is within you is greater than all the darkness that is around you. The darkness has no place with light and wherever there is light there is no darkness. The darkness can be seen as it falls upon the earth as it does every night since its creation but the darkness is not night the darkness is the evil the night is for the day. It is for the changing of the things upon the earth in order to accomplish seed time and harvest. Day and night are proclaimed and they are good by God. Darkness is of the evil one and darkness has no place even in the night. Darkness uses the night to deceive you into believing that it has power. There is no power in darkness. Darkness is an influence an influence to your thought pattern cannot react to the darkness but it is searching for what it can see in the darkness. The blind lead the blind and if your eyes have been blinded by darkness then you are walking in a place you cannot see the truth that is before you.
That is why the light of the Holy Spirit is upon the earth to destroy the darkness and bring forth the light in the hearts of the people. My people the world is lost and the world shall stay lost until it is brought to the place that it seeks the light. My people have sought me yet have been deceived and will continue to be deceived in areas and upon areas that have no place in their lives. Yet you step out of what is truth in your life and into what you see in your life. Your life can be darkness if you allow the light to be removed. The thought of darkness upon your life is a fear but with truth there is no fear. Love covers a multitude of sin and also defeats fear. There is no fear where love reigns.


     Love is upon the earth and love reigns. These are the days the days of the numbers, the days of those who will reach out and be restored and be replenished and taken into the next year of where god is going. This is another beginning not my beginning but your beginning. The beginning of man to do something for himself and others that he has been unable to do because of the lack of truth that is within him. Receive the truth of the Holy Spirit and speak and desire the gifts that are within you and shake up that which has already been set in motion in your life and you will se greater things than you ever imagined. This is not the time for the religious or the special. This is the time of the everyday person to know that they are equal in the eyes of God. That equality is a conforming that will bring about a change upon the earth simply because it works based upon truth. I am truth and truth prevails.
     Raise your hands before me. Receive what the Holy Spirit has been called to give and receive that which has been called upon you by the Holy Spirit. There is nothing in this earth that can change what has been started by God. It will not return to him void but it will accomplish what it was sent out to do. Your ability to receive and complete what was given as a direction will become a command and it shall change the way you are. The gifts of God are being poured out upon the earth. Assignments are being given and these assignments are not of danger they are assignments of overcoming. Not only do you overcome you destroy the works of the enemy. The enemy is fleeing as we speak. He is fleeing because it is the time for him to flee not to have power. What he has given is the best that he has before us and he is showing the world the greatest fear that has ever walked upon the earth. Do not fear it will not come upon your dwelling. The attacks of the evil one are the last ditch efforts to take out those whom I have ordained to be the power and the source. Some have decided in the midst of this to come home others have decided that they will stand and make it their anointing. This is not for you to judge this is not for you to be degraded but this is to know that; that which has been set upon the earth is going to be accomplished regardless of who is here or who is not. My rewards are for those who have completed whatever it is that have been set before them. The rewards of God and the rewards of heaven are eternal. Regardless of what man does to you it cannot change who you are with me. I am the source you are the vessel.
Blessed is he knows the God of truth and the God of life is here to enter the earth this day and come forth with wisdom concerning the things that have been holding us back. The light is here to destroy the darkness not to lift the blind or to hide the darkness but to destroy the darkness in YOUR life. Receive that and know that this is the year that is coming forth as your year to restore and replenish and redo the things that have been there for this is the seven years of harvest and not the seven years of darkness. Darkness has prevailed but its time is done. In your life the world shall come forth but it will not see you for it will be blind to the truth that you are of the Father and not of this world. Praise be to Jesus. Thank you, Jesus.

9 /26/15